Science/Magic 21 Happiness And Love

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"Master, coffee."

Regina served Bloed a cup of coffee politely.

"Thank you." Bloed smiled and asked her to put it on the table while he finished his current experiment.

As a helper, Regina was incredibly versatile. From cooking, was.h.i.+ng dishes, and preparing coffee, to helping with Bloed's experiments and being his sparring partner. Regina could do almost anything. Even Bloed could only sigh in admiration with such a perfect a.s.sistant.

Bloed life had become many times easier since Regina appeared in his life. Having a personal a.s.sistant that could answer all his needs made his work way smoother. Moreover, Regina was easy to the eye. Bloed was much happier having a beautiful girl beside him than having a hovering talking ball of metal.

Her only defect was that she rarely spoke. She seldom started a conversation. And the few times she did, it was because she wanted to ask about something or she wanted to help Bloed with his experiments.

Most of the time, Regina simply stood there thinking about something unknown. Bloed did not know what she was thinking about, but according to Camilla, she was trying to learn about 'feelings'.

Bloed rather liked Regina. In fact, he liked that she was a quiet girl. After all, he needed to be fully concentrated during his experiments, and any small distraction could mean failure.

Almost six months had pa.s.sed since Regina was created, and Bloed continued progressing as fast as a rocket. He had started to study bioengineering a few months ago, and his progress in the field was commendable.

He had some projects in mind, but he was not sure if Camilla was going to approve them. To be honest, even Bloed thought they were a bit crazy, but he also felt they were perfect for him.

Besides studying bioengineering, Bloed had also built a few more artifacts successfully and received his body enhancement surgery one month ago. The surgery was something all the soldiers received before being deployed to s.p.a.ce, and it consists of strengthening his body genetic's makeup.

After the surgery, Bloed was five times faster and stronger, his body was much more resistant to extreme situations, and his height had increased noticeably. Currently, Bloed was almost 1.80 meters tall despite not being fifteen yet.

Bloed needed almost one week to adapt to his new body, but Camilla said that normally you would need two months, so he was pretty happy with his results. He concluded that it was another perk of [Enhanced Brain Capacity].

Normally, the minimum age to receive the surgery is fifteen, but for some reason, Camilla decided to realize it before it. She never explained the reason though, but Bloed trusted Camilla blindly, so he never asked it.

Today, Bloed was working on a new project of his.

His hand was holding an electric plier, and his other hand was holding an incredibly small artifact, less than one centimeter long. It seemed like a small metallic ball.

When he was done, he let out a heavy breath and put the ball on the table.

"Let's see if it works." Bloed muttered to himself. "Regina, give me energy."

"Yes, master." Regina nodded and turned on the electricity.

Bloed stared at the ball with complete focus. When the electricity reached it he held his breath and waited patiently.

But nothing happened.

"… It's a failure, huh." Bloed said after waiting for almost one minute. He then looked up and sighed. "Dammit, I have tried everything I can think about. What is wrong?"

"Master, you are using a program too complex for a piece too small. The result you want is simply impossible."

Bloed looked at Regina and smiled. "Are you not supposed to cheer me up? What kind of a.s.sistant are you?"

"I'm simply trying to help you to save time. I think it's better if you work in more meaningful projects." Regina said.

Bloed laughed. "Hahaha, yeah, perhaps you are right. However, I'm pretty confident in my idea. I just need to change my focus and I'll find the answer."

Regina frowned. "Master, what you want is simply impossible with the current technology. Moreover, you still want to make it interact with more pieces as a hive. I can't see a way it can work."

"Yeah, it has to interact… As a hive… As a hive… As a hive! Regina, you are a genius!"


"That is the answer! A hive! Mmm… Nope, a net is a better name. Yes, if I connect them with a net and allow them to share information in real-time, storing just a bit of information in each piece and combining the pieces to make a whole… Hahahaha, it's possible! What do you think, Regina?"

"… Master, your idea is crazy… But it could work…"

"Hahaha, you see… I told you it's possible!"

Regina sighed and put on a smile. "I admit defeat. By the way, master, dinnertime is in twenty minutes."

"Oh? It's already so late." Bloed shook his head. "Thank you for reminding me, Regina. I don't want to leave mother waiting for me."

"It's my duty."

Bloed nodded and quickly changed his clothes. Of course, he asked Regina to leave his room first. Even if Regina was technically his servant, he was not going to change his clothes in front of a girl.

Moreover, his heart already had an owner. Showing his body to another woman was disrespectful to his love.

Although technically, his love did not even know about his feelings.

When Bloed and Regina were walking towards the dining room, Regina suddenly asked something.

"Master, can I ask a question?"

"Of course, do ask."

Regina fell silent for a moment. She then opened her lips hesitantly.

"… I have been trying to understand the concept of happiness lately, but there is something I don't understand. Why are you sometimes happier than at other times?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"For example, every time you are about to see mother or when you speak to her or about her, your heart rate accelerates, your secretions of serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin increase drastically, and your steps become lighter. However, that does not happen when you talk to me or"

Bloed froze. He then looked at Regina with an awkward expression.

"Is it very obvious?"

Regina furrowed her eyes and nodded.
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"The signs are around twenty percent stronger."

Bloed smiled wryly. How was he supposed to answer this?

Fortunately, he thought an answer quickly.

"Actually, Regina, it's hard to explain… When you fall in love with someone, you will understand."

Regina furrowed her brows.

"Love, huh…"

"Yeah, love. You feel happier when you are with someone you love, and sad when your love is sad. You care about the person you love, and that person is always in your thoughts… At least, I think love is like that."

"Love…" Regina could not help but think about that word.

But after thinking for a long time without finding an answer, Regina once more confirmed something she had realized a while ago.

Human feelings are unnecessarily complicated.

Science/Magic 21 Happiness And Love

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