The Wuxia Phone 79 Short Chap, Lol

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In the Hakage tower, you can see Michael, Dog mask Anbu, Sparrow mask Anbu, and the Hakage.

The Hakage is fairly young in appearance. He has yellow eyes, smooth long yellow hair, and jaw-length bangs framing from either side of his face. He is wearing a short-sleeved long white haori over his inside attire, closed in the front by a thin, orange rope. The haori was decorated by red flame-like motifs on the edges, with the kanji for "Fourth Hakage" (四代目ハカゲ Yondaime Hakage) written vertically down the back.

He had a "nice guy" smile on his face and he seems like a very reasonable guy. I mean he has a nice smile on his face.

The Hakage room inside the Hakage tower is a very closed room. Absolutely no one must go inside unless they are checked by the ones guarding the room. Unlike normal rooms that has four walls, the Hakage room is like a circled room. Behind the Hakage desk, which is in the back center of the room, is eight gla.s.s windows. They are 3 centimeters thick and the width is 22 centimeters long. The room is surrounded by diamond woods as the walls of the room.

There was a thick silence inside the room until Michael decided to break it.

"h.e.l.lo, my name is Tatsuya Shoyo" Michael introduced himself politely.

The Hakage smiled and also introduce himself "Hi Tatsuysan, I am the Yondaime Hakage, Hamikaze Rinato" You can hear politeness dripping all over his tone.

The dog masked Anbu coughed and said, "Um, Hakage-sama, this man right here is asking for an audience with you. We are so sorry that we couldn't stop him earlier in the perimeter."

The Hakage waves his hand and said, "Hakas.h.i.+, you don't have to be so polite towards me, you are after all my disciple. And stop him? You can't stop him, he is already more powerful than me."

The dog masked Anbu widens his eyes when he heard the Hakage say that.

'This man right here is stronger than the Hakage!? Impossible! By the way he looks, he's age is just 18! The Hakage is over 400 years old and yet, this kid is stronger than the strongest person in the village!?' Hakas.h.i.+ was shocked.

The Hakage could clearly see Hakas.h.i.+'s shocked face and said, "Don't be shock, Hakas.h.i.+. There are many people who are younger than me, but their strength far exceeds mine."

When Hakas.h.i.+ heard that, he calmed down. He knew that there was no need to be shocked, after all, the world is big, isn't it?

Suddenly, the Hakage's face turned serious and he said, "Now, I want to know why you did this to my soldiers? You took one as a hostage while you knocked out the rest of them except Hakas.h.i.+ here, I want to know why?"

Michael seems to fall into deep thought before going with a simple answer.

Michael looks towards the Hakage's s.h.i.+ny yellow eyes and simply said, "Because it was fun." He smirked arrogantly at the end of his sentence.

Rinato seems to be annoyed by his att.i.tude and he was about to speak to him about it when suddenly, the door to his office opened. It revealed a male wearing a green flat jacket and a standard leggings for ninjas.

He seems to be in a panic because his face seems to be sweating a lot and his eyes were widened due to extreme fear. He is also carrying a black letter covered in red moon design.

"Hakage-sama! Tasogare had just sent us a letter!" He yelled frantically.

The Hakage widens his eyes and shouted with fear in his voice, "What!? That group sent a letter!? Quickly, give me the letter."

The quickly gave home the letter and the Hakage opened it before taking out a folded paper from inside it. He unfolded it before reading its contents.


K*noha, give us the nine-tailed beast or else, we will obliterate your entire village to the ground. I vow upon it.

And remember, we have 13 Ensoulment Level 1-3 Realm Cultivators. You know what WE can do, don't you? Of course, not counting me.


As Rinato finished reading the letter, he gritted his teeth due to anger.

The Tasogare is a group founded by some mysterious man named, Forlorn. Tasogare means Red Dusk, their main goal is to collect all tailed beast in the world. But their power still isn't enough to contend with the large empires, which holds the other tailed beasts.

So, they targeted the villages. The villages are quite weaker than the empires, so they are quite easy to destroy. But they also hold the other 4 tailed beasts. The Nine-Tailed wolf, The One-Tailed Bear, The Six Tailed Spider, and the Two-Tailed Hamster.

The K*nohagakure holds the Nine-Tailed Wolf. That's why the Tasogare seeks to destroy them.

Rinato knows this, but he too knew that it is futile to struggle against them. But still, he still tries to contend against them.

Michael got curious about what he is reading over his chair and he vanishes from his position, only to appear behind Rinato.

The Wuxia Phone 79 Short Chap, Lol

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