Sweet, Although Short Chapter 9

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Translated by Raine

Edited by Amaris

Gong Qin didn't say anything anymore as he headed toward the porch.

When he was about to take his coat, he was stunned for a while. There were windbreakers with the same design, colour, and even the size were identical.

He became very annoyed and told He Ling, "Can you please not buy the same one as mine? I can't figure out which one is mine."

He Ling kissed his earlobe and said, "What's the matter? Is it a bad thing to wear my clothes?"

At that moment Gong Qin's mouth couldn't form any words, but in the end he still needed to wear his coat.

Gong Qin's hand paused for a moment, then he took the coat on the left side.

He came back home early and placed his clothes on the left side, so the one on the right must be He Ling's.

But what was the point?

Today was the only day this piece of clothing actually belonged to him. Countless days before, he could never tell which jacket belonged to whom.

But in the end, he was able to differentiate them.

Gong Qin finally reached the underground garage and saw his car. He absolutely didn't want to use it.

His car was bought by He Ling.

All of these cars were bought by He Ling.

This garage was not filled with cars, it was filled with memories.

Gong Qin sighed softly and then went straight outside.

It was extremely cold outside. The snow that had just fallen hadn't yet melted, it was piling up on the roadside, mixed with mud, it was very unsightly.

Gong Qin put his hands into his pocket, which was very cold, it felt like an ice void.

He Ling used to always took his hands and put it into his pocket.

Gong Qin used to hate being so intimate when they were walking on the street, "We're two grown men, what do you think you're showing (to others)."

He Ling said, "What's the matter? We're legally husbands, even if we kissed, it's not their business."

They were just married at that time. What He Ling liked to say the most was——legally husbands.

Turned out it had been seven years.

Gong Qin had almost forgotten how he got to know He Ling. There were only his feelings which had already mixed in his blood bit by bit, blending deep even into his bone marrow in these seven years.

Unfortunately people could change.

Just like how he fell for him deeper and deeper.

But also just like how he gradually lost interest in him.

Gong Qin laughed at himself and leaned against the wall nearby, helplessly shrinking himself into the darkest corner.

Actually, since a long time ago there were already some signs.

Over the past few months, He Ling had always been coming home late and became colder and colder each day.

He Ling barely talked, Gong Qin couldn't find any topic to talk about either, so they could only stay silent.

There were the only two people in the room, yet no one said a single word.

But what could he do?

Feelings were the most unreliable thing in this world, it came inexplicably, and it could also go away inexplicably.

He couldn't understand how He Ling could like such a boring person like him.

Right now he also couldn't understand why He Ling didn't like him anymore.

A divorce didn't sound that bad actually.

He had always been alone anyway.

Um, h.e.l.lo there! The name is Raine. I'm one of the co-translator of this novel. I'm still pretty new and still have a lot to learn, so I'll be in your care! Also, please look forward to the story!

Sweet, Although Short Chapter 9

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