Sweet, Although Short Chapter 4

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Translated by potats

Edited by Amaris

Zhuang Ze and Zhou Yunchen stayed in the same room. Now, the bed beside Zhuang Ze was still empty. The neat white bedding set under the dim light was like the drapery of the funeral hall, gloomy and silent.

Zhuang Ze stared onto the ceiling and imagined that he was lying on top of snowy white flowers. It seemed like if he closed his eyes, he would be transported to another world.

With a 'ding', the door opened. Zhou Yunchen whose whole body reeked of liquor suddenly rushed in.

Zhuang Ze got up in surprise. Zhou Yunchen grasped Zhuang Ze's wrist as if afraid that he would run away. Zhou Yunchen stared at Zhuang Ze and stated with red eyes, "She is next door."

Zhuang Ze's heart suddenly tightened. He didn't know what Zhou Yunchen meant by that (statement).

Zhou Yunchen stared at Zhuang Ze. He was so close that Zhuang Ze was unable to utter a single word when he said, "She is currently taking a shower next door, waiting for me."

Zhuang Ze couldn't look at Zhou Yunchen in the end. His thin lips moved as he answered, "You should go, then."

Zhou Yunchen forced Zhuang Ze to look at him, "I'll sleep with her."

"Oh." Zhuang Ze's face didn't even have its rosiness anymore. His voice was also very soft that it almost couldn't be heard anymore.

"You…" Zhou Yunchen was undoubtedly an executioner who was holding a blade, but at this moment it was as if the blade was tied up onto the gallows as he said, "Do you still like her?"

"Yes, I still like them," said Zhuang Ze. How could he stop liking him? He would also like to know how.

Zhou Yunchen lost all his strength, the madness in his eyes had also disappeared. He said with a dejected face, "She didn't like you."

Zhuang Ze could only answer Zhou Yunchen this way, "It doesn't matter." From the start, he had only been imagining that his love was reciprocated. Everything that happened afterwards was what he deserved.


Zhou Yunchen was gone. Zhuang Ze lied on the bed as he closed his eyes. They were next door, right?

The soundproofing was very good.

Very good, the soundproofing was really very good.


Zhuang Ze woke up because he felt thirsty. This was what would happen after drinking liquor, it wouldn't do if he didn't get up to get some water even in the middle of the night.

Zhuang Ze noticed that there was no more water in the room. He wasn't sleepy anymore, so he might as well go downstairs and take a walk. He remembered that there seemed to be a convenience store nearby.

As he opened the door, he saw Zhou Yunchen outside.


The tall young man leaned against the dark red wall with his legs crossed. He seemed to be extremely tired and his back was a bit bent. The strands of hair between his forehead fell down, covering his eyes completely, leaving only his thin lips and slim chin visible.

Zhuang Ze was dumbfounded. So was Zhou Yunchen.

One didn't expect him to be there, one didn't expect the other to come out.


Zhou Yunchen looked at him. He paused for a moment before he asked, "What's wrong?"

Zhuang Ze took a peek next door. Zhou Yunchen brushed his hair impatiently and said in a m.u.f.fled voice, "She's gone."

Zhuang Ze didn't want to show it, but he responded with a voice as if relieved from a burden, "Oh."

Zhou Yunchen mocked himself and said, "Feeling happy? She's single now."

Zhuang Ze couldn't say that he was happy, because it had nothing to do with them being single or not. After a blonde girl, there would be a red-haired girl, and then there would be a brunette girl. It couldn't be him, after all.

Zhou Yunchen brushed his hair again. He seemed to be very irritated and extremely agitated as he said, "I'll buy the water for you."

Zhuang Ze replied, "Don't worry, I'll go by myself."

"Get back!" Zhou Yunchen reacted in an extremely fierce voice.

Zhuang Ze could only respond with a word, "Alright……"

Sweet, Although Short Chapter 4

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