The Reborn Girl's Path To Glory Chapter 95

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Chapter 95 The Balance of the Mayor of the Jingzhao Munic.i.p.ality

When Song Yixiao and Chief House Steward were testing each other, something happened in the Yamen of Jingzhao Munic.i.p.ality.

In the back hall.

Ban Yanxiu, the mayor, went to the warm pavilion and used the hot handkerchief handed by a maid to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead. He said, “Anyway, Liu Zhenxi is the Vice Minister in the Ministry of Punishments, and he comes here due to the order of Qiu Shuxia, the Director in the Ministry of Rituals. Although I make an excuse that my son falls into water, I can't let him wait too long. Ziya, should I listen to his request?”

“No!” The Private Adviser, Zuo Licen, answered. He styled himself Ziya. At this time, he also sweated in the late autumn and wasn't in a mood to take the handkerchief in maid's hand. He casually wiped his face with his sleeve and waved hands to let servants leave. Then he said in a deep voice, “Master, now we're pressed for time. Please don't blame my alarmist talk. If you listen to him to send the case of You Hong to the Ministry of Punishments, your official career will be almost over!”

He reminded, “You are number four in national civil examinations. Before 40 years old, you have been a third-rank official. Your prospect is cheerful because you are in the prime of life! Do you want to ruin your prospects because of Qiu Shuxia?”

“Is it so serious?” Ban Yanxiu was shocked, throwing the handkerchief into the basin that the maid hadn't taken away. He took a deep breath and had a seat of honor. Then he waved his hand and said, “Ziya, please tell me clearly. Why do you think so?”

“Master, you became the Mayor of the Jingzhao Munic.i.p.ality four years ago. So you don't know that You Hong's wife is the wet nurse of Madam Song who is Duke of Yan's wife. You Hongs wife, Ms. Zhao, is still serving Madam Song now!” Zuo Licen said quickly, “Madam Song's father is Song Yuan, the Vice Director of the Imperial Library. Song Yuan marries three times and his first wife is Madam Song's birth mother, Princess Wei of Hengshan! His next wife is Madam Liu, the younger sister of Vice Minister Liu!”

He lowered his voice, “After Madam Liu got married, she disliked Song Yuan's former wife's daughter and always bullied her. When she was pregnant, she asked her trusted subordinate to sell Madam Song to a brothel madam when Madam Song went out to buy a birthday gift for her father. But the brothel madam was afraid of Princess Consort of Hengshan and sent Madam Song secretly to the Wei Family after buying her. Otherwise Madam Song would suffer a lot!”

“And then?” Ban Yanxiu broke out in a sweat on his forehead again after he wiped. He thought he was lucky to hire the Private Adviser born in the Jingzhao Munic.i.p.ality as he a.s.sumed office. He hadn't been in the Jingzhao Munic.i.p.ality for so long and couldn't try to know such a scandal after he came back. How could he know that if Zuo Licen didn't tell him?

“Then the Wei Family went to question the Song Family!” Zuo Licen sighed, “Madam Liu was aborted by someone when they were arguing. But they didn't let her go because of her innocent fetus! So after the Song Family discussed with the Liu Family, Madam Liu was drown in a pig's cage to clear the family's reputation!”

Ban Yanxiu finally understood, “Although Madam Liu is not virtuous, she is Liu Zhenxi's sister. It's no wonder that Liu Zhenxi supports Qiu Shuxia!”

Then he frowned again, “Even if I don't know the personal feud between Liu Zhenxi and Madam Song, I will know that Qiu Shuxia wants to drag Duke of Yan down by sending the case to the Ministry of Punishments. But the question is that they are all relatives of royal family. I'm only a mayor and can't offend either of them!”

Everyone knew Jian Xubai was the apple of the Empress Dowager's eye. Emperor Xianjia regarded him as his own son. Although he was held as a hostage in Wuhuan more than five years, the Emperor still liked him and let him be the Director of the Bureau of Military Appointments, which was the most lucrative job in the Ministry of War!

But Qiu Shuxia was also very n.o.ble. In the past few months, he had impeached Jian Xubai many times. If he were ordinary, he would be sent to a desolate place to spend the rest of his life. How could he still be the Director in the Ministry of Rituals?

“Qiu Shuxia is the uncle of Duke of Yan!” Ban Yanxiu was confused, “As Her Majesty the Empress Dowager's nephew, Qiu Shuxia is also the only son of the Qiu Family and the cousin of Jinguo Grand Princess! What does he think? He has impeached his nephew for months. Seeing His Highness ignoring him, he doesn't tread a fine line and even creates difficulties to his nephew secretly!”

But he couldn't drag the Yamen of the Jingzhao Munic.i.p.ality down!

How terrible he was!

“Here's the point!” Zuo Licen said seriously, “Master, please think about it. Director Qiu is Duke of Yan's uncle. Isn't it absurd that he gives his nephew problem many times? Wuhuan made use of hostages to force Great Rui to retreat and cede territory. Who doesn't know that Wuhuan was egged by the heir of Marquis Fuyang? Duke of Yan was only 11 years old at that time and was trapped by his cousin! They are all nephews of Director Qiu. Even if Director Qiu wants to place righteousness above family loyalty because of it, he should aim at the heir of Marquis Fuyang instead of Duke of Yan!”

Ban Yanxiu muttered, “Other officials also discuss about it… Many people think that maybe Duke of Yan has offended Qiu Shuxia.”

“How could it be?” Zuo Licen shook his head repeatedly, “Duke of Yan inherited the t.i.tle when he was 5 years old and then he was raised by Her Majesty the Empress Dowager in the Palace of Mingren. When he went out of the palace occasionally, palace servants would accompany him to Jinguo Grand Princess's mansion to see his family. He never visited the Qiu Family. Director Qiu might come across him when he paid respects to Her Majesty in the Palace of Mingren!”

But its probability was low. Even if they met each other, what could Qiu Shuxia talk with young Jian Xubai at that time? Qiu Shuxia might just make a few polite remarks because of the Empress Dowager! Besides, how could Jian Xubai offend his uncle in front of the Empress Dowager?

What's more, if they had a conflict in front of the Empress Dowager, the Empress Dowager must mediate.

If Jian Xubai offended him before he was 5 years old, Qiu Shuxia couldn't be still angry with him because he was Jian Xubai's uncle. Otherwise Qiu Shuxia would be so narrow-minded!

Therefore, it was not a reasonable conjecture that Qiu Shuxia aimed at Jian Xubai especially due to private resentment!

“Then what do you mean?” Ban Yanxiu asked. He became number four in national civil examinations when he was young. Without elders to help him, he just used more than ten years to be the third-rank official. Although he was lucky, he also had knowledge and ability. But he couldn't realize the overall situation well. So he needed private advisers to help him.

Zuo Licen reminded him at this time, “Don't you forget how Director Qiu's only son died?”

Qiu Shuxia was the only son of the Qiu Family. So the Empress Dowager stood Qiu Shuxia's provocation to Jian Xubai, although the Empress Dowager loved Jian Xubai so much.

After all, even if the Empress Dowager liked her grandson, she couldn't let her family have no offspring.

However, Qiu Shuxia had a son who died three years ago. The reason was very simple. His son was a concubine's child and always weak. So his birth mother was allowed to look after him. But his birth mother was proud of it and dared to despise the mistress, which made Qiu Shuxia angry. He sold her to a remote place. As a result, the son wasn't in a mood to eat and became weaker because he missed his birth mother.

In this case, Qiu Shuxia's people and first official wife all persuaded him to buy the concubine back for his son.

But Qiu Shuxia disagreed, “How can I break the pecking order for a kid?”

When his son was dying, his wife was so worried and knelt down to sob, “It's filial duties to have offspring! Now you only have a son. Although his birth mother is rude, she must know the lesson after she leaves her son. Please let his birth mother come back for the future of our family!”

But Qiu Shuxia said, “According to the succession rules of princes in the former Yong Dynasty, concubine's son isn't regarded as an inheritor. In fact, I have no legitimate son, which means I have no offspring. So just put the life of concubine's son in the hands of G.o.d! As for his lowly birth mother, she despises the mistress just because of her son. How ill-behaved she is! Her son misses her so much. It's good that she is sold far away. If she comes back, her son will be influenced by her! I would rather him die young to protect the Qiu Family's reputation if he is rude and arrogant!”

As expected, his son died soon after he said that.

Qiu Shuxia was almost 50 years old without any brothers and nephews. He especially took law and discipline rite seriously because he managed the Minister of Rituals. But in order to emphasize the pecking order, he did nothing when his only son died of sadness. Some officials didn't agree with his indifferent behaviors.


Qiu Shuxia never regretted and was proud of it. He thought what he did was to support orthodoxies because he didn't break rituals for personal considerations!

He was standing at the top of morality and looking down at everyone!

“Concubine's son isn't regarded as an inheritor…” Ban Yanxiu was not stupid and realized it soon after his Private Adviser reminded him. He couldn't help standing up and put his hands behind his back. He walked back and forth in the room and then said suddenly, “Do you mean that Qiu Shuxia didn't aim at Duke of Yan but the Crown Prince?”

In the va.s.sal states of the former dynasty, only legitimate sons could inherit. Without legitimate sons, the va.s.sal states would disappear even if there were many concubines' sons.

“Director Qiu compares him with the va.s.sal states of the former Yong Dynasty. He won't change his mind even if he has no offspring, which shows his determination to maintain law and discipline rite!” Zuo Licen sighed, “Different from normal families, the royal family must have a successor even if there is no legitimate son. But the question is that the present Crown Prince isn't the legitimate son! And His Majesty has legitimate sons! Obviously, Director Qiu insists that the n.o.ble and legitimate son should be the inheritor even if the son is not competent.”

It meant that in Director Qiu's view, the Empress's son, Prince of Zhao, should be the crown prince reasonably!

“I only know that Daiguo Grand Princess asks for support for Prince of Wei these days, which will cause such a stir all over the country.” Ban Yanxiu couldn't help sighing, “But I didn't expect that since the beginning of the year, Qiu Shuxia had aimed at Duke of Yan who was close to the Crown Prince. The political situation will be unstable soon!”

Zuo Licen said in a deep voice, “So I don't want you to transfer the case to Vice Minister Liu! His Majesty is liberal to Daiguo Grand Princess and Director Qiu. When they go beyond the limits, His Majesty may not blame them. But you are only an official! How can you interfere in such a big trouble rashly?”

“Will I offend Qiu Shuxia?” Ban Yanxiu was a little worried, “He even dares to create difficulties to Duke of Yan. If he aims at me…”

“Master!” Zuo Licen said seriously, “The case is sent to the Yamen of the Jingzhao Munic.i.p.ality first. You accept it, catch people and investigate according to the regulations. But the Director in the Ministry of Rituals oversteps his authority to interfere in it. Even if His Majesty asks you about it, you can say confidently that you do nothing wrong, right?”

The Point was, “Although it seems that two Princes are fighting to be the successor, the Eastern Palace has its owner. It's not sure who will be the future emperor. But now, it's reasonable that we should treat the Crown Prince better than two Princes!”

From ancient times to the present, the crown prince was the n.o.blest of all princes!

Were Prince of Wei and Prince of Zhao angry? They were just princes at present!

They didn't live in the Eastern Palace!

If they became the crown prince, not only Ban Yanxiu who was just a mayor, but all officials in this country would change their att.i.tudes towards them!

“Although His Majesty allows Prince of Wei and Prince of Zhao to have a try, His Majesty never shows his intention to abolish the Crown Prince! Few officials show their att.i.tudes clearly. How can you make known your position now?” Zuo Licen persuaded, “It will be terrible if you enrage His Majesty!”

At the beginning, Emperor Xianjia thought he couldn't live long. So in order to let the Crown Prince have high prestige, Emperor Xianjia used fierce methods to deal with the thing about the Eastern Palace!

Thinking of his unfortunate colleagues, Ban Yanxiu trembled suddenly. If he trod in their fatal footsteps, he would have no chance of promotion and even die!

“Besides, the Crown Prince is always kind and has a good relations.h.i.+p with His Majesty because His Majesty raised him in person! Although the Crown Prince is not the legitimate son, he may not lose his position. If the Crown Prince becomes the emperor in the future, what should you do at that time?”

“But if Prince of Zhao ascends the throne, how can he blame you in public for your devotion to your duties? At that time, the worst consequence for you is to retire!”

“Master, please consider about it again!”

Before pondering, Ban Yanxiu had made a decision firmly, “I will refuse Liu Zhenxi soon!”

“Wait!” Zuo Licen hurriedly stopped him, “You make an excuse that your son falls into a pond when playing. So you go to the back hall and let Vice Minister Liu stay in the drawing room alone. How can't you change your clothes to see Vice Minister Liu after seeing your son?”

“You are right!” Ban Yanxiu shook his sleeves awkwardly and said, “Let's go together. If he plagues me, you can back me up to persuade him!”

The Reborn Girl's Path To Glory Chapter 95

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