The Grand Elementalist 27 The Great Regre

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Ryūsei: Have someone who I can rely on...

Ryūs.h.i.+: It's true, You will play a major part in ending Quintela's reign, The burden is heavy but have someone to share the same burden you're carrying.

Ryūsei: But we're a Crowned Dragon..... We're supposed to carry this great burden. We're the people who everyone relies on.

Ryūs.h.i.+: That maybe true, People do rely on us Crown Dragons. But we Crowned Dragons also have people who we can rely on.

Ryūsei: Including you Ryūs.h.i.+???

Ryūs.h.i.+: Of course, Me, Your Grandfather Aras.h.i.+, Faith Yin and even Akas.h.i.+no.

We all had people who we rely on in the times of need.

Ryūsei: Wait even Akas.h.i.+no??!!!

Ryūs.h.i.+: Surprised??? Yes even Akas.h.i.+no relied on every Elementalist who partic.i.p.ated in the war against Quintela a long time.

Now Ryūsei, Do you have someone who you can rely on??

Ryūsei: I Don't know.... But I'll take your advice. I'm still weak.... I'm in last place-

Ryūs.h.i.+: Even though you're in last place, I'm proud Ryūsei, You did your best even knowing though the odds were slim.

Ryūsei: Who knew Violet was that powerful, The weird way she combine the spells, The way she has more than 1 Elemental Art. Even using my ability was pointless.

Ryūs.h.i.+: It wasn't at all pointless, Violet had already mastered the Synthesis Art that your Grandfather Aras.h.i.+ taught her.

Ryūsei: Synthesis Art????

Ryūs.h.i.+: Remember when I told you that when you cast spells, The spell is divided into 3 division. The Magic Damage, The Drawback of the Spell and the Spell Effects.

Ryūsei: Yeah and with Divine Protection, We're immune to the spell effects.

Ryūs.h.i.+: Just like spells, Our Elemental Arts are also divided into divisions.

Ryūsei: Divisions??

Ryūs.h.i.+: You clearly don't listen to your much do you??

Ryūsei: It's not my fault get boring.....

Ryūs.h.i.+: Elemental Arts are divided into 6 Divisions,

We have our Pure Elemental Art which regular Elementalist use for example a Fire-based Elementalist using a pure fire spell.

Dragon Art which we Dragon Sages use where we combine our Elemental Art with Dragon Energy.

Synergy Art is a rare for an Elementalist to use this art, the only Elementalist capable of doing this is the 1st Grand Elementalist, Akas.h.i.+no.

Ryūsei: Why what does Synergy Art do??

Ryūs.h.i.+: Synergy Art is a special type of art in which an Elementalist combines 2 or more Elemental Arts to create a new Elemental Art.

If there is Synergy then there is also Synthesis, Synthesis Art is a type of art in which an Elementalist combines 2 or more spells to create a fusion-based spell. Violet Ryūgū commonly uses this type of art.

Next up is Demon Art, A type of art in which the Demons who embody magic use...

Ryūsei: What's the last one???

Ryūs.h.i.+: The last one is a forbidden art in which must never be use in the Elemental World ever again.

Ryūsei: Why?? Is it really that dangerous??

Ryūs.h.i.+: The forbidden art is known as Chaos Art, It's a forbidden type of art in which an Elementalist combines his/her own Elemental Art with Chaos Energy.

Ryūsei: Is Chaos Art really that dangerous???

Ryūs.h.i.+: Yes, As this forbidden art is a gateway to death, It's the bridge between the Demonic Art and our pure Elemental Art. This forbidden art was discovered and used by none other Stella s.h.i.+tetsu, Akas.h.i.+no's wife.

Chaos art is a type of art in which the user combines his/her own Elemental Art with Chaos energy making the Elemental Art more chaotic and powerful.

Ryūsei: Then why is it forbidden?? It's sounds so cool to use it-

Ryūs.h.i.+: Ryūsei... Chaos Art is a double edge sword..... It's dangerous for both the user and the one who's fighting the user. If a person absorbs the Chaos Energy and there body can't handle it... They'll be petrified and their bodies will forever be turned to stone...

Ryūsei: You don't mean.....

Ryūs.h.i.+: That's right, If an Elementalist manages to somehow expose themselves to Chaos energy..... They'll be turned to stone forever. Even the user is a threat as if he/she is in a weak state and he/she manages to use this art....

He/She will petrify himself/herself. Also the more you use this art the more your mind will be lost as this art also takes a great toll on our minds.

As this art can lead as to insanity.

Ryūsei: Is there anyone alive who uses this art??

Ryūs.h.i.+: Why are you asking??

Ryūsei: I mean if Chaos art is that dangerous then the users of this art is a great threat to the Elemental World.

Ryūs.h.i.+: You don't have to worry, The last user of Chaos Art was sealed centurion ago.....

Ryūsei: You don't mean that... Ryūs.h.i.+....

Ryūs.h.i.+: Quintela s.h.i.+ori is the last remaining user of Chaos Art.....

Ryūsei: Ryūs.h.i.+ are you okay???

Ryūs.h.i.+: Ryūsei, It's about time you know what threat you'll be dealing with someday.

••• Suddenly a warp gate opened besides Ryūsei •••

Ryūs.h.i.+: Get in

••• Ryūsei and Ryūs.h.i.+ then entered inside the warp gate •••

Ryūsei: Where are we???

Ryūs.h.i.+: We're at the Dragon's Valley...

Ryūsei: Wait isn't Dragon's Valley a forbidden place for Elementalist.

Ryūs.h.i.+: It is.... Do you know why??

Ryūsei: No, I heard it from my father once that I should never go to this place.

Ryūs.h.i.+: Ryūsei, I want you to take a look around

••• Ryūsei then looks around and sees hundreds of Elementalist, Plants and Demons petrified •••

Ryūsei: Ryūs.h.i.+.... what happened here???....

Ryūs.h.i.+: This is the impact of what Chaos Art can do to the Elemental World.

Ryūsei: You mean Quintela did this??

Ryūs.h.i.+: Yes, Hundreds of years ago...

During the war, We had Quintela cornered with her Demons here on Dragon's Valley..... But.... that's what we thought as that's the first and last time she used Chaos Art..... She released an explosion of Chaos Energy and the ones who were caught within the explosion were petrified instantly.

This is the great regret I'm carrying.....

The lives I could've save.... I watch them helpless as there bodies turned to stone.

This tragedy right here is a reminder to what Chaos Art can do to the Elemental World.... Ryūsei.....don't make the same mistake as we did hundreds of years ago.....

Ryūsei: Is there any way we can reverse the effect of Chaos Art???

Ryūs.h.i.+: Sadly no.... We even tried Jikan's time reversal spell and sadly it didn't do anything..... as there is still no way to purify even Chaos itself.

Ryūsei: There is something that still bothers me....

Ryūs.h.i.+: What is it???

Ryūsei: You said Stella s.h.i.+tetsu was the one who discovered it..... Does that mean she....

Ryūs.h.i.+: Stella s.h.i.+tetsu used Chaos Art to protect the Kingdom. It was Quintela who used the art to destroy the world.

Ryūsei, I want you to keep this tragedy a secret.

Ryūsei: Does anyone else know about this??

Ryūs.h.i.+: Only the Crowned Dragons and a few Elementalist from the Sage Council know about this including your father.

Ryūsei: Why do we have to keep this hidden??

Ryūs.h.i.+: Here in the current Elemental World there is only 5 division for the Elemental Art known to the public as Chaos Art was erased from Elemental World but the scars it left behind had a huge impact in the Elemental World.

If word got out about Chaos Art, Then Elementalist would find ways to revive the forbidden art and the Kingdom and Elementalist that live there would be in danger once more.

Ryūsei: Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.... It's best to keep this a secret from everyone.

Ryūs.h.i.+: We should probably head back, It's getting a little late.

Ryūsei: Yeah, They might get too worried if we aren't home by sundown.

Ryūs.h.i.+: Can you wait here a second

••• Ryūs.h.i.+ then approaches the people who were petrified during the war •••

Ryūs.h.i.+: Hey Guys... It's me???....

Don't worry about the Elemental World...

I promise till my final breath I'll protect the world you traded your lives for??

••• Ryūs.h.i.+ then approaches Ryūsei •••

Ryūs.h.i.+: Sorry to keep you waiting

Ryūsei: It's alright, I kinda understand.

••• A warp gate then opens and Ryūsei and Ryūs.h.i.+ entered the gate and soon as they entered they arrived at the castle •••

••• As soon as they arrive they went inside and they saw Yuki, s.h.i.+zen, Shadow, Kayosha, Catherine, Kasai, Sora, Jikan, King Yogan and Violet eating at the table •••

Ryūsei: D-D-Dad you're here and you to miss Violet.

Violet: That's Aunt Violet, Ryūsei.

I'll forgive you this time since you don't know yet.

Ryūsei: W-W-Wait!!! You're my aunt!!!

The Grand Elementalist 27 The Great Regre

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