The Extraordinary Ordinary 25 The Test's Conclusion

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[ Ability Name: Quaking Touch

Ability Type: Physical Transmission… ]

'This chamber is really versatile,' Chrome thought as he observed the results of the student who had just come out of the 'Testing Chamber'...

This student was the last member of Crow's group who started going into the chamber one after the other, with all of them achieving 'Pa.s.s' and above grades, proving themselves worthy of enrollment into the Extra's Academy.

As Jack was still a bit shaken by what happened earlier and kept his tongue in his mouth, while Link seemed to have quite the good relation with Crow, not to mention the fact that he was already satisfied seeing Chrome's result, they both didn't do much as Crow's whole batch finished their tests.

Meanwhile, Chrome himself was just observing the chamber's function, which proved to be capable of testing all kinds of super abilities, starting from 'Energy Manifestation' abilities like his [Basic Lightning], to 'Physical Transmission' ones like the 'Quaking Touch' of the last student who had to touch the gla.s.s itself just to activate his ability.

The gla.s.s cube in its whole seemed to be more complicated than it appeared to be, as its grading ability seemed to maintain a certain accuracy, allowing Chrome to get a general grasp of average ability gradings.

As most abilities had no defensive grading, the main point of focus was mostly the offensive grading which the 'Energy Manifestation' abilities excelled the best at, as some of the testers achieved slightly higher than 100 points which seemed to be a small threshold.

However, even those who managed to achieve such a damage grade didn't get a grade higher than Chrome, and the reason was actually quite obvious.

'The energy consumption is too much,' Chrome noted…

Those that could release a single attack that could receive 100+ in offensive grading had to at least consume over 20 Exos Units, which gave a simple explanation as to why could Chrome get a double plus pa.s.s grade, his ability's consumption of Exos was too low in comparison!

Of course, there was an obvious downside to [Basic Lightning] just like it had its upside, he was limited from using more than 10 Energy Points per attack, making him unable to pa.s.s the 100 point offensive grading barrier…

"Shouldn't you encourage your students to take their own test, Jack?" Crow questioned with a deep smile on his face, his mood could be said to have finally taken a turn for the better after he was sure that his school's students had fully pa.s.sed as he decided to break Jack's awkward position.

"O-of course, I just thought it would be more polite to wait after both of your groups were done…" An awkward smile couldn't help but appear on Jack's face as he decided to take the chance that Crow threw at him by throwing his pride away in return, trying to make his situation less awkward while keeping a bit of his dignity.

"There is no need Jack, you can go ahead and let your students into the chamber, we can wait for the end," Link had naturally caught on to the hidden meaning of Crow's gesture, so he didn't plan to become to step up like a sore thorn as he just followed up with easing the situation.

After all, Jack's earlier remark had already backfired on him so Link saw no need to degrade Jack any further since his main task was already done, he could easily spare him some face by delaying his other students a bit, the enmity between their schools weren't even that deep…


'Almost done…' Chrome though as he continued staring into the testing chamber…

He naturally didn't get bored while observing for the past half an hour, the variety of awakened abilities were entertaining enough, it allowed him to finally get immersed with this world's super natural reality.

By now, after Krig had stepped out of the chamber, all of the students were already done with their tests, as almost all of them had already pa.s.sed, except for one student from Jack's group as well as one from Link's...

Despite Future High's group's streak of having great awakened abilities continuing with Alice's barrier ability that got a high defensive grading, the stick carrying student's ability to increase any physical thing's sharpness to a dramatically high level, followed by the silent students' rare hypnosis ability which was still caught in the chamber's scanners, it was brutally butchered by the the last two students…

The streak of 'Pa.s.s+' or higher grades of Future High's group was first stopped by another one the students who lucked out and awakened his ability after using the awakening pill, who barely managed to get a 'Pa.s.s' with a non-offensive ability called 'Blinding Light', with the fact of him pa.s.sing being mostly owed to how distraction type abilities were supposed to be rare as well despite its low effectiveness.

However, the real bomb was Krig, who ultimately even failed to get a normal 'Pa.s.s'!

[ Ability Name: Fire Torch

Ability Type: Energy Manifestation

Exos Units expended: 5

Offensive Grading: 3~6 ]

[ (=) Fail ]

'That was unexpected…' Chrome couldn't help but feel a bit better seeing a person like Krig who used to bully Alter Chrome quite frequently end up displaying what could only be described as a trash ability.

Although it showed a name like 'Fire Torch' the ability that Krig showed could at most be described as a fire match, he even had to stand in front of the gla.s.s wall to put the small flicker of fire towards the gla.s.s wall and get his offensive grading calculated…

'Just why! Why did I receive such an insignificant ability that is not even incomparable with that coward's ability!' Krig lamented deep in his mind as he stared at the ground from the shock he just received.
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This simple revelation had just turned his reality into a nightmare, after all, he wasn't rich or influential like his bully mate, all he had was his slightly high Exos growth talent that allowed him to get into Future High's special cla.s.s. He was originally saving up to buy the awakening pill when the pie fell from the sky and he managed to get one for free, which allowed him to awaken without trouble with his above average Exos rating, yet…

The ability that he didn't test the day before due to the safety precautions that advised to first test your ability in 'a.s.sessment Center' in case it was too strong or hard to control actually turned to be as pathetic as a normal match, which meant that his future as an aspiring Extra was already done before it started.

Unlike the Exos rating which could be increased with time or using special pills, the special abilities that one awakened was more like a one draw lotto ticket, you couldn't simply return your ability and pick a different one…

For the first time in his life, Krig finally felt like he was the one being oppressed this time instead of being the oppressor…

Naturally, none of the teachers reacted to the fails of this round as the situation was more or less completely peaceful by now, as only Link lightly tried to comfort Krig who still didn't raise his head from shock.

"Good, this concludes the 'a.s.sessment Examination' of this year, please follow me to the meeting room where the other two should be already waiting for us to give you all your final result cards…"

The Extraordinary Ordinary 25 The Test's Conclusion

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