Origin Of Evil 78 Consequences

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Carla took the lead as they pa.s.sed by the different shops. At one point, Dorian actually saw the bar where he had killed five people. He couldn't help but ask "You said people killed in Eden won't drop anything, but what about those in the market?"

Carla replied "Everyone is at the same level in the Market, so of course they drop something." Dorian asked "You see that bar, over there? I killed five people in it, and they didn't drop anything."

Carla asked "Did you check the bodies after you killed them?" Dorian shook his head, so Carla said "If you had, you would have seen a glowing white gem on their forehead. Touching that gem will transfer all of their Dream Coins to your account and make their stuff master less, which means free to pick for everyone…"

As she spoke, she looked at the bar he was talking about, and suddenly stopped. Dorian stopped next to her and asked "What are you doing?"

Dorian was able to see with a glance that she had paled. She asked "Did you cause ruckus in there, 'Joe n Jane'?" Dorian looked at the bar and said "Yes, why?"

Carla swallowed and said "Well, I truly hope you didn't anger the owners, or we are screwed!" She turned toward Dorian and asked "What happened?"

Instead of answering her though, Dorian asked "Why are you scared of a bunch of Sheep anyway?"

Carla replied "Why? Are you serious?" Dorian just frowned, so Carla sighed and said "Really, they say ignorance is a bliss, bunch of a.s.sholes… Okay, the owners, Joe and Jane, they are a husband and his wife, they are the ones behind the bar all the time."

Dorian nodded, he was right then, the one he killed was really Joe. Now, what was the problem?

Carla continued "The both of them, Joe is a strong Evolver, I heard that he is strong enough to be in the top 100 among Evolvers despite being a Sheep. Remember, Sheep aren't necessarily weaker than Predators, they just don't have as much potential."

Dorian asked "Is it impressive? To be in the top 100?" Carla widened her eyes and said "Impressive? Do you know how many Evolvers there are? Let me tell you, I don't even know because there are so many! Just on Earth they number in the hundreds of thousands, and there are millions of worlds which have Dreamland taking people from them. Now, is top 100 impressive?"

Dorian looked at her and asked "What's the best mission rating you got? Or the best you ever heard of? Fro example, the number one Evolver, which rating did he get?"

Carla replied "Me? The best I ever got was a C, and I'm pretty good. The first Evolver? He had A grade! Can you even fathom how difficult that must be?"

Dorian asked "What about the best you heard of?" Carla said "The highest? Let me tell you, this is simply impossible. It comes from Earth's G.o.d, our number one expert. He had a Perfect rating. Do you know how difficult it is to get such a rating? It is the rating above SSS+!"

Dorian raised an eyebrow, he didn't know that. He himself got Epic, pa.s.sing from SSS+ to Epic. He didn't know if there was any grade in between though. It looked like there was one now. That meant his first mission was at least one grade higher than the best mission Earth's mightiest expert did.

Dorian said "So what, he is in the top 100. If that's all, then it isn't much of a problem." Carla rolled her eyes and said "You really underestimate the people here, he could cripple you with only one hit. But hey, let's say you get lucky, and he can't beat you. The thing is, he is not the worst of the couple, Jane is."

Dorian couldn't help but smile when he heard the part about him getting crippled in one hit: the exact opposite had happened. But what was she saying now, Jane is more powerful? Then why didn't she do anything?

As if she could read his mind, Carla said "She isn't stronger than her husband, but she is much more dangerous. Her brother, he is an Ascendant." Dorian shrugged and said "So what? He can't attack me until I become an Ascendant, and by then I should be strong enough to beat him too."

Carla shook her head and said "No, you don't understand. Have you looked at the bar's menu? Did you see the 'Christ's Blood'?"

Dorian nodded and said "Yeah, it stuck out to me. First, seeing a Bronze item for sell was surprising, moreover it made mention of the Christ, I thought they were from Earth."

Carla shook her head and said "They aren't, it's just that Catholicism isn't just an earthly thing, many religions are spread among different worlds. But think about it, do you think an Evolver can get a Bronze item, and even sell it?"

Dorian shrugged and said "Why not?" He actually had one, the Mutation Agent. Although he was an exception because he had gotten it from the mission's rewards, it was still not something impossible to get.

However, seeing Carla's face, it should be. She said "Well, believe it or not, but you can't just get it. Even among Ascendants, a Bronze item is coveted, and they would very rarely sell it."

Dorian asked "Isn't Jane the one brewing it?" Carla facepalmed and said "You, sometimes you… Forget it. She can't. It can only be her brother who gave it to her. Want to know why he can do that?"

Dorian nodded, so she revealed "Because he is the top 1 Ascender. The strongest one. Now, do you think you will become the strongest Ascender the moment you ascend?"

Dorian shrugged and said "Who knows?" Carla growled in anger but didn't do anything, and just asked "What did you do in there?"

Dorian said "Well, to start, I entered the bar. Everyone looked at me. Then, a group of guys tried to rob me. I killed them, without spilling a drop of blood."

Carla sighed in relief and said "Good, we shouldn't be in trouble…" Dorian interrupted her "Then, the couple behind the bar told me to go because I was a Predator, which I didn't even know the definition of, and threatened me. Kind of."

Carla paled again and frantically asked "What did you do?" Dorian replied "Not much, but then he started annoying me, so I insulted the guy. Joe's his name. He tried to attack me, so I killed him. Really, your so called top 100 is only so so. He was even weaker than Tibo, not say me."

Carla almost fainted when she heard he attacked, but now hearing what he was saying, she just thought he was lying. She asked "Who's Tibo?"

Dorian said "I didn't tell you? I think I did… Anyway, it's the Yeti you saw eat the four guys' flesh. Your preys."

Carla looked at the bar and said "You are saying your ape is stronger than Joe?" Dorian replied "He is not an ape, he is a baby Yeti. And yes, he is. Really, that Joe, I only had to swing my sword once, and he dropped dead."

Carla wanted to refute when she saw the door of the bar being kicked open, a woman storming out of it. Carla easily recognized her as Jane. And looking at her, she was running toward them.

She stepped back and asked "Are you serious?!" Dorian smiled looking at the bloodshot eyes of Jane and said "You thought I was kidding? Of course I am serious. Now, I wonder, what gives her the confidence of attacking me?"

Carla looked at the woman up and down and said "Be careful of her spear, I think it might be a strong item she got from her brother."

Dorian shrugged and attacked her mind. However, before he could enter hers, he felt a resistance appear, and a ring on her finger shone.

Origin Of Evil 78 Consequences

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