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"So delicious! This, this… This is amazing!"

Gina's eyes were s.h.i.+ning while she ate Regina's food. She ravished the food as though she had not eaten in months.

Today, Regina had prepared meatb.a.l.l.s with patacones and cream cheese. The meatb.a.l.l.s had been made using the meat of a C-Rank monster and cheese, and Regina's cooking had given it the perfect texture.

Gina could swear she had never tasted something so delicious in her life. The meatb.a.l.l.s had a strange spicy flavor mixed with the soft flavor of the cheese. The patacones had been soaked in garlic water, and the cream cheese had been spread over them, making them even more delicious.

Regina's food was heavenly compared to the food Gina had tasted before. The different spices used perfectly together with the ingredients combined with the astonis.h.i.+ng work of a great cook brought mouth-watering food to the table.

Even Bloed and Liu Ying, who had gotten used to Regina's high-level cooking, found the food delicious. But for Gina, it was paradise.

In less than two minutes, the food in the table was gone. Surprisingly, Gina had eaten as much food as Bloed.

The group was astonished by the pet.i.te girl's appet.i.te. Bloed wondered where she sent all the food she ate. It was obvious it was not to her breast, at least.

"Miss Regina, your food is the best I have eaten ever!" Gina stared at Regina with sparkling eyes. "Where did you learn to cook like that?"

"I learned by myself." Regina smiled in pride. Seeing Gina's undisguised admiration, she could not help but soften her expression a little bit. "I learned to cook to make master happy."

"You sure are fortunate, Bloed." Gina sighed in envy. "Unfortunately, I can't cook due to my body, or I would ask you to teach me."

Regina smiled and remained silent.

Gina was a very outgoing girl. Despite her frail body, she enjoyed talking.

So, once the finished eating, she started to ask questions to the group.

Such as where do they come from, where are they going, their age, their experiences, etc. Bloed and the group glossed about most of the questions vaguely, but Gina did not seem to mind.

Instead, she started to talk about herself. She said that she lived with her older sister who took care of her. Their parents had died when she was a child, so her older sister was like her mother.

The name of her older sister was Sara. Gina said that her sister was very cool and powerful and that she would introduce her to Bloed and the others one day. According to Gina, they surely would like her sister.

Seeing the bright and innocent look on Gina's face, Bloed could not help but smile. To be honest, he missed having a conversation with someone like her.

Simple, relaxed, and without second intentions. Gina was completely different from Bloed, Liu Ying, and Regina. She was someone that still believed in the goodness of the world.

Bloed was even a bit worried about her safety. She was the kind of girl that could be abducted with sweet words.

While they were talking, someone knocked on the door.

"Huh? It must be your sister." Bloed said. He then stood up and walked towards the door.

But then, Gina grabbed his s.h.i.+rt with a nervous expression.

"Please, don't go."


"… I don't want to go with them."

Bloed frowned.


"Please, Bloed." Gina looked at Bloed in worry. "It's not my sister. They are bad guys. They must be searching for me."

"… Is anything wrong?" Liu Ying furrowed her brows.

Gina bit her lips and looked down.

Bloed fell into thoughts. He then smiled at Gina confidently.

"Don't worry, let's see who it is. And if it's not your sister, I will not let them take you away."

Gina stared at Bloed and the others and nodded. She then stood up and followed behind Bloed, but she was still grabbing his s.h.i.+rt.

The other two girls followed after them.

When Bloed opened the door, two serious-looking men were outside.

"Good afternoon, young master. We are searching for our miss."

"Your miss?" Bloed was startled.

"Yes, miss Gina." Said one of the men. "We are her bodyguards, but she escaped a few hours ago. Fortunately, we finally found her." He then looked at Gina behind Bloed.

Bloed wrinkled his brows. Something was wrong here.
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Her bodyguards? Then how Gina escaped? Bloed could see that the two men were C-Rank pract.i.tioners, while Gina's mana was almost inexistent. How could she escape from them?

Moreover, they took so long to find her. What kind of bodyguards are they?

The men did not seem to feel Bloed's wariness. One of them took a step forward and tried to grab Gina.

Gina paled in fear. But at that moment, Bloed grabbed the man's wrist.

"… You don't look like her bodyguards."

The man frowned. "Young master, we just want to do our work. Are you planning to make things difficult for us?"

Instantly, a sense of threat surged out from the two men. Mana and killing intent pressed Bloed, proof that they had killed before.



Regina snorted.

Instantly, the two men's killing intent was erased.

At the same time, Bloed released his own pressure. His psychic power surged and filled his sword, and his muscles tensed up ready to battle.

"Who are you!?" Bloed's expression turned cold. The killing intent and bloodthirstiness cultivated in the Exiled Lands attacked the two men, causing their expressions to pale.

The men looked at each other. They saw the wariness in their eyes and realized they had kicked a steel bar this time.

However, they could not leave the girl here, or their master would become crazy.

But when they were about to take out their weapons, an ice-cold voice came from outside.


Then, a girl suddenly appeared behind the two men. The girl's ice-cold gaze froze the two men completely, and even Bloed felt his blood slowing.

But then, the girl behind Bloed smiled brightly.


Science/Magic 56 Gina 2

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