Continuous School 204 We'll Always Be Friends Part 3

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"Are you sure it's ok we leave," Owen asked.

"Yeah, it's fine. Sean said it was ok." Ethan replied pa.s.sing the blame.

"I spoke to Charley and she said it was fine."

The three of them left the party that was prepared for them earlier than the rest. They didn't go home but they did leave the school. They walked in the protecting heat of the sun all the way to the closest park and sat together for one last time.

"So what should we talk about?" Sean asked.

"Well, I guess we should talk about the obvious one," Owen said. "No point in waiting."

"You're right," Ethan said.

"ROCK PAPER SCISSORS!" they all screamed.

"d.a.m.n IT I LOST!" Ethan yelled falling backwards onto the gra.s.s as the others laughed at him.

"Alright, Ethan," Owen said. "You go first."

"Right. Here it goes…" Ethan began to speak as Sean and Owen listened closely. They listened to what he was about to say as if a soft piano melody was falling behind them.

"Owen… When I first met you, you were unnecessarily cold to me and even now you are cold to others. But I couldn't ask for a better friend. Sean, you've taught me so much about standing up for myself and being a better person. I will miss you both greatly. NOW OWEN, YOU GO!"

Ethan quickly pa.s.sed the baton of sadness to Owen before it got even sadder.

"Ok… um… Ethan, you are weird, annoying, stubborn from time to time, bad at love, weak, weak-hearted…" Owen continued for several minutes listing all of Ethan's weaknesses. He mentioned ones that have never been said before and even ones Ethan didn't know he had. "But with all that said, I'm glad you were persistent enough to speak to me. Sean, Ethan kinda took what I was going to say. I feel the same, you've helped me so much and have always taught me to try and be positive even if I don't seem it on the outside."

"Aw, thanks guys," Sean said. "Alright me next, Ethan, you are a great friend… Ok, now Owen."

"THAT WAS IT?!" Ethan interrupted. "What about a great speech? Anything longer?"

"Hahaha." Sean burst out laughing. "Don't worry… mine is for both of you. Ethan and Owen, you are some of the best friends I've ever had. The truth was that when I saw you on the first day, you both seemed weird, but as I saw Ethan try and talk to Owen, I realised that you are both very kind people. And as you became friends after the trip, I wanted to hang out with you more. Even though you told me to stay away, I couldn't because to me whenever I looked at you both it seemed as if you were always having so much fun. I'm glad you were my friends. You've always supported me when I needed it and I hope we keep in contact."

The three of them continued complimenting each other and reminiscing about the old times. They didn't interrupt each other and they each listened carefully as the orange sunset illuminated the gra.s.s they sat on, with the faint cheers of kids around them playing with their friends.

"I'm going to miss you all," Ethan said.

"Good luck over there," Owen said visibly trying to hold back tears. "Don't go getting killed."

"Yeah," Sean said, jumping to Ethan's arms. "Make sure you call us EEVVVVERRRRRYY DAY!"

"Every day?" Ethan replied. "I don't know about that."

"I'm only joking," Sean said pulling himself back. "But please, do keep in contact."

"Hey, Owen," Ethan said. "I've got one last thing to say."

"What is it?"

"Please do try and love yourself more. Maybe if you do you'll find out why people like you and enjoy life more."

Owen ignored Ethan's words as they almost seemed random to him. Thinking about all the other stuff people have said to him over his life was much more important. But he did keep those words in the back of his mind.

"There you guys are!" A voice called from afar.
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The three of them looked over and saw a group of 5 people slowly run over. They all stood up and greeted their friends that ran into them with welcome arms.

"What were you doing here?" Kaylee asked.

"Just hanging out like the good old times." They all said.

"We bought snacks," Simon said slumping a giant bag down.

"There is popcorn in there somewhere," Claire said rummaging through the bag. "Make sure me and Owen get some."

They all laughed and ate food together without a care in the world. They didn't care for the time. They wanted to spend each moment together. Each everlasting moment with each other.

"Hey, can I speak to you," Owen said gently tapping Ruby on the shoulder and pulling her away.

"What's up?" She said,

"Umm… er…. How can I say this?" Owen stumbled across his words visibly stressed about what he was going to say.

"Breathe," Ruby said placing her hand on Owen's heart. "Take a deep breath, speak slowly, and go for it."

"...Um…" Owen said. "The music bet… the second one. I wanted to tell you what I wanted."

"alright," Ruby said not knowing what to expect considering what he used it for the last time.

"I want to keep in contact," Owen said blurting it all out. Stunning Ruby with a super-effective move.

"I want to keep in contact… and keep hanging out like we used to."

"Of course," Ruby said trying not to be over-excited and expose herself, even though she was already exposed.

The party that was hosted for them, and the party that they improvised in the middle of the park. Both of them came to an end eventually. No one was sad. It wasn't a time to be sad, as the day of their graduation was now upon them.

Continuous School 204 We'll Always Be Friends Part 3

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