My Doomsday Territory Chapter 739

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Chapter 739

Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, another year had pa.s.sed.

The Great Dao Sect had already taken root in the Mountain and Sea Great World. Not counting the human race, there were already dozens of ordinary forces attached to the Great Dao Sect. Most of them were the original subsidiary forces of the Seven Luminaries Federation.

They paid a lot of resources each year, which was equivalent to the annual income of a continent on Origin Star. Great Lord Tang finally realized his dream of earning money while lying down.

Apart from building a few more cities around the Great Dao City, the Great Dao Sect did not expand its influence, but the branches of the “Gathering Treasure Pavilion” had opened a lot more.

Although Tang Yu was a little salted fish, his clone was still trying hard to comprehend the laws – he had not forgotten that the Devil Race was still a sharp sword hanging above his head.

However, after the laws entered the door, they became more and more obscure and difficult to understand. In the past year, his comprehension of the laws had not improved much.

His realm was stuck at the peak of the Unity Realm, and the bottleneck had loosened. He only needed a few opportunities to break through, so it was useless for him to be anxious.

Tang Yu turned his attention to the holy weapon.

In a year’s time, the refining of the holy weapon was more thorough, and he had comprehended some of the nomological patterns on the holy weapon, which made it easier for him to apply the holy weapon.

For example, he would have three levels of control over the “Lock of Heaven and Earth”.

If he didn’t understand the law, he could only control it as an unranked layer, and he could only simply absorb the enemy into the s.p.a.ce of the Heaven and Earth Lock, and the barrier was not strong.

If he touched the threshold of the s.p.a.ce law, he could instantly open the s.p.a.ce between heaven and earth to divide and suppress the enemy in the s.p.a.ce, which was the first layer – the first layer could directly kill and kill only ordinary Unity Realm.

He could use the second level of the “Air Heaven and Earth Lock”, which was enough to instantly kill the peak of the Oneness Realm, weaken the Divine Domain Realm, and even the peak of the Divine Domain Realm would find it difficult to break through.

What he had mastered before was the second level.

The third level, the “Air Heaven and Earth Lock” s.p.a.ce was more stable, and it was difficult to break through even if the Divine Domain Realm was invincible.

After a year of research and enlightenment, he had already uncovered all the potential of “Air Heaven and Earth Lock”.

“Heaven and Earth Lock” has the ability to trap the enemy, suppress, divide and so on. Unfortunately, there are too many abilities, causing each and every one of them to be not top-notch… In terms of trapping the enemy, it is far inferior to the holy weapon “Ice Cry”.

But it is also enough.

The great Dao Sect now has a holy weapon, and if it is said, it can shock countless experts.


Tang Yu felt like he was stuck at a bottleneck. It was difficult to improve in a short period of time, so he was a little annoyed.

“Ding dong!”

The notification he had set sounded out in his mind. Tang Yu’s face lit up with joy. He closed his eyes and his consciousness had already appeared in the “spiritual s.p.a.ce”.

He used the “administrator authority”. He could see the essence of the “spiritual s.p.a.ce” with a glance.

In the middle was a huge bubble. Inside, a bustling city was looming. Around the huge bubble, tens of millions of small dots were like floating stone belts – that was the private s.p.a.ce of every user.

Around it, there was also a small bubble with a slightly smaller scale. It was divided into many areas. Every second, many new areas were formed and many areas disappeared. They represented the functions such as ‘practice s.p.a.ce’, ‘Infinite Mode’, ‘Trial Tower’, and so on.

Outside the bubble was endless gray fog, just like the gray fog around the central region before the original version was updated.

It’s just that when ordinary users touch the gray fog, their consciousness will be ejected, but Tang Yu can roam freely in the gray fog in the “authorized dog mode”, and can also expend energy to build new bubble areas.

But today, for powerhouses like them, other than occasionally simulating fights between powerhouses of the same level, the only thing they had left was entertainment.

Whether it was the realm or the increase in combat strength, they were now more focused on nomological insights.

And nomological insights required time.

Tang Yu himself did not dare to believe that his comprehension ability far surpa.s.sed that of other Divine Domain – to be able to cultivate to the Divine Domain realm, his apt.i.tude and comprehension were not bad – his rapid progress in comprehending laws was only because of the Trial Tower and the Law Crystal.

However, it still required time.

In theory, Saint realm experts don’t have much of an advantage when it comes to comprehending laws. However, Saint ranks have unlimited lifespan and have enough time to go into seclusion to comprehend laws and perfect divine abilities…

Time was everything.

And he lacked time.

Since a few years ago, Tang Yu had been thinking of ways to solve the problem of not having enough time.

From the information obtained from the Sacred City, Tang Yu noticed that Saints with extremely high attainments in the Laws of Time could change the flow of time in a small area and maintain it for a period of time.

With some precious treasures, they could even solidify the area where the flow of time changed.

Origin Star should have had this kind of s.p.a.ce back then.

However, Tang Yu tidied up the resources in his hands.

Precious materials that had the patterns of time laws? No.

Even if there were, materials that could create a room could be used to forge countless sacred artifacts with time power.

He was not that extravagant.

A Saint with extremely high attainments in the Laws of Time? No!

He had only barely touched the threshold of the Laws of Time, and the Upper Palace Bell had a deeper understanding of the Laws of Time, but he had yet to enter the threshold – there were too few materialized fragments of the Laws of Time!

After overthrowing countless settings and making Tang Yu want to give up a little, he suddenly thought of the Spiritual s.p.a.ce.

The Spiritual s.p.a.ce was not an ordinary virtual s.p.a.ce, and it could carry a limitless amount of power. Even the Laws could be completely materialized – of course, the premise was that he understood or had the corresponding items.

He simulated an area that could hold the power of time, and duplicated countless fragments of the law of time – he only had two in the outside world, and he could have infinite spiritual s.p.a.ce power – as long as the energy was enough to duplicate.

But unfortunately, he could only copy the laws that he had found, and no matter how many there were, he could not construct a complete law of time.

Using the crystals of the law of time as materials, Tang Yu created this palace that was about two hundred square meters and ten meters tall.

Then the upper palace bell used the ability to affect the speed of the flow of time – just a moment, the spiritual s.p.a.ce could simulate it.

However, the time law of the Upper Palace Bell was not enough. He used the spiritual s.p.a.ce to connect with the research inst.i.tute and deduced for many years. Every few months, the comprehension of the Upper Palace Bell had improved, so he would inject power here. Year after year, Tang Yu almost gave up.

Suddenly, he received a notification that he had set up earlier.

Tang Yu shuttled through the gray fog.

A moment later, a light appeared in the area where the gray fog was particularly dense.

It was a small palace. It was about the size of a three-story villa. It was not exquisite and had a square appearance. In front of the building, there was a door of light that looked like a vortex.

Tang Yu walked in.

In an instant, he felt that his thoughts became very fast.

But it was not that his thoughts became faster, it was that the flow of time had slowed down!

The consciousness of the outside world turned for a second. Five seconds had already pa.s.sed in the palace!

five to one time multiplier!


But this is only the first step. Tang Yu asked the “spiritual s.p.a.ce” to record the palace as a “authority dog”.


The main body of the outside world walked to the ‘City of Enlightenment’, which had built countless nomological stone tablets. He reached out and pressed on one of the stone tablets that contained complete laws.

At this moment, the same stone tablet appeared in the small palace.

The air became hot, and the figure was in the sea of fire. The flow of time was violently fluctuating.


Without a sound, Tang Yu’s consciousness was brought up “spiritual s.p.a.ce.”

He died once, and he died completely. He could not be revived in the spiritual s.p.a.ce.

“There is a conflict between the laws.”

Tang Yu rubbed his temples.

In the ‘Enlightenment City’, the stone tablets of the law are placed at a long distance from each other.

But in the “spiritual s.p.a.ce”, it is necessary to simulate a small palace that can change the flow of time. It is originally composed of incomplete laws, and the law of burning is added to the laws of time… Tang Yu did not dare to try it in reality.

Conflict caused the laws to become chaotic, and the foundation of everything was changed. It was normal for a star ball to turn into dust.

After a few minutes, Tang Yu entered his spiritual s.p.a.ce again and copied out the small palace that he had already copied earlier.

After some thought, he said,

This time, he did not directly copy the stone tablet. Instead, he stretched out his hand and a cl.u.s.ter of gla.s.s flames lit up on his fingertip.

s.p.a.ce distorted and the flow of time also fluctuated. But a moment later, it finally stabilized.

The laws were also adaptable!

Tang Yu tried bit by bit to keep the Fire and Time Laws in a delicate balance.

After spending nearly half a month, he finally completed the burning of the Law Tablet and copied it into a small palace.

The flow of time had stabilized, and it could maintain a ratio of ten to one with reality.

One day in reality, ten days had pa.s.sed in the small palace.

The spiritual s.p.a.ce could not break, but it was just right to be used for comprehension.

Tang Yu looked at the simple palace in front of him and thought for a few seconds. “The spiritual s.p.a.ce, the flow of time, then it is called… the spiritual time room.”

His initial plan was to engrave every type of nomological stone tablet in the ‘spiritual time room’, but it was impossible to try it out.

One burning law made him fail countless times. Copying another different nomological stone tablet would increase the difficulty.

Only one spiritual time room can be matched with one rule stone

“The territory now has 13 complete manifestation laws and 46 incomplete manifestation laws… the fire system laws alone include ‘burning’, ‘explosion’, ‘high temperature’, etc…”

Tang Yu estimated that the cost of a spiritual time house was expensive, and what was more expensive was the follow-up solidification and maintenance cost – a long time simulation and the manifestation of laws, which was not expensive.

There was no way to build too many spiritual time houses.

“Build thirteen first to comprehend the complete law. Among the other 46 incomplete laws, the virtual law and the slow law are also necessary, and the others will be considered.”

“There is one more thing to consider. It concerns the upper limit of the spiritual time house.”

The strong had their own ability to suppress. Even if they restrained themselves, the impact still existed.

Tang Yu called for Nancy first. The two of them entered a spiritual time room. The flow of time fluctuated slightly before slowing down.

He tried using it.

Three people, four people, five people. When the sixth person entered, the fluctuations exceeded the limit. The laws of time in the spiritual time room began to become chaotic.

“The limit state is five people. Of course, maybe it can accommodate more people if you switch to the ordinary Unity Realm and Void Stepping Realm.”

However, the spiritual time room was not for them to use. Even the domain could not expand to the limit. They could not understand anything even if they looked at the stone tablet directly.

When Tang Yu, Elaine, Kong and others got the news, they entered the room of spiritual time for enlightenment, which is more convenient than enlightenment in the city of enlightenment. At least they can walk outside, as long as they do not exceed the signal range of the “spiritual s.p.a.ce”.

After all, at their level, it was easy to divide consciousness into several parts.

On the other side, Tang Yu came to the Human Federation.

“How many people are under our control at the moment?”

The official who followed him returned, “The Dao sect now has a permanent population of 30 million, and the federal border, the population statistics are not very accurate, there are about 600 million ethnic groups, and 1.8 billion other ethnic groups.”

Tang Yu nodded slightly.

Compared to the vast territory of the original Seven Luminaries Federation, the population was actually not large. It seemed to be vast and spa.r.s.ely populated, and the housing prices could not be copied.

Especially the human race. After all, the living environment in the past was harsh, and the population could not increase explosively.

Now that it had settled down, Tang Yu felt that he could launch the policy of ‘encouraging fertility’ at the right time – it had been launched in Tree Shade City a long time ago, but many adventurers did not intend to have offspring.

“There are many human settlements on the continent that are not willing to migrate their race.” The official said.

Tang Yu also understood.

Many human tribes around the Azure Mountain Range had moved to the Grand Dao City early because their living environment was very bad and they often had to face the attacks of beasts.

However, human countries like the Great Chang Dynasty and the Blue Water Dukedom might have relatively poor resources, but their lives were pa.s.sable.

Except for a few people with great ambitions, most people were unwilling to leave their hometown, especially ordinary people. Was there any difference where they lived? Anyway, they were just the bottom.

Tang Yu pondered.

In fact, there was really a difference. The ordinary people of the Great Chang Dynasty and the Blue Water Dukedom lived in the Period of Creation.

And the Great Dao City was the Information Age.

However, they did not know that publicity was useless.

Among them, there were still some higher-ups of the human gathering place who were secretly playing tricks.

He called a production person in charge of a rune product and pondered for a moment. “Adjusting the industrial structure, I need to produce more suitable products for ordinary people.”

Then, he would send them to the remote human gathering places like the Great Chang Dynasty and the Blue Water Duchy.

He did not force the human race in the gathering place to migrate, but he had experienced the convenience of the information network, experienced the fun of novels, movies, and games. Who would be willing to return to the Sealed Age?

“By the way, in the year that the Human Federation was established, how many cases were attacked by external forces?”

An official presented a detailed data.

The Great Dao City was at the foot of the Great Dao Sect, and there were elite law enforcement teams patrolling the city. There were very few troublemakers and attackers.

However, the human Federation was vast, and many of them were given to many human forces. Over the past year, there had been quite a number of attacks. Some small territory lords had even lost their families and died because of this.

A cold light flashed in Tang Yu’s eyes.

“Why didn’t you report such an important matter to the higher ups?”

The official trembled in fear and trepidation, not saying a word.

Forget it. Tang Yu sighed.

The official was a native of the Mountain and Sea Realm. In their eyes, the decline of a small territory in the Federation was truly not worth mentioning. At the very least, no one would disturb their Sect Leader with such a small matter.

But Tang Yu knows very well that the general environment is not stable, so talk about peace and development.

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 739

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