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A small population has always been the problem which has troubled Tang Yu.

Not only can these guns not be effectively utilized. But more importantly, with too few porters, this limits the speed of obtaining materials.

Tang Yu tapped his finger on the table and said: "If we want to find a way to attract survivors, we can't pa.s.sively wait around all day."

The original shelter had survivors coming in from time to time. Like the team of survivors he had travelled with before. They only came here after learning of the news about a shelter being here. However, this kind of news is usually unconfirmed. Coupled with the present appearance of the resort, it's hard to say whether any survivors are willing to come to this place.

Chen Haiping thought for a moment and said: "Maybe we can use the radio broadcast."

"Radio broadcast? Isn't communication completely cut off?"

Chen Haiping sorted his thoughts and said: "In fact, communication wasn't really completely cut off. But there are some special elements in the air after the advent of the doomsday. These elements make it so the propagation and attenuation of electromagnetic waves in the air becomes more scattered, which makes signal transmission very difficult."

"In the early days of the doomsday, the signal transmission was actually only dampened, and the signals were barely receivable at that time. Later on, the dampening of the signals became increasingly stronger. Until more than ten days after the doomsday, the dampening of the signals suddenly increased by a large margin, causing communications to almost come to a complete halt."

"With the current state of the signals almost being cut off, this has caused many of the difficulties a.s.sociated in transmitting the signals over long distances to other shelters. But we can still transmit some signals over a short distance if only our shelter is taken into account. Within the resort, I remember there being a signal transmission tower."

Tang Yu nodded in understanding and said: "Previously, there was the news received of a shelter being here. Was this news sent through this transmission tower?"

Unexpectedly, Chen Haiping shook his head and said.

"No, this information was disseminated by the government. Early officials called on all parties to establish shelters and airdropped supplies for many of these shelters. Included were foods, guns and ammunition, which gave some of the smaller shelters the ability to defend against the early demonized beasts."

"Admission of survivors was also a government request. w.a.n.g Tai reluctantly accepted thousands of survivors under official pressure. However, as communication was later cut off. The government influence gradually waned while w.a.n.g Tai took the relief food airdrops meant for survivors for himself…"

Such news wasn't known to Tang Yu in his previous life. He didn't expect this to be one of the many factors involved in the establishment of shelters.

Although the plan has been settled, he didn't feel this would be enough.

The radio wave transmission range isn't far-reaching enough, and many survivors don't have the corresponding receivers, such as radios.

There is still a need to broaden the methods for attracting survivors.

"Wait, I have a novel idea. Do you remember, Mr Chen? Walking down the streets during the doomsday, we could see many of billboards everywhere. I was thinking we could actually use this form of advertising to our advantage."


Chen Haiping looked confused.

Roger's face is also full of hidden question marks.

Behind Villa No. 1, there is a lot of open s.p.a.ce.

Previously, the pub and workshop were established here.

This time, Tang Yu plans to set up the market next to the pub.

The market isn't limited to just buying resources. He can also occasionally buy some rare materials, forging blueprints, skill runes and so on… Making this one of the most important of the first three core buildings in the initial stages of territory construction.

"Establis.h.i.+ng the market requires 300 units of source crystal and 100 units of wood to be consumed."

From the outside, the market looks like a grocery store.

Wood Resource Bundle (100 units) Price: 10 Source Crystals

Remaining Quant.i.ty: 10

Stone Resource Bundle (100 units) Price: 20 Source Crystals

Remaining quant.i.ty: 10

Iron Resource Bundle (100 units) Price: 50 Source Crystals

Remaining Quant.i.ty: 10

Fire Wolf King's Fur, Price: 250 Source Crystals

Remaining Quant.i.ty: 1

Basic Battle Type Puppet Manufacturing Blueprint, Price: 600 Source Crystals

Remaining Quant.i.ty: 1

"Found it!"

Tang Yu was delighted. Although he had a good chance of finding a basic puppet blueprint in the early days. He still didn't expect it to come out the first day he had established the market.

This is worthy of stimulating his great emperor blood!

Armed with this blueprint, the workshop can manufacture basic battle-type puppets. The puppet produced will have a strength comparable to a first order awakened one. Not only will it have a certain level of combat intelligence. But besides this, as long as the core isn't destroyed, the puppet will not die. Such a puppet during battle is usually better than an ordinary awakened one.

However, he valued this blueprint, not for the puppet's fighting force…

But as a labour force.

Such puppets are powerful, hard-working and tireless. This kind of puppet has great strength and is willing to work without complaint. If its intelligence was advanced enough or its movements weren't so limited, he wouldn't have set up a hauling team.

Each of the three core territorial buildings that can be built in the first-level territory has been fully established. With thousands of source crystal in hand, Tang Yu feels it's necessary to create a good plan.

There isn't much surplus material left and not many of the buildings can be constructed. During this period, a plan has to be made for developing his territory. Among the numerous territorial buildings, the most helpful ones at present can be selected from the list and then built.

A small town tens of kilometres away from the resort.

The town has only two entrances and exits. The rest of the town is surrounded by reinforced concrete walls, which looks like a giant black beast occupying the place from a distance.

The town was crowded with people as they come and go through the entrance of the town. Included are survivors who had come here in rags and some combatants armed with guns or swords who went out in search of supplies or to hunt demonized beasts.

This is Lindong Shelter, the largest shelter in the region!

Lindong Shelter, Misty Creek Park.

This is a high-end residential district that originally existed in Lindong County. But this place has now become the residence of Lindong officials.

In a villa near a trickling stream, a middle-aged man looked out of the window with a slight frown on his face.

On the horizon, the setting sun moved behind the red clouds with half of the sphere sinking behind the dimming horizon. In the distance, survivors who had gone out are returning in succession. The wilds during the night are the most dangerous. Any team that can return to the shelter in time will never choose to spend a night in the wilds.

Included among this group should've been the team he had sent out this morning.

The route from Lindong to the source crystal mine is a relatively safe one. For Han Jing's team, it should be no threat. According to his estimates, no matter whether the source crystal mine is found or not, the team should've returned to the shelter long ago.

But now…

"Is there any news?"

It seemed as if Lin Wei was talking to himself. But suddenly, a figure appeared behind him. The face of this man couldn't be clearly seen, and his voice sounded very hoa.r.s.e as he slowly said: "There's still no news."

"Do you think 'they' are involved?"

When Lin Wei refers to they, he refers to the several bosses whose status is similar to his in Lindong. Only these people can attract his attention.

The shadowy figure behind him hesitated for a moment before saying: "This shouldn't be the case. This time, all of the people sent are trustworthy. There should be no problems with someone leaking this news. Moreover, the area is too large and there is more than one route that can be taken. Even if other groups want to set up an ambush, it won't be easy."

"But… I am not sure about this w.a.n.g Tai. I don't know if this news will be leaked from him."

Lin Wei sneered and said: "That guy wouldn't dare. Also, he had no chance to leak the information. Since he dares ask me for a condition, this at least shows his bravery."

"Send a search party to investigate the whole route for me. I want to know the most detailed information on what exactly happened!"

A wave of momentum emanates from Lin Wei.

He doesn't care about the life or death of Han Jing and the others. But as long as there is the slightest possibility of that source crystal mine existing, he has to control it!

"With that source crystal mine, I will no longer need to look at the face of old ghost Lu!"

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 19

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