Versatile Teeny Girl 29 Amethyst-Amber Vs Dark Viole

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Damon just walked away from there.

My mind was processed vigorously what just happened?..

Is Damon really going to leave me alone.

An arch pain was erupting inside me. It felt my one part was dying and I couldn't do anything to save it.

The school bell rung and pulled me out in the consciousness. I realised I was standing alone in the school ground. Not a single soul seemed to wander. It felt wrong. Something was really very wrong. A felt a gush of wind and saw a creature in a blink of second. It looked like a dog, but its body was longer. It was just a matter of seconds, that's why I wasn't able to observe it properly.

The school was going to witness a duel. No one saw that coming.

Alexa's Point Of View

I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Damon, please don't leave me...

I turned around with watery eyes, but Damon was not there.
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Instead of him, stood a person with a heavy build, but sleek in body. Those tall legs and angular face, who can ever forget.

Oh no no no... This is wrong. He is my enemy. I feel nothing but hatred for him. He reeks of dark energy. I felt like slapping him. So I did.

My slap broke the silence like a thunderbolt.

I gave him a murderous stare and he returned it. He balled his hands into fists. He was shaking with anger. His dark eyes were forming rings of violet. And of the same aura, b.a.l.l.s of energy formed around his fists. Ready to be striked by his force, I tried to summon my elements.

Lucious' Point Of View

There she was, standing alone. I tapped on her shoulder. She was crying. That dumba.s.s Damon made her cry. I am going to kill him for that. I can't see my Lexi hurt. But a sound stuttered me. I felt heat in my cheek. She.. She just slapped me. My powers went outrageous. I couldn't control them. I tried to control it in my fists. But Lexi, she was afraid. She must be thinking that I will hurt her. She summoned her elements. I have never seen an amateur summoning both the elements together.

But she did.

Her eyes were like a black base having rings of amethyst and amber.

Versatile Teeny Girl 29 Amethyst-Amber Vs Dark Viole

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