My Doomsday Territory Chapter 16

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Translator: SumTLMan

With this order…

His team members began raising their muzzles.


A figure with a long spear then rushed into the group from behind. With this group lined up together, when the long spear swept across. Several team members are directly sent flying.

The scene became a total mess.

Han Jing's eyes were about to pop out after seeing what had happened.

Yet, this minor incident is still within his scope of acceptance.

But instantly, with just a cursory glance, he can determine many of his team members have fallen. Many of whom are either dead or gravely injured.

Why do these survivors in the wilds have such strength?

And how can these people conceal their power so well? It has reached the degree where he doesn't sense the slightest awakened aura from them.

Tang Yu will never respond to this doubt.

Nor will No. 1 or No. 2 since they aren't awakened ones.

Before this, Tang Yu stood on the direct path to purposefully be discovered. He wasn't trembling in fear as they originally believed but was commanding No. 1 and No. 2 to sneak back around.

Looking down at the scene, it was a complete mess.

Of the two remaining survivors from the team. Both quickly fled for their lives—no one bothered catching up to them. They were too busy dealing with the other team members.

"Let's go!"

Several awakened ones farther down the path had noticed something was amiss. Then they began rus.h.i.+ng up from the bottom of the mountain path.

Instead of stopping to ask questions halfway up the mountain path. They sped up to quickly reach their goal.

Elaine held out her arm and raised her staff in hand.

At the tip of the staff, three Ice Spikes condensed and formed an inverted triangle.

When the Ice Spikes were fired, there was a tiny blooming ice flower on the tail end of the shots.

The oncoming Ice Spikes reflected on the pupils of the awakened ones caused fear and panic.

However, these people weren't slow to react. They rolled, ducked or swooped to try their best to avoid the oncoming attack. However, Elaine has direct control of her Ice Spikes. Not only can she control the direction after she aims the Ice Spikes. But she also has excellent control on where the Ice Spikes are travelling within a certain range.

"Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa."

The Ice Spike bursts upon impact and the awakened ones who dodged in time weren't killed in a single shot. However, many were still left frozen solid as their hands and feet became covered in a layer of white frost.

Before they could relax and breathe a sigh of relief. The group see several more Ice Spikes flying towards them.

Their faces grew increasingly frightened as their bodies stiffened from the cold.

Unable to hold on any longer. This group of invaders fell one after another to the ground. After a few seconds, each team member looked like a frozen statue.

This group of invaders has fallen.

However, Han Jing's entourage is a very elite team. Soon, they stabilized the situation.

"Team 2 and team 3, circle around the flank and begin firing."

"Da da da—."

Han Jing finally breathed a sigh of relief. He is fully aware of the situation. With the performance shown by these two. Even if he steps forward to fight, he's afraid he won't contribute much to victory. The biggest advantage on his side is firepower.

Perhaps awakened ones have unlimited potential. But the hot weapons wielded by humans still held a greater advantage. Especially when dealing with other humans, their flesh isn't thick enough to stop bullets.

Suddenly, Han Jing's face froze.

Faced with the oncoming bullets, these two armour-clad masters didn't dodge. Instead, in the next moment, they saw the bullets fired on the armour had all unexpectedly bounced off!

Pa… Huh, the bullets bounced off?!

Han Jing couldn't believe it. Are these two really wearing armour?

No, not even armour can stop bullets. Also, these bullets have left no marks on the armour at all!

Also, what kind of armour is this?!

Han Jing has worked with his boss for many years and seen many strange sights. This is especially true after the doomsday. Since his boss has great influence in Lindong Shelter. He was even afforded the opportunity to receive some goods from the Academy of Sciences.

But even in Academy of Sciences, he hasn't heard of any armour which can stop bullets and not leave any bullet marks behind.

In the time between a flash, the armoured master leaned back like a drawn bow.

Then the wind burst as the long spear was thrown like a javelin.

Suddenly, Han Jing's scalp felt numb as he deeply felt the imminent threat of death!

Based on his rich experience in combat. Han Jing immediately dodges the attack by twisting his body. He narrowly avoids the oncoming attack.

The long spear struck the ground and vibrates as the ground cracks inch by inch upon impact.

Han Jing has no idea who he's facing, but this strength is totally beyond his expectation!

He is in complete and utter fear.

The missions a.s.signed by his boss are important. But if everyone dies, there is no need to further discuss about the mission, right?

In fact, the mission for finding the source crystal mine has nothing to do with these people.

For the first time, the thought of regret has crept into Han Jing's mind.

He dropped a smoke bomb, flexibly swam, used his team members around him as bait and shook off No. 1 as he immediately began running wildly away.

Han Jing's actions caused the other team members to feel a deep sense of shame.

If even their captain has run away. What hope do they have in this battle?

In particular, some team members had seen what happened to the vice-captain. This man, whose strength is a third awakened, had been skewered like a meat kabob by a long spear. This sight left many team members too frightened to fight back as their wills were left broken. With no courage left, they no longer put their life on the line during the battle.

"These devils—."

Some people crazily began running away as they yelled this phrase.

Others, however, knowing there was no hope of escape, became even crazier.

One team member shouldered a rocket launcher and shouted: "Die!"

This man launched the rocket and it whistled out from the launcher while dragging its flaming tail.

At this moment, the fleeing Han Jing shows an expression of joy. Even if the armoured masters can stop bullets, they can't stop rockets.

He almost couldn't help himself from stopping to cheer for his team member, but he kept going forward.

The timing of this rocket firing was great. This attack afforded puppet No. 2 no time to avoid the attack.

In the next moment, No. 2 firmly stands its ground.


Smoke and dust filled the air.

But gradually, it dissipates.

A lone figure appeared before all eyes to bear witness. The master was still standing. Only the top half of the long spear and some traces of grey and black marks on the armour were left to prove there was an attack.

After this attack, Han Jing has completely lost all hope.

This awakened one cannot be from the wilds!

An awakened one from the wilds would never have this kind of strength. It's even less possible for them to have this kind of equipment!

He already had a guess in mind. These people were most likely sent by other bosses and their purpose must also be the source crystal mine!

They've miscalculated when they took on this mission!


After being shot by the rocket. They eventually did some damage to this armoured devil while the other armoured devil was chasing after his other team members. With this chance, he will escape.

As long as he can escape to where the vehicles are parked, he can get into a car and drive far away from this place. Even those two devils won't be able to catch up.

Even if the mission ends in failure. The information regarding the situation here must be brought back to the boss.

Han Jing looked around. He found that apart from himself, there was only one other swift team member along with w.a.n.g Tai who escaped.

How forlorn that only three from a team of twenty people would be left to escape.

At this moment, he also hated w.a.n.g Tai. If w.a.n.g Tai still didn't have his uses, he would've gotten rid of him first.

Ahead of them, he can already see three vehicles parked at the entrance of the resort.

Han Jing breathed a sigh of relief.

The other team member and w.a.n.g Tai, who lagged a fair distance behind, had also sped up. They too saw a glimmer of hope in this situation.

"As the Lord said, they'd arrive here."

They can see two people walking out from where the parked vehicles are located.

One was dressed as an ordinary survivor while the other dressed in heavy looking black armour.

That person exuded a heavy and oppressive momentum.

w.a.n.g Tai recognized one of the two. This person was once an awakened one in his shelter, but the other person startled him.

Not only was he wearing heavy armour, but this man also had a b.l.o.o.d.y and oppressive aura. He pales at what he is sensing. This caused w.a.n.g Tai to feel as if he was facing a heavy storm with waves cras.h.i.+ng onto his small boat. He is trying everything desperately to keep it from capsizing.

Roger's fifth order awakened aura is being completely released.

The b.l.o.o.d.y aura which he has built up through long years of battle. And the oppressive aura released from a higher realm awakened one, burst forth together at the same time.

It seems as though even the wind has stopped at this moment.

Han Jing was equally pale at this time.

This kind of strength. Even in Lindong, only a small number of strong men at the top of the shelter can match this master.

Who is the boss that sent these people?

Han Jing doesn't know, but he isn't willing to sit back and wait for death. Holding a dagger in each hand, he prepared for a desperate fight to the death.

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 16

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