Birth Of A Beauty 83 Maybe He Likes Her..

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It was Lu San.

Both Xi Mei and Li Seulbi were stunned to see Lu San. They were more suprised after they realized he was the one who asked if he could join them just now.

They even thought they heard him wrong. Lu San looked at them as he said " I know it is quite inappropriate to let a boy you don't know much about, have a lunch with you. "

"But I am alone right now. And it seems the other tables are quite packed up than this one. So I came here but if you feel awkward, I can-"

" Nono, It's definitely not inappropriate at all. You can join us. Sit wherever you want." Xi Mei immediately cut him off. Lu San became her idol since that day when he stood up for Li Seulbi against bullies.

Seeing her idol making request to join them, her heart couldn't be more happy than this. Lu San nodded his head and said " Thanks." before sitting side by side with Li seulbi.

Li Seulbi was dumbstruck. Her little eyes shot up a little. Who was Lu San..Number one handsome in their school..Who wouldn't feel their heart throb or feel shy when he sits near them.

The same was for Li Seulbi. She felt like her heart will jump out her mouth. She couldn't help but take a little peek at the guy beside her from time to time. Lu San who was eating elegantly noticed her small movement.

He looked at Li Seulbi and flashed her a gentle smile. Li Seulbi who was still peeking saw him looking directly at her and smiling. That smile! So Beautiful. She felt her mind becoming blank.

Suddenly a image surfaced on her mind. The image was of a little cute boy who was smiling brightly looking at her like he was the happiest person in the world having no worries at all.
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It remained only for a moment before vanis.h.i.+ng away from her mind. " Xiao Seulbi..Xiao Seulbi" She heard a faint voice.. slowly it became louder then she felt her mind becoming clear and found Xi Mei giving her confused look.

" Xiao Seulbi why are you daydreaming all of a sudden?" Xi Mei asked as she looked at Li Seulbi who suddenly became dazed looking at Lu San. She even cleared her throat and called her many times but she wouldn't reply or react.

Lu San was also bewildered. Li Seulbi bit her lips and lowered her head in embarra.s.sment. " I was thinking about something. Sorry" Then she began to eat silently.

Seeing her Biggy Sis being embarra.s.sed, Xi Mei didn't push the matter further and changed the topic." Since I am new here, i don't know much , nono i don't know anything about this school at all. But you two have read here since many years i guess. Please enlighten me a bit."

Lu San was the one who replied first " h.e.l.lo fellow cla.s.smate, First Let me introduce myself. My name is Lu San. I began reading here since i was 11. According to me this school is.."

Lu san began to talk about his point of view towards their school since his enrollment. He also described about teachers, staffs, and extra programmes that is held from time to time in their school.

Xi Mei was listening intently fearing she will miss even a word. After finis.h.i.+ng eating, Li Seulbi looked at Lu San who was still talking about the school.

A thought emerged in her mind 'That image of the little boy..Who was he? Why it feels like he resembles a lot like Lu San? Cute..Wait, Li Seulbi..Don't forget who he is and who are you. Don't get hyped up just because he is having lunch with you..'

' There is Meimei as well. But I saw earlier the tables weren't packed as he said. Can he be lying to have lunch with us? No, why would he do that..'

Li Seulbi than glanced at Xi Mei whose eyes were glowing as she was looking at Lu San. Li Seulbi continued her thoughts 'Maybe is it because of Meimei? Maybe Lu San likes her..'

'..It is not impossible since she is very cute, friendly and good girl. Who wouldn't want her to be their girlfriend? Maybe Lu San is the one of them as well. But why do i feel so bad about it..The more i think about it, the more i feel distressed..'

'..Have I fallen in love with him? But Li Seulbi know your place. You are a dried fat leaf while he is a freshly bloomed flower. We are in complete different world. Don't even think about it.'

The time Lu San finished speaking, The bell rang. " Thanks Bro San..Er..Sorry but Can i call you that?" Xi Mei asked. Lu San smiled " As you wish." Xi Mei nodded her head. " Okay let's head to the cla.s.s."

Lu San turned to Li Seulbi who looked a bit dazed " Li Seulbi, right?" Li Seulbi was stunned for a while before nodding her head.

Lu San smiled as he said " I hope no one is bothering you anymore. Since i said i will protect you. I mean my words. If anyone will bother you, you can lean on me,okay?"

Li Seulbi pursed her lips slightly before nodding her head. Xi Mei exclaimed " Let's head back to cla.s.s before it's late." Then they returned back to the cla.s.s.

Previously, since Lu San approached them to until they headed towards the cla.s.s together, some students were totally suprised to see the scene. Mainly for girls, They were gritting their teeths in envy.

Everyone were perplexed at the fact why Lu San would have lunch with them. They knew it was his right whom to talk and whom to eat with but the one who he was eating with was the ugly outcast of the cla.s.s who was not liked by anyone beside few students.

They could only pacify their heart convincing themselves that it was in his kind nature and he was showing sympathy towards them by joining them as they were seated alone in the corner. Beside that, they couldn't think of any other reason at all.

Birth Of A Beauty 83 Maybe He Likes Her..

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