Gilga Kill! 59 Reunion

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Currently, Gilga's in a situation which is called as in a pickle.

Esdeath's facing him with her sinister, malicious, cold grin.

" Um... Could we settle this outside? I don't want to break the cafe I just finished today. " Gilga proposed.

" Refused. Since you're already here, then let's dance. Just like your deal with me last time. " Esdeath grinned as she takes out her rapier.

Reflexively and masterfully, Gilga slips past Esdeath at unprecedented speed and heads towards the door behind the cafe.

" Sorry, but I'm leaving. " Gilga said as he dashes out from the cafe.

" Everything freezes before me... "

Esdeath said while putting her hand together in front of her chest.

From her palm, light blue colored light s.h.i.+nes and cold aura is emitted from between her palms.

" Mahapadma! "

Everything turns blue as it gets frozen by Esdeath's move just now. Navia, Sayo and the kids are also frozen.

Esdeath then leisurely walks past through Sayo and co towards Gilga.

" You see. I invented this technique after seeing you disappear suddenly last time. You actually froze time itself. But, the question how? " Esdeath snickered.

" Observant. I like. Pushy, however. I dislike. " Gilga said coldly while sitting behind Esdeath and resting his chin on his arm. He's looking at Esdeath indifferently.

" As I expected. " Esdeath grinned. " How? Do you also have ice related abilities? How and where did you obtain it? "

" And, on what basis do you think I'll tell you that? " Gilga asked coldly.

Esdeath then puts her slender finger on her chin while thinking, and after a few seconds, she reveals a malicious grin.

" It seems like you treasure the maids of this cafe of yours dearly. " Esdeath grinned.

Hearing her statement, Gilga tensed up as he clenched his fist.

" Oh. Seems like I hit the sore spot. Even though I love you so much, you're having an affair behind me... " Esdeath said 'sadly'. " But, since I've found out about the b.i.t.c.hes who took you away from me, then how about I kill them, starting from that silver haired girl... What's her name again? Nav- "

Before Esdeath finished her words, Gilga leaps towards her and directed a body blow.

Before his fist collides with Esdeath's abs, Esdeath creates a layer of ice, intercepting and absorbing the damage from Gilga's punch.

" Let me tell you this. You destroying this kingdom, starting a war, starting a ma.s.sacre or anything,  I could care less. " Gilga started in nonchalant tone.

Esdeath then can feel the chill creeping from her legs to her spine as Gilga proceeds to continue his words.

" But, hurting any of my girls. Even only one strand of their hair... I'll a.s.sure you that you'll face things terrible than death. That you wish you were dead before I caught you and have my way with you. " Gilga said in low, cold, dangerous tone.

Fear... For the first time, the Empire's strongest has learned that new word. She's trembling and s.h.i.+vering from Gilga's bloodl.u.s.t alone, although she has claimed more life than Gilga, tortured others without fearing for consequences, this... Is very well her first time feeling this.

" And, this is for calling my girls b.i.t.c.hes while you are an insufferable b.i.t.c.h yourself. " Gilga said as he delivers a roundhouse kick to Esdeath, sending her flying and landing outside the building.

After Esdeath got sent flying outside, the once blue world turns colorful again as everything has turned normal.

The wind is blowing normally, people's chatter have returned and the liveliness of the Main Street can be heard.

" Ugh.... " Esdeath groaned in pain as she rises up slowly. " I feel that just now. " Esdeath smiled while rubbing her stomach.

How long has it been? When someone managed to land a hit on her and cause her to feel pain?

" Listen well. If you're here as customer then I, no-, we'll serve you wholeheartedly. " Gilga said.

" However, if you are here as an enemy or troublemakers, then don't blame me for being hars.h.!.+ " Gilga said coldly before closing the door.

Esdeath just stands in front of the door, stupefied. Since when someone dares acts like this in front of her? Someone who treats her like this?

Esdeath then heads to the front and notices that Gilga's talking with the Jaeger members, and they don't seem to notice that the person they're talking with is Gilga.

" Thank you. I've learned a lot today. " Bols said.

" Me too. " Wave said.

Run then closes his diary after writing down everything Gilga just said.

Kurome seems uninterested and hungry again as she starts eating her snack again.

" Everyone. We're leaving. " Esdeath said as she enters the cafe.

She then glares at Gilga for a moment before leaving with the Jaeger members.

' He's gotten that strong... I must get stronger myself too. In order to make him mine. ' Esdeath inwardly thought  while sneering as she left.

" Say, Esdeath-sama. When did you fly out of the cafe just now? " Wave asked.

" ... Wave. I'll give you a good lesson later. " Esdeath said with a smile.

' Uh? Did I fvcked up? ' Wave inwardly thought.


" Phew. Luckily she doesn't make things hard for me....for now at least. " Gilga sighed in relief as he heads to the second floor.

As Gilga strolls through the hallway, he's slowly walking towards the thugs he caught.

" Hrngh!!!!! Hmgh!!!! "

m.u.f.fled groan gets louder and louder as Gilga gets closer to the room.

Gilga then kicked the door to the room where he holds the thieves captive.

With a sickening grin, Gilga stretches his left hand, revealing Doppelganger.

" Now then, who should I deal with first? "

With a grin, Gilga grabs the thugs and places each of them on a chair.

" Well, let's start with the basic, which is denailing. "

With a sinister smile, Gilga changes Doppelganger's form into a pair of knives.

" To be honest, I really want to kill all of you directly... But, death... is a too good of a choice for like you all. "

He then proceeds to gag all of the thugs with dirty clothes so they can't bite off their tongue, in order to do a suicide.

" Let's start shall we? "

Gilga asked while facing the thugs who are all tied up and trembling non-stop.


And so, the thugs' torture time begins.


One hour later. The castle, Jaeger's meeting room.

" Who goes there! "

A loud banging sound of the door can be heard as someone kicks the door from the outside.

The one who kicked the door is none other than the crazy, s.a.d.i.s.tic cold beauty, Esdeath herself.

" Hrm? What's this? "

Esdeath looks in front of her and notices  6 people tied up together with rags covering their entire body. On the rag, something is written.

' They are rapists. Do whatever you want with them. '

Without minding the last remark, Esdeath used her rapier and cuts the rag and rope, revealing the thugs.

The thugs all are unconscious, and they have various scars on their body. Starting from their face till legs, all of it are filled with cuts, bruises and st.i.tches, which are still fresh.

" These wounds. The torturer have quite an intriguing way of torturing people. "

" That being said, they won't scream beautifully when I play them. But, since I've been delivered these goods, might as well use them for a bit. "

Esdeath sneered as she drags the thugs, who don't have any strength to struggle anymore, into the torture chamber.


And so, the thugs faced their another set of hideous torture regiment, which lasted for another hour, before they drew their last breath and rot in the torture chamber.


And so, after that day, on Cafein, molester getting beaten by Gilga isn't a rare view anymore. Although the first time he did so, someone reported to the imperial police, but the imperial police doesn't mind Gilga's action and arrested the molester when Gilga explained what happened to her.

Then, Gilga's cafe turns into one of the most popular cafe in the Main Street.

And thanks to that, Gilga and co's workload doubled, if not then quadrupled.

But, like your usual manga and anime, MC and his harem somehow managed to survive and adapt to the situation shortly after.


3 weeks later, on a fateful night, 15 km northeast from the capital.

An Air Manta can be seen circling as it slowly descends upon the mountain.

" We're finally back! "

A figure said with a smile he jumped off from the Air Manta when it almost reaches the ground.

Behind the figure, ten other figures can be seen.

" What are you smiling smugly for? We still have jobs to be done you know? "

Another voice resounded, reprimanding the boy in front of them.

" Yeah. I know. But, why does this place looks like our old base so much? "

" Is there any problem for it to look like the previous base? "

A familiar voice resounded from the base, causing every figures to put their guard up.

" Gilga huh? Don't surprise us like that jeez. "

From the new base, Gilga and co emerge and reveal themselves.

" Good grief. I can't believe it. How do you manage guessing their arrival day? "

Chelsea scratched her head in confusion.

" Let's talk inside. Everyone's probably tired after the journey right? "

" d.a.m.n right! "

" It's a party! "

" Yosha!! "

" It's still morning. "

" Who cares! "

But then, a figure with green hair and google gets close to them.

" Najendsan! I've finished setting all the barriers! "

" Un. Good job. "

The green haired figure is none other than Lubbock. He has finished placing traps using Cross Tail.

Then, another figure with blue hair and white horn protruding from his head gets close to them.

" I've finished digging the escape tunnels. "

" Oh! That's fast! As expected of Susanoo! "

Hearing this, Lubbock then glares at Susanoo and said something about not losing to him.

" But, truth to be told, there's not much for me to do as there are other escape routes already. "

" C'mon now! Let's get inside and party! " Gilga suggested.


" What?! You built a cafe in the capital? " Lubbock said.

" How come you don't tell us? " Tatsumi grumbled.

" How come you don't invite us? " Mine demanded.

" Who are these three kids? Your daughter? " Najenda asked.

" Oi, boss. It hasn't even been a year since you all left, so how do you come to that kind of conclusion? " Gilga sighed. " And, please arrange your words well, or one of them will strangle me to my death. " Gilga sighed as behind him, Sayo, Navia and Chelsea are glaring daggers at him.

" Hahaha. I'm just joking... " Najenda laughed.

" Boss. Love topics are quite sensitive, so please don't joke about it. " Gilga sighed as he drinks a mouthful of beer. " That being said, boss. How long do you plan on being a single? Don't you know you are already so ol- "

Before Gilga finished his words, Najenda smashed Gilga to the ground and leave while stomping on his back angrily.

" You really got guys to call me old! " Najenda grinned menacingly.

People who noticed what happened to Gilga laughed and continue partying till they drop.


In a village not too far away from the Fake mountain.

The village has been ravaged badly.

Blood, flesh, innards... They are everywhere, decorating the devastated village.

Two humanoid beasts are heading to the last house, where a young hunter and his wife resides.

" Why you! "

An young Hunter roared as he takes his shotgun and shoots one of the beasts that attacked. Alas, no damage is done, and the beast attacked the hunter.

The beast bit off the hunter's head, then arm, legs, body while splattering blood everywhere.

" Hiiii! "

Seeing how her husband is killed, the girl stuttered in fear, and her legs give in, causing her to sit on the ground weakly.

From how big her stomach is, she seems to be pregnant.

The other humanoid beast then slowly approaches her and...

( A.N : This is a Gore scene. )

( Don't continue reading if you can't handle it... )


" Nooo!! Please let me g-HGNNHHHHG! "

The girl pleaded, however, one beast grabs one of her leg and starts gnawing at it.

The other beast, which had finished eating the girl's husband, gets close to the girl and touches the girl's stomach.

" NO! Anything but my st- UAAAGHHH!! "

The girl pleaded, however, the beast ripped her stomach, causing blood and amniotic fluid to splatter everywhere, revealing the baby fetus in the girl's stomach.

The beast grabbed the fetus and pulls it along with the girl's innards and feast on them, while the other beast feasts on the girl's twitching body.

As the beast feasts on her son and herself, the girl doesn't let out any sound as the shock is too much for her, and after a few minutes, the girl is nowhere to be seen anymore.


Not far away from the village, a hooded figure looked at the ravaged village with a sinister smile.

" Let's look for another toy shall we? "

And with that, the figure disappeared as he leaves for another toy to play.

Gilga Kill! 59 Reunion

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