Versatile Teeny Girl 43 Damon Vs Jace.. Who Is Better??

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Eyes opened and I saw a blurry view which was similar. I realized it was my room and jerked up. But how did I reach I here, I was in the car. I looked at the sofa in my room. There was my answer lying peacefully.

I understood, I would've slept in the car and Jace brought me home.

He looked like a Greek G.o.d, his beautiful locks shone in the sunlight peeping in my room. Lashes were enough long to make anyone's heart flutter. Nose was perfectly chiselled too, unlike mine.

He looked similar to Damon, except the hairs. I loved Damon's hair more than anything. They are so silky and they even slipped through my fingers. But that idiot always complained about his hairs that they were not good enough.

If we juxtapose Damon and Jace, the results would be unbalanced. Jace was more serious but caring too. Damon was kind of reserved. Only some people knew his true side. In front of others, he would be just a mature comical guy.
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But, I knew he was much more.. He was much more to me. I then laughed at myself. I was getting this bad habit of ending up with Damon's thoughts every time. And what would be a use of bad habit if you don't have its addiction.

Jace opened his eyes and looked at me.

I smiled, 'Good Morning Jace'.

'Good morning. It's the first time you called my name. I really like the sound of it.'

He chuckled. I scratched my head and looked at bed, feeling embarra.s.sed.

Heyy... You look like a cat just now

Shut up... Why everyone say I am like a cat.

I got off bed and stared at mirror. I was still wearing my school uniform. I pushed Jace out of the room and rushed into bathroom.

While I was bathing, I realized it was next day. I slept for a whole day. But why was Jace here. He should've gone to his home.

I opened my closet and wore my favourite basketball black shorts with a t-s.h.i.+rt saying MY MIND, MY THOUGHTS, MY CHOICE.

I walked downstairs to find Jace has already cleaned up and was wearing new clothes. He would have asked his chauffeur to bring them here. Why didn't he just return.

I chirped good morning to my parents as always and poked my brother in stomach. He gets ticklish there. Breakfast was served.

Daddy asked me to sit and start eating. He asked how I was feeling. I replied that I am fine.

What happened? Why you all look worried?

Actually Lexi you didn't wake up the whole day. You were sweating so much and your body temperature was getting lower.

Versatile Teeny Girl 43 Damon Vs Jace.. Who Is Better??

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