GENIUS GIRL 250 Chapter 250: Shock!!!

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Genius 250: 

When Glen arrived at the police station. No one could tell him where Evan was. He found Ken behind the metal cell, sitting with clenched fists and frowning. 

He heard from the police that he started hitting the other police when they couldn't show Evan. Now, he needed to fix Ken issue while looking for Evan. 

He walked towards the cell and shook his head with disappointment. 

Ken got up as well. 

"I can't find Evan. They won't tell me where he is." 

Glen sighed. If the police didn't want to show Evan, they would have thrown them out of the police station. 

"He is here alright. I just don't know if he is still alive." 

Hearing that, Ken gripped the metal cell, "what are you saying?" 

Awe took over Glen's face. Evan was suspected for the murder of the biggest gang lord in the country so he suspected that he was either dead or currently getting beaten up. 

"We need to do something Glen." 

Glen nodded, "I know but what do you think you can do behind the bars?" he said scolding him. Typical Ken, he always let his gangster side to solve the problem. 

"Do you know where Daniella is?" Glen was also worried about her. He had tried contacting the people he knew in the country but no one would dare to help him simply because Kim was involved. 

Ken shook his head. Starting to regret the harsh action that put him behind the cell. 

After Glen fixed all the necessary papers to free Ken, they all waited for the chief of police to arrive. 

Glen got up and approached the chief of police desk. 

"I need to know if Evan Su is alive. Media are waiting for news I am pretty sure your government wouldn't want to have a conflict with ours." 

It was indeed true. Fight between gangs can be controlled if the other party involved was in the same country but if it involved a businessman, it can escalate and could cause a problem financially to the country. 

The chief of police went silent. Then he heaved a sigh and spoke to one of the police in their local language. 

"We brought him to the hospital-" Before the chief could finish, Ken had grabbed his collar and choked him. 

"You hurt him!" he yelled so loudly, veins in his neck popped out while his face has reddened with anger. 

Glen rolled his eyes. He remembered asking Ken to remain outside. 

"Do you want to go back in the cell," he whispered to warn him 

Ken quickly freed the chief, anger still visible in his face. 

The chief fixed his collar. For a moment, he was able to glimpse the afterlife. 

"When we got him, he was already injured," the chief said avoiding Glen's eyes. 

Glen knew that he was lying but if he was to say a word, he could be sued for false accusation. 

"Just bring us to him please," he politely said. He was in a different country, he realized that it would be better to talk to them nicely. 

"There is a process Mr Hei. We can let you see him now but we can't let him go." 


Inside of the room filled with medical machines, Jared put down Daniella on the bed. His trusted doctor Lewis came and checked Daniella's situation." 

"We didn't put so much but her body reacted this way." 

Jared clenched Lewis's collar and looked at him with fiery eyes. 

"I need her Lewis. She's the only one who can help me get my family back." 

He pushed him until they reached the wall. His eyes were all red with anger. 

"Can you cure her?" he said. 

When Lewis lowered his head and shook it, Jared felt his world crumbling. He squatted on the ground and pulled his hair hardly. It was not his plan, killing her was not part of the plan. 

There was simply no heartbeat. No breathing and no life from Daniella's body. 

The place has turned into a silent and cold room. Lewis and Jared were both sitting with regrets on the floor. 

Then they heard faint giggles. When the looked up, they saw Daniella looking at them with a smirk on her face. 

"Do you really think you can kill me so easily like that?" 

Jared got up. His face turned pale as he looked at the heart machine, there was no heartbeat even though the wire was attached on Daniella's chest. 

"How are you alive?" he asked with shaking voice. How could one get up and act casually when her heart was no longer beating. 

Daniella got up. 

"You didn't do enough research about me. You kind of disappointed, Jared," she shook her head as she approached him. 

"Or shall I call you Brent McSalter," and with that, Daniella took a syringe and pinned it on the doctor's neck. 

"By the way. I have seen your sister. Quite a cute girl, so fitted to be a queen." 

The doctor fell with a thud while Jared stayed rooted in his spot looking so shocked. 

"You didn't have a heartbeat. I saw it." 

Daniella nodded. She lowered her head to look at her chest where the tranquillizer dart landed, "all my life, death chases me so I found a way to deceive it. You see. I can control my own heartbeat. My own breathing. I can even pretend dead for hours." she grabbed his collar and dragged him all the way to the bed. She sat on it and patted the s.p.a.ce next to her. 

"It's time for us to chat Jared but first tell the police to release Evan." 

Jared took his phone out. He dialled the chief number and asked him to release Evan 

"I am sorry boss but he is in the hospital right now." 

Daniella could hear it when she leaned closer to eavesdropped while slowly Jared's face blanched. 

"Give me your phone," Daniella spoke in a very calm voice. 

Jared handed it obediently. He watched as her fingers tapped the screen of his phone so quickly. 

When she handed it back, the screen was showing a timer. 

"Ten minutes," Daniella said in a cold voice. 

Their eyes meet, while hers was cold, Jared was full of confusion. 

"For what?" he asked. 

"Ten minutes before a missile will hit the city where your family is living." 

Jared confusedly switched his sight to the phone and Daniella. Hesitating whether she was bluffing or not. 

"This can't be," he murmured. 

Daniella scoffed, "You just saw me walking with no heartbeat. Do you think I am bluffing? You hurt Evan so I am going to kill your entire family. After this. I will get out of this country and bomb it." 

Jared shook his head. His hand shook with anxiety. What can he do now? Evan was already hurt. What else can he do? 

Upon thinking of his last resort, Jared handed her a phone. 

Then he took the picture of Kierry out of his coat and handed it to her. 

"Help me and I will give you all the information I know about Kierry." 

Daniella looked down at the photo and immediately, her jaw dropped upon seeing Kierry. 

"If I find out that this picture is fake. I will make a tiny missile and shove down to your throat." 

GENIUS GIRL 250 Chapter 250: Shock!!!

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