My Doomsday Territory Chapter 21

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Lu Xiaopeng and several of his cla.s.smates were dumbfounded.

"What is this? Is this some kind of strange-looking demonized beast?!"

"Maybe it's something created using black technology? Has the era of robots finally come?!"

"Can black technology already construct such advanced robots? Look at those two iron monsters. Their actions are so smooth and joints so flexible, I can't even see any jerky movements. These creatures are far more advanced than the robots developed before the doomsday. Even if many new materials have been discovered and newer technologies are being rapidly developed, it's still impossible to make such advanced robots this soon… So, there is only one explanation. These creatures should belong to someone with a special ability!"

"Someone with a special ability?!"

The number of people with special abilities is extremely scarce. This is a legendary existence. Even some of the survivors haven't even heard of someone with a special ability!

These people with special abilities have either powerful, strange or all-encompa.s.sing unique abilities.

The existence of these special ability people seems to solely be for breaking the worldview of scientists. No matter what special abilities they have, anything seems possible.

If this is a masterstroke from a person with some special ability. Then they'd feel what's happening in front of them wasn't too difficult a reality to accept.

Time flows like water until dusk arrives.

The resort is still in ruins, but everything seems to be in order. On the path, Lu Xiaopeng can see some survivors busily hauling stones over from time to time. But he sees more of these magical puppets along the way.

After being discovered and identified by the other survivors. Lu Xiaopeng and his cla.s.smates have decided to first settle in this shelter.

The reason is simple. Here, one can work and be rewarded with food.

Under conditions of extreme food shortage, such as during the doomsday, being rewarded for one's efforts are already very generous conditions. However, when their group learned that the reward wasn't only sufficient food. But also, a possible extra reward of meat for good performance, several people stared wide-eyed and unconsciously licked their lips at the prospect.

Once upon a time, when life was difficult and food was in short supply. It was simply impossible for a person to eat their fill.

Lu Xiaopeng felt that he being hungry must've been the reason why he couldn't take down the demonized wolf from before.

For the upcoming dinner time, he is excitedly looking forward to it. But he was more expectant of the food he worked so hard for today. He has pulled a dozen cartloads of rubble and has become familiar with this stretch of road.

On the small square in front of the villa area.

At the centre of the square stands a statue of a tall woman exuding the unique style of ancient Greece.

Lu Xiaopeng's attention wasn't focused on the statue, but what was in front of it. He sees many stones piled up to form several hills.

The originally small empty square now looked a bit more crowded and messy.

Lu Xiaopeng also met other survivors who were the shelter's "elders."

He went up to say h.e.l.lo and asked: "Do you know what we're doing with these stones?"

A survivor who was pus.h.i.+ng a cartload of stones shook his head and said: "I'm not sure about the details. But no matter what these stones are used for, it's already good enough to have something to eat and drink every day."

He recognized Lu Xiaopeng as the new awakened one who came in today and thought for a moment before answering: "Perhaps Leader Tang is planning to build something. Who knows, Leader Tang must have something planned for these stones."

"Are we going to build a wall? This isn't a bad idea. At least we will be more secure. However, a wall won't hold back many of the demonized beasts, unless it's a true city wall. It's said that large-scale shelters have built up city walls, making them extremely safe."

"Yes." The other survivors also felt this should be the purpose for the stones: "However, it takes a lot of manpower and material resources to build up a city wall. If we want ones comparable to a large shelter, we'd have to use all kinds of large equipment during the process as well. So, small-scale shelters have no need to think about this. We can only haul the materials in the area and at best build up a wall for a simple line of defence."

"No need to worry, with Leader Tang and the several masters, ordinary demonized beasts are of no threat to the shelter."

Instead, the man turned and comforted Lu Xiaopeng, the newly arrived awakened one.

"Masters ah…"

Lu Xiaopeng was also curious about these people.

He didn't see Leader Tang but saw a towering steel-like strong man, who gave him a strong sense of oppression. It's said this person is Leader Tang's, right-hand man. In the end, he doesn't know exactly how strong this person was.

However, Lu Xiaopeng still worries about safety in the shelter.

This place has been hit by a demon wave attack once before. So, will it be hit by another demon wave attack later on?

Is there any danger while resting at night?

Leader Tang and several others are highly capable, but the shelter itself isn't equipped with fortifications nor early warning capabilities.

He expressed his worries, but a survivor smiled and said: "One night when we were met with a demonized beast attack, can you guess what happened? The master elder brother fell from the sky and trampled down on the demonized beast with one stomp. Even an demonized beast which was hidden in the tall gra.s.s was also immediately killed by the master elder brother."

"Leader Tang once said that as long as you stay in the villa area, your safety can be guaranteed. I didn't believe this before, but now I believe it. Of course, I also hope the shelter can build up a line of defence against the demonized beasts. But this will take time given the current manpower our shelter has at its disposal."

Lu Xiaopeng nodded. This was indeed the shelter's current predicament. Now, they can only hope that the stones will be used to build up a solid city wall.

At this moment, there was a loud voice at the gate of the villa area.

Chen Haiping came from inside the gate and was holding a loudspeaker as he said: "Attention, everyone. Now everyone, please step back outside the yellow line. I repeat everyone please step back outside the yellow line!"

Lu Xiaopeng froze for a moment, looked at the ground and saw there is indeed a yellow line. From the edge of the small square at the exit of the villa area, it extends to both sides, as if to surround the whole villa area.

What is the purpose of this?

The castle, at the balcony on the top floor.

Tang Yu relied on the railing as he leaned forward to slowly feel the majestic wind.

Standing here, he can overlook the entire villa area through the faint twilight glow.

The castle is no longer the original two-story small-sized first-level castle but has been upgraded to a second-level castle. It not only covers a wider area but also has as many as five storeys, making it appear even more spectacular than before.

However, what Tang Yu values most aren't the external changes to the castle, but the increase in territorial range.

The second-level territory is centred on the castle, covering more than half of the resort and spreading directly to the northern mountains. Through the territorial map, Tang Yu can also see the other side which is blocked off by a cliff. With many red dots representing the enemy, this should be the demonized beasts found in the mountains.

There are more dangers in the mountain forests. Not only from the demonized beasts but also from the animals before the doomsday. Not only have these animals been affected by the red fog. But aside from being demonized, a few of these animals also didn't suffer from demonization but survived this cruel elimination, thus mutating.

In addition, the vegetation has grown rampantly after the doomsday and unknown things began appearing in succession. Tang Yu wouldn't even feel surprised if some strange and forbidden places have appeared. Relatively speaking, however, the more complicated and unpredictable an area. The more likely something good will appear. The source crystal mine w.a.n.g Tai stumbled upon by accident was also located in the mountains.

He first sent Roger and Elaine into the mountain forest to explore the area. After, he came to a conclusion. There are far more demonized beasts in the mountain forest than in the wilds. With such complex terrain, it's still a long way away before he can begin mining the source crystal mine.

"For now, let's focus on territorial development."

The present territory, even if it has high-end combat strength, can only ensure security during normal times.

Remembering that not too long ago, this place was attacked by a demon wave. Tang Yu also worried about the demon wave attacking again.

At this time, the territorial buildings are spa.r.s.e and the scope of the territory is mostly in ruins. Making this place even worse than the worst small-sized shelters. This is without mentioning the development progress of the territory.

Tang Yu opened the system panel and focused on the defensive structures tab-The Construction of the City Wall.

"It's Time to Show Off What's Below the Tip of the Territory's Iceberg."

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 21

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