Lifetime Of Bliss And Contentment With You 159 Not Up To Standard

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Chapter 159: Not Up to Standard

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Pei Yutang was bustling around in high spirits. He looked as though he was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence about crus.h.i.+ng Song Yaonan and his team.

“Sister Yan, why are you so early?”

Pei Yutang was startled to see Lin Yan walking towards him. He rose quickly with a bottle of water for her.

He didn't give Lin Yan the chance to respond, as he suddenly thought of something. A wave of excitement swept over him as he quipped, “Oh yeah, Sister Yan! Let me introduce you!”

Pei Yutang gestured to a knot of boys and girls. “Sister Yan, do you know them?”

Lin Yan scanned each of their faces and shook her head. “I don't…”

She didn't think she had seen them before.

A young man wearing racing attire raised his head slightly. He glanced coldly at Lin Yan and shut his eyes once more. He seemed to be resting.

“What the… Sister Yan, are you serious? Your skills are so good! To me, you're a professional. You are a racer yourself. How could you not know the members of the ZH1 team?” Pei Yutang seemed to be looking at Lin Yan in a new light, as if he couldn't believe his ears. This was outrageous.

ZH1 was the country's top racing team. They had partic.i.p.ated in international compet.i.tions, so people who liked racing knew about them.

Pei Yutang refused to believe that Lin Yan, who was a brilliant racer, would be clueless about ZH1.

“Sister Yan… You have wasted your talent in racing.” Pei Yutang cast a scornful look at Lin Yan.

“Huh?” Lin Yan looked puzzled as she probed, “What do you mean?”

She had been exposed to racing teams overseas and been in one of the top elite teams in the world. Hence, she wasn't familiar with national teams in their country.

“Sister Yan, any racer would have recognized ZH1 and its members, especially the one sitting in front of you. He joined the third level of international compet.i.tions. How could you not know?” asked Pei Yutang indignantly.

“The third level of international compet.i.tions?”

Lin Yan stood there deep in thought when she heard Pei Yutang.

International compet.i.tions were categorized into three levels.

The top and best compet.i.tions belonged to the first level, while the rest were grouped into the second and third level.

When Lin Yan had just entered the profession, she had already qualified for the second level. Hence, she wasn't too sure about third-level compet.i.tions. The truth was that… they were really not up to standard.

Even her apprentices and their apprentices had never joined a third-level compet.i.tion.

“Sorry, I'm not familiar…” Lin Yan chuckled softly.

“Forget it.” Pei Yutang waved his hands in dismissal with a smile. He then moved to Lin Yan and suddenly said, “Sister Yan, I'll introduce you to them!”

Pei Yutang pointed to a young man and said, “Sister Yan, this is ZH1's captain, G.o.d Z!”

“Hi, G.o.d Z.” Lin Yan nodded as she greeted him.

The young man stole a fleeting glance at her and shut his eyes afterward without a word.

“This is Brother Q, and that is Mumu.”

Pei Yutang introduced them.

Lin Yan nodded as a form of greeting. Other than Mumu, who smiled and acknowledged her, the rest of the racers merely glanced at Lin Yan.

Lin Yan hadn't put on makeup, so she looked different than she did in photos. As a result, no one recognized her in real life.

Lifetime Of Bliss And Contentment With You 159 Not Up To Standard

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