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Translator: SumTLMan

The next day, the weather was normal.

Tang Yu wanted to stretch himself and began walking outside the castle. An additional resident has joined since last night, and with this change, he felt that the whole castle had become much more lively.

After breakfast, Tang Yu and Elaine walked towards the small garden in front of the castle.

At this time, Elaine is wearing a long beige dress with her skirt lightly fluttering with the wind, giving off a touch of teenage youth.

Tang Yu searched for clothes all night. After all, he wasn't a queen of women's wear. Naturally, he doesn't regularly carry women's clothes in the castle. After taking a bath, Elaine could only find one coat on the shelf to put on. So, the scene from last night still lingered in Tang Yu's mind.

Although the result of the summoning ceremony came as a surprise to him, Tang Yu didn't forget the reason why he had summoned Elaine in the first place.

This is his first follower and will be his best helper in the future.

She is an cla.s.s mage!

"Did you rest well last night?"

Elaine gave a soft hum.

Such a way of life for her was simply unimaginable before, and now she was prepared to fulfil her obligations.

Soon, Elaine showed off her strength at the lord's request.

She learned a total of two spells from her broken magic book.

First Order Ice Spike and First Order Ice Storm.

As she raised her hand, she condensed an Ice Spike in one hand and shot it in the direction she had pointed to, piercing the trunk of a tree in the distance. Then, the ice-blue frost began spreading throughout the trunk of the tree where it struck. Soon, the whole tree had frozen into an ice sculpture.

Tang Yu carefully observed what had happened.

Elaine's strength is at about a double peak awakened one, which is very rare. From their brief contact, Tang Yu also understood some information about Elaine's past from the contract. He learned how difficult it was for this little girl to live up until now. Although she had awakened three years ago, Elaine hadn't received any formal magic training. Moreover, she lived in a world where people couldn't become stronger just from killing monsters. All her strength depended solely on her meditation.

Tang Yu didn't know the hards.h.i.+ps she has gone through to get to this point. All he knew was it wasn't an easy path and that she relied only on herself to grasp her meditation method. Gradually she had reached her present level of strength.

Her strength is naturally inferior to No. 1 and No. 2. However, she has advantages from being a mage. Moreover, No. 1 and No. 2 are only puppets. No matter how high their intelligence, they can only be used as weapons. Elaine is a living person with unlimited future potential as an cla.s.s.

Tang Yu also guessed that perhaps with Elaine's cla.s.s being so high and her having such a high affinity for ice elements. Her skin didn't become dark and rough through living such a difficult life. Instead, with her continuous improvement of her ice element, it has become more smooth and crystal clear.

On the other side, Chen Haiping and the others had already awoken early in the morning. They are getting ready to start cooking their porridge.

In the doomsday, it's a luxury for ordinary survivors to get up early. Ordinary survivors usually don't have enough to eat and have no so-called breakfast every morning. Instead, they wake up hungry. At least with more sleep, they won't feel the pains of hunger.

But today, they are all very greedy and get up first thing in the morning. It was true Tang Yu gave them a lot of food yesterday. Now, there is a variety of food to choose from on this morning. They can eat porridge with some bacon and pickled vegetables, which is already very satisfying!

Despite the fact they were hiding in the cold storage area while looking for food, what was stored in that place was only ordinary grain. What's more, they were forced to hide there in a hurry and had no tools to help them escape. So, it was pure luck that they hadn't starved to death.

Today, when a bowl of rice porridge entered into the survivor's stomachs, a man patted his belly and said: "This is obviously just an ordinary bowl of rice porridge, but why does it taste so satisfying?"

"Because you are fat." His companion despised: "It's easy for fat people to feel satisfied with just food."

"What, did you fart?! Who put their whole face into the bowl and lick the bottom when eating just now?!"

This group of people made a lot of noise, but they didn't look angry when yelling at all.

With so much energy, they have the heart to joke around. Even though Chen Haiping is an awakened one and used to feeling full. But since he wasn't one of Director w.a.n.g Tai's confidants, his daily meal wasn't as satisfying as it was now.

Only after this contrast did he feel how precious this way of life was at the moment.

Chen Haiping and the survivors came to Villa No. 3, and further up ahead was the restricted area. Tang Yu had warned them yesterday that the innermost area of the villa area is off-limits. So naturally, they won't explore it out of curiosity.

Curiosity kills the cat, and this statement is even more true in the doomsday.

"Why hasn't Mr Tang arrived yet?"

"What's his name, Mr Tang? We should call him Leader Tang. We will also be one of the people working under Leader Tang in the future. We should show better manners. Given Mr Tang's generosity, we certainly won't be mistreated. If Leader Tang really establishes a shelter, we can sit as the first group of elders."

Tang Yu had already discussed with them about their tasks yesterday. They had to do nothing more than hauling all kinds of materials. Although this is typically physically demanding labour, there is no danger involved. There's no better job than this during the doomsday. The remuneration was also mentioned yesterday. Besides being provided food, they are also provided with some essential daily necessities. Generally speaking, these are already very generous terms.

They had hesitated before, but now they've made up their minds to work under Tang Yu. With this s.h.i.+ft in mentality, their mindset immediately changed. Although they still felt there is little hope of the shelter being built. At least for now, no one will mention anything about Tang Yu overreaching himself. Anyway, they cannot leave the area. On the contrary, if the shelter can be established, given Tang Yu's generosity, their quality of life will certainly change for the better in the future.

Why should they give this topic any more thought? Instead, they should begin working as soon as possible.

"Here comes Leader Tang!"

Someone suddenly cried out.

They saw Tang Yu coming from afar, dressed in sportswear and equipped with a dagger at his waist. He was followed by No. 1 which was the same as yesterday.

Suddenly, these people were frozen as they now saw Elaine following Tang Yu from behind.

At this time, Elaine, in addition to wearing a long beige dress, also put on a loose hooded coat on top of it. For Elaine, heat is nonexistent. On the contrary, the years of living in the slums have made her accustomed to completely covering herself. Even if this coat cannot cover her whole body, she still prefers to wear it.

Several of the survivors were completely stunned, but they quickly lowered their heads.

Most of them may regard Elaine as a weak and delicate vase, but only Chen Haiping can feel a trace of mysterious aura coming from her.

This aura is very similar to an awakened one but somewhat different at the same time.

Chen Haiping shook his head, stopped exploring and immediately went forward to discuss today's arrangement with Tang Yu.

Flap flap!

All of a sudden, Chen Haiping heard a strange sound. He looked up in the direction of the sound and was stunned.

Under the clear blue sky, a dark cloud was fast approaching. As he took a closer look, he found this wasn't a cloud at all, but a terrifying sight caused by countless demonized beasts flying in a group.

"These are demonized sparrows!"

Chen Haiping blurted out.

This kind of demonized creature was born from regular sparrows on earth that have been affected and demonized by the red fog. It belongs to one of the lowest ranking demonized beast. In fact, its strength is even lower than the demonized steel rats.

However, Chen Haiping became increasingly nervous. The demonized sparrow, except for its weak individual strength is often sighted in large groups. At first glance, Chen Haiping's eyes saw at least several hundreds to thousands of these dark sparrows. More importantly, these demonized beasts can fly!

Chen Haiping is deeply worried about this situation. Although the strength of the armoured masters is very strong. Firstly, they can't fly, and secondly, they have no large-scale means of killing these monsters. In the face of these demonized sparrows, their individual strength won't play much of a role.

This situation is extremely dangerous!

In the blink of an eye, the demonized sparrows flew over to the villa area and sighted Tang Yu's group. The demonized sparrows began swooping down like a dense black cloud falling from the sky.

At this time, it's impossible to avoid this disaster unless they can hide in a st.u.r.dy bunker. However, given the flying speed of these demonized beasts being so fast, it's too late.

"Is there really no hope of escape…?"

Chen Haiping had killed two demonized sparrows with a pistol, but the cloud cl.u.s.ter hadn't shown any waves as his heart sank deeper at the sight.

When Tang Yu discovered this situation, his eyes immediately brightened.

The work for the hauling team has already been arranged. With Elaine as an additional member to the main team, his territory's development speed will undoubtedly be much faster. However, the key to building his second system building still relies on source crystals.

At this time, the demonized sparrows knocking at his door look very lovely. He will certainly remember the great contribution these demonized sparrows will have given in helping build his territory.

Behind him, Elaine stretched out her palm and a white fog began condensing into frost.

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