Sweet, Although Short Chapter 11

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Translated by Elestrea
Edited by Amaris

After getting married, He Ling felt as if he was dreaming every day.

Waking up in the morning, he asked for a kiss.

Before going out, he asked for another one.

When they met at noon, he asked for one.

Before going back to their own company, he asked for one more.

When He Ling left early in the afternoon, he went to Gong Qin's office and kissed him until he blushed while watching him work.

When he went home, he couldn't wait to push Gong Qin onto the bed, eating him dry and wiping him clean after that.

Everything was too perfect, it gave him a kind of illusionary feeling.

He Ling often roused in the middle of the night. He was afraid that this was only a dream, afraid that there was no Gong Qin beside him, and that they were not married at all.

Fortunately, as soon as he woke up, he could reach out and touch him.

Gong Qin would be bewildered and said, “Sleep…” Exactly like a spoiled kid. Then, He Ling would not be able to stand that look, he would press him up and kissed him until neither of them felt any more sleepiness.

The next day, Gong Qin would kick him out to the guest room, but the bedroom door would not be locked. He Ling would wait for him to fall asleep, came in, then slept contentedly with him in his arms.

This kind of life lasted for a long time, and He Ling thought it would last forever.

Until half a year ago, when he overheard a conversation between Gong Qin and his friend.

The friend said, “You've been together for seven years ba?”

Gong Qin was stunned: “It has been so long.”

The friend said, “Yes, time flies really fast, you've lasted until the ''Seven'.”

Gong Qin: “Seven Year Itch?”

Friend: “Yes, when married couples have been together for seven years, there is a good chance for a problem to emerge.”

Gong Qin asked, “What problem will emerge?”

Friend: “When two people have been together for a long time, certainly it won't be as fresh anymore; it would then become a habit, before it became boring in the end. Men always like freshness and excitement, so maybe it will result in having an affair.”

Gong Qin frowned, “I don't like freshness and excitement.”

The friend smiled and said, “What about him ne?”

Gong Qin paused and calmly said, “I don't care.”

Hearing these three words, He Ling felt like he had fallen into an ice hole and got hit in the head by a club. He had been dreaming for seven years, and now he had finally woken up.

What was that supposed to mean, 'I don't care'? Gong Qin didn't care about what he did.

Speaking of which, we've been married for seven years. 

Did Gong Qin ever say he loves me? 


Not even once. 

In their seven-year marriage, the one who took the initiative was always He Ling.

Gong Qin had always been calm, unperturbed, and even despondent.

He Ling was the one who took all the troubles to show Gong Qin his pa.s.sion, the one who constantly revealed to Gong Qin his endless love, and the one who had continuously bared his heart open in front of Gong Qin to see.

The longer they knew each other, the more He Ling understood Gong Qin.

Gong Qin was very pa.s.sive and hated changes the most.

Once he had accepted something, he would keep on doing it. For better or worse, as long as he started it, he would stick to it until the end.

He didn't like his current work, but he worked conscientiously for more than ten years and grew until he became what he was at the moment.

He didn't like lively occasions, but because he was used to regular social activities, he regularly went to several clubs.

He Ling even knew that he didn't like taking a bath with other people, but because he kept pestering him, Gong Qin would put water in the bathtub every time he came home.

He didn't like a lot of things, but because he was used to them, he didn't change anything.

Does Gong Qin like him? 

Or is it just because living with him has become a habit?

He Ling told himself that there was no need to investigate so they could go on like this forever.

But human's heart was like a Pandora's box. Once opened, it would go out of control.

What if Gong Qin meets someone he likes… 

If he meets someone who makes him desperate to change… 

Will he leave me?

I'm sure he will.

He Ling could not help it. He asked Gong Qin, “Do you love me?”

Gong Qin was baffled: “Are you okay?”

He Ling asked again, “Do you love me?”

Gong Qin said, "If you are bored, go and wash the dishes."

He Ling grabbed him and pressed him against the wall: “I ask you, do you love me?”

Gong Qin narrowed his eyes and said, “Let go.”

He Ling did not let go, he firmly clenched Gong Qin's wrists and stared at him.

Gong Qin sneered and called him by his full name.

He Ling suddenly lost his strength. He looked at Gong Qin's cold and thin lips, then saw the anger in his eyes. He Ling felt that he was too ridiculous.

What am I even asking…

From the beginning, wasn't he the one who pestered Gong Qin?.

He Ling released Gong Qin and for the first time, he took the initiative to sleep in the guest room.

Gong Qin said nothing. Still the same as before, he took a bath, changed to pajamas, went to the study to read, before finally went to bed on time at 11:00 PM.

The first time he met Gong Qin, people around him called him a robot.

Back then, He Ling only thought that Gong Qin's actions were adorable, and this nickname was even more adorable.

Now he understood.

Robots would not only do things in a precise and orderly way, but they also had no heart.

And thus, the misunderstanding continues…

Sweet, Although Short Chapter 11

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