My Doomsday Territory Chapter 36

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Translator: SumTLMan

This event happened so suddenly that many of the survivors felt the shelter had no choice but to compromise.

In the next moment, however, they witnessed one of the several awakened ones negotiating with the shelter being immediately killed while the rest had begun scattering.

Immediately killed?

Some of the survivors were so shocked at what had just happened on the small square that they didn't fully register it until someone else pinched them.

Just when they thought the shelter's side would claim victory by chasing down the remaining awakened ones who threatened the shelter. The steel-faced man put away his heavy sword and stood behind Leader Tang.

His actions puzzled them.

They are indeed just ordinary survivors and were at the bottom of the pyramid wherever they went. But they weren't fools. Now that the shelter has shown its hand, there was no reason to spare these people by allowing them to escape.

As soon as these thoughts came to mind…

Many of the survivors confusedly caught sight of an escaped awakened one being awkwardly driven back to the small square.

The clothes worn on this awakened one was already in rags as some of the survivors even began noticing he was seriously injured. This man was still vomiting blood while barely supporting himself.

Near each awakened one, there is a round puppet following them closely behind.

Some of the more observant survivors also noticed blood dripping from the long sword in each puppet's hand.

They were familiar with these puppets. Usually, these puppets are cutting the rocks into pieces and left the responsibility of hauling the materials back to the survivors.

Although the survivors have always felt the swords in these puppets' hands were very sharp. The thought of these puppets being so strong hadn't even crossed any of the survivors' minds.

Depending on the situation, the escaped awakened ones were no match for the puppets at all.

How long has it been since each awakened one escaped? And each awakened one only had to face a single puppet. In the end, it seemed as if the awakened ones were defeated in a short period. Even if they defeated one puppet, there were still many puppets left around the shelter.

No wonder the shelter didn't put the threat made by these people in their eyes.

They have Steel-Faced Captain Roger. If this master was ever overwhelmed when facing the demonized beasts. He would never be short of helping hands. There were still many puppets left in the shelter which would come to his aid.

Sure enough, these awakened ones were too naive in believing they can face off against a character who can set up a shelter. Which one of these people is simple?

Watching the drama unfold, the survivors couldn't help but swallow their saliva.

They were afraid, but no one thinks the decision made by the shelter was cruel. Some of the survivors even believed these awakened ones brought this upon themselves and that it was a waste of resources just keeping them alive.

Several awakened ones who were escorted back to the small square stared at Tang Yu with hate-filled eyes.

The bearded awakened one growled and yelled: "Come on! Kill me! A broken shelter with only a few awakened ones cannot possibly escape the fate of being destroyed by the demonized beasts. I have seen many examples of such broken shelters like this. Ha ha, I will be waiting for you in h.e.l.l!"

He laughed hysterically as if he had the last laugh.

There are also awakened ones crying bitterly while begging the shelter for mercy, requesting to be released.

Tang Yu was expressionless as he waved to Chen Haiping and commanded: "Continue registering the survivors. Well, if anyone wants to join the patrol team, they will apply with Roger."

The bearded awakened one was still growling as he said: "The patrol team? Ha ha, do you think the other awakened ones will work for you?!"

In his mind, he was certain the other awakened ones wouldn't join the patrol team.

Although the other awakened ones aren't on his side. It doesn't mean they'd join the patrol team, obey the shelter's orders or even work under the shelter… Who else would be willing to join the shelter besides Peng Bo? Will they be coerced in the dark?

No way!

Suddenly a voice came from the side and said: "Do you think no awakened ones will join the patrol team? Ridiculous, can you represent all the awakened ones here? Not to mention, I am a n.o.ble natural awakened one!"

The bearded awakened one glanced around and saw a young man speaking out. He had some impression of this young man and knew this was indeed an awakened one in the shelter. He had a bit of contact with this person before. But soon he found out this young man wasn't the same type of person as him. So he didn't want to further get involved with him.

But unexpectedly, this young man actually spoke up.

The notice clearly states that when one joins the patrol team, one has to obey the commander when facing the demonized beasts… The commander is that terrifying steel-faced man. This makes disobeying orders impossible. So, whoever joins the patrol team had no choice but to obey any orders given. Being forced to face the demonized beasts on the front line will mean their lives will be in constant danger.

Given these circ.u.mstances, was this young man still willing to join the patrol team?

Should this young man be called a fool?

Not only Lu Xiaopeng, but several other survivors incredibly came forward and applied to join the patrol team, much to the bearded awakened one's surprise.

Not only did the awakened ones want to join the patrol team but also many ordinary survivors.

The bearded awakened one couldn't understand what was happening.

Lu Xiaopeng swore as he said: "People like you cannot understand the power of Leader Tang and Captain Roger. What are the demonized beasts to them? Only awakened one sc.u.m like you will be afraid. Alas, forget it. You sc.u.m probably wouldn't understand what I'm saying. I might as well not waste my breath."

The bearded awakened one: "…"

His face became as black as coal.

He hasn't done anything to offend this young man, right? But the other party was actually spitting and foaming at the mouth while spraying saliva all over his face. There were mining puppets ready to strike him down, so he was left unable to hide and dare not openly resist. His face became black then white from this experience.

After a series of twists and turns, the mood of the ordinary survivors finally calmed down. Their confidence in the shelter rose a bit after this experience.

At this time, the survivors who originally followed these awakened ones were trembling in fear. Their boss ended up as a cold corpse in the blink of an eye and was laying on the ground. What else could they do but despair and regret their choices in life?

This was Tang Yu's true purpose, to weed out the survivors with ulterior motives and squeeze the final value from these people.

His plan was perfect.

Of course, he knows the shelter is still a long way off from becoming a true shelter. He just wants the survivors to feel a true sense of belonging to his shelter. Of course, this wasn't urgent and couldn't be achieved overnight. Anyway, there is still a long way to go, but he wasn't in a hurry.

Aside from the disruption caused by the awakened ones, the registration continued smoothly. Most of the survivors apparently chose to become permanent resident staff members in the shelter. A few of the survivors chose not to join the shelter. This was either because they didn't fully trust the shelter or couldn't stand the constraints imposed by the new system. But at least these survivors had honestly written down their basic information such as name and age on the registration form.

Most were just really scared after all that has happened.

After the registration was complete, the work was going to be a.s.signed.

In addition to the previous hauling team, there were now more teams added such as the construction team and the small farming team.

No matter which team a survivor joined, the overall welfare benefit has risen. But simultaneously, the welfare benefits are now distributed according to the work performed.

There is still a slight shortage of shelter managers… Tang Yu intends on placing these survivors into groups of threes or fours. When tallying the performance reviews, the distribution of welfare benefits will be based on the overall group performance.

The survivors won't be randomly a.s.signed a group but grouped up according to their past work performance. The hard-working survivors will be grouped together while the lazy survivors are grouped separately.

For example, the ordinary survivors who followed Ding Qiang before are going to be grouped together.

Ding Qiang and his followers are going to be used to set an example. There's no need to waste these ordinary survivors. The shelter can organize these survivors into groups of twos or threes. As punishment, Tang Yu will significantly lower the welfare benefits these survivors receive unless they strive towards working hard. Otherwise, they don't need to think about filling their bellies. As for whether these people will stay lazy. As long as they don't want to go starve, they will be forced to supervise each other in these dogs eat dog groups.

On the other side…

Chen Haiping is calling on several trustworthy survivors to a.s.sign the work to the other survivors.

Suddenly, the ground began shaking.

Then, Chen Haiping's face immediately changed.

He felt this familiar sensation just a few days prior.

Tang Yu calmly said to him: "Bring the survivors to the city wall."

Many of the survivors didn't react, they were stupefied because they didn't understand why they were forced to go to the city wall.

The tremor grew increasingly strong as the rubble on the ground began shaking along with a loud rumbling coming from the distance.

This was like the sound of thunder in the distance which didn't stop.

Many of the survivors turned pale. They began seeing countless figures at the end of their field of vision.

These figures looked strange and varied in sizes. Some of them were even flying in the air. But without exception, these monsters were all rus.h.i.+ng in the direction of the shelter.

"It's a demon wave-!"

Demon wave is definitely the most terrifying phrase used during the doomsday. No one knows how many shelters were buried under the demon waves.

Many survivors have only heard about the demon waves and haven't witnessed it themselves. At this time, in the face of the surging demonized beasts, they thoroughly felt how small human beings truly were under such a terrifying disaster!

The already desperate, pale-faced bearded awakened one looked at the approaching demon wave with a look of joy on his face as he said: "Ha ha ha, I can't believe your shelter will be destroyed so soon!"

He knew he wouldn't escape his fate either but it no longer mattered. Seeing the faces of the other survivors go pale, his heart was filled with joy.

He was no longer afraid of death!

For the first time, the bearded awakened one found himself to be so brave. He looked up and wanted to see Tang Yu's face. At this time, he saw how calm Tang Yu's face looked, almost seeing a faint sense of pleasure coming from it. As he continued staring, Tang Yu's head tilted with an inexplicable smile which reached the corners of his mouth as he said.

"Oh, you know nothing of power."

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 36

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