Bleach - A New Beginning 3 Banb Ch 02 New World And New Companions

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BANB CH 02 New World and New Companions

When I came to, I found myself in a dirty alleyway, dressed in some thin rags barely in the form of a sleeveless robe-like s.h.i.+rt and knee-length loose, ragged shorts. Getting up I dusted off my hands, knees and behind. In the process, I realized that my arms and legs felt much smaller than before. Quickly patting myself all over, I realized it wasn't just my limbs. My entire body had become smaller, or to be accurate, I regressed to a child version of myself.

The fact shook me for a few minutes before I regained my senses. I realized that this might not be all bad, I had a new life and for some reason, I had memories of both the previous life and the time where I was with those three G.o.ds. With my previous life knowledge, I would be able to train myself into a perfect vessel or my powers.

'Hold on, first I have to see if I still even have those powers!' I thought as concentrated and tried to bring forth my weapons, or as they were called in my previous life, my G.o.d Arcs. In the process, I felt some sort of energy moving inside me and testing my body. The energy swam in me, faster and faster, yet was not able to get released outside. However, energy from my surroundings did rush into me like I was a magnet for them.

Soon, my body started to feel bloated so I ceased my efforts to call up my G.o.d Arcs. I had seven of them, yet was not able to call up even one of them, even though I could feel them in me. My G.o.d Arcs were special even at the time they were made, let alone when they finally completely bonded with me.

The one that was with me for the longest was a type of Heavy Moon G.o.d Arc, named with the code-name Wrath. Later I gained the Short Blade – Envy, Long Blade – Pride, Buster Blade – Sloth, Charge Spear – l.u.s.t, Twin Biting Edge – Greed, Variant Scythe – Gluttony.

While trying to call forth my G.o.d Arc, I also remembered about the partner or a.s.sistant the G.o.ds told me about. I decided to look for that first since that might help me figure out my situation. I again concentrated my mind, diving into the depths of my consciousness. Very easy practice since in my past life I used this method to bond with the Aragami Essence on my G.o.d Arcs.

However, this time I was not looking for the G.o.d Arcs in me so I tried to wander off and search for something different. After a while, I found a different place in the depths of my consciousness that I never had seen before. It looked like an advanced lab that I had seen in my past life where they used to manufacture G.o.d Arcs.


I stepped into the lab and I saw a woman in a lab coat working on some blueprints that were being displayed on a hologram-like screen. She completed the designs she was working on and turned her rotating chair towards him. She had a superb hourgla.s.s figure that was barely contained in her figure-hugging dress and lab coat. She had l.u.s.trous thick hair that extended below her hips and was tied in a ponytail. She adjusted her frameless spectacles and peered at him.

"So, you are the chosen one huh? Hmm, I dunno what the Great Divine Trio saw in you. You barely have enough to even be considered a genius. Hmm, Soul Energy Capacity is well above average, Mental Capabilities are pretty decent too. You will be able to have instantaneous learning and recall capabilities. Energy sensing perception abilities are also decent. With some control training, your Energy Manipulation abilities will be good too."

She got up and walked around him touching him all over. Soon she sat back down and started muttering to herself, calculating and designing some new blueprints. I gathered my courage and called out to her.

"Excuse me, can you just tell me who are you and do you anything about why I am not able to access my G.o.d Arcs?"

"Hahaha!", the woman started laughing, "G.o.d arcs, what a pretentious name. Well in the world you came from that Aragami must have felt pretty much like G.o.ds. Well in a way they were G.o.ds I guess after all they nearly came to the point of Creation itself. Anyway, I am Gayathri, you can call me your a.s.signed guardian. My job is to look after your soul since you have gained the attention of the Great Divine Trio."

"About your G.o.d Arcs, they are in a special situation. At the time you died, they sort of merged with your soul. Since their physical manifestations were destroyed completely, you only have their essence left. You can again convert them into a proper form according to the rules of the current world you are in, but it will take time."

"Huh, that sounds pretty complex stuff. What do I do then?"

"Currently you can't do anything, I will tell you when your situation develops appropriately. Currently, I will give you something else to protect yourself with. Here, this should help you for the time being." She touched my forehead with her index finger and a stream of information emerged in my head.

I focused on deciphering the information that suddenly in my head. I found that it was a kind of energy application method that can boost all capabilities of the body, whether strength or endurance or perception.

"This is a method that can be sufficiently adapted to nearly any kind of energy. By the way, do you remember the energy you absorbed by chance a little while ago? That energy is called Reiatsu or Soul Energy. This plane is very abundant in Soul Energy. The absurd quality of your soul makes it perfect for absorbing enormous amounts of the stuff and make it yours. You transformed soul energy can be used for the technique I just provided you with."

"So, I can just absorb energy like what I did before?"

"Yes, but your method was pretty crude, it will let everyone around you know your capability. Use this method, this should be many times more efficient than your previous technique." She said and transmitted another technique to my mind, this one for energy absorption.
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"There is nothing more you can gain at the moment from being here. When the time is right, I will call you here and provide you with your G.o.d Arcs. For now, just go to the outside world and live your new life."


The next moment I was ejected out from that s.p.a.ce and I found myself back in the dark and dirty alleyway. However, this time, I saw I was not alone. There were a bunch of older kids surrounding him. They were also dressed in rags, but their bodies seemed well built due to their harsh lifestyle.

"Hey look, we got someone new here!" the leader of the group threw a mean look towards me "What is your name newbie? Do you know that you are in the territory of the Broken Blades? How dare you intrude without permission?"

I felt amused at these kids who we're pretending to be tough. In front of what I faced in my previous life, these kids trying to intimidate me was kind of laughable. I gave a slight shake to dislodge the leader's hand that was on my shoulder. As a look of shock crossed his face, I gave a swift palm strike to the underside of his jaw while using the energy manipulation technique Gayathri had just given him.

The leader was not able to resist at all as he got thrown back like a broken doll. By the time the kid landed back on the ground, he was completely unconscious. The rest of the kids looked towards me in shock and anger. I smirked at them and got into a fighting stance as I replied.

"Heh, come on. I will make you remember my name forevermore from now on so that you will p.i.s.s in your shorts when you listen to my name ever again. Hear and remember this, I am Eru Doreigo!"

As the guys rushed towards me, I saw two kids who stayed back and didn't try to attack me. It was a little boy and girl, maybe siblings who had joined this gang under pressure. I found that my perception had increased by a few times while in fighting mode. I could see all the kids rus.h.i.+ng towards me at slightly slow speed while also taking in all the details of my surroundings. Unknown to me, my eyes have already transformed into one with red swirling patterns.

I dodged and twisted around their attacks while delivering hard-hitting counters. To them, I was just a blur that blew past them while destroying them at the same time. When I was done with them, I turned my attention towards the two kids. The boy was s.h.i.+vering a bit while he stared at me, whereas the girl grits her teeth while gripping the boy's hand while looking at me.

'Hmm, seems like two innocent ones mixed in without meaning to. Better to sort this out without making them even more afraid of me.'

I walked towards them, completely letting go of the aggressive front I had put on in front of the rest and called out to them in a gentle voice. They responded by slowly walking towards me.

"Who are you two? And why were you with these idiots?"

"I am Matsuri Kudo, this is my twin Fujimaru. We live in one of the shacks of the slums. They said if we wanted to continue having a roof over our head and food in our belly then we should serve them as underlings. We had no other choice…"

"Is that so?" Eru thought for a moment "Fine then. I will live with you two from today. If these morons come again then they will have to face me first. Let's go!"

"Mmmm!!" the two Kudo twins nodded happily as they led Eru to their shack.

Bleach - A New Beginning 3 Banb Ch 02 New World And New Companions

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