The Blackened Male God Always Wants To Set A Routine For Me Chapter 177

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Published at 20th of May 2020 09:05:25 PM
Chapter 177

Then Quan Ci approached closer to her again, his voice dull .

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“You also said that you have liked me for a long time . ”

Su Yan pulled a corner of her clothes .

With little effort, the man picked up Su Yan and walked to the dining table in the living room and set down Su Yan on it .

He hugged Su Yan’s waist in one hand and unfastened Su Yan’s clothes with the other .

His eyes were dark, and his peach blossom eyes were slightly curved, giving out a great temptation .

He asked in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Do you want it?”

Su Yan swallowed her saliva subconsciously .

“I don’t . ”

The words had just barely been spoken before a certain someone kissed her again, blocking her words .

Now, Su Yan was completely thrown on the table .

The two kissed fiercely, and her clothes were messy and crumpled .

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Quan Ci’s dark eyes stared at Su Yan, whose face was red and eyes were watery, for a while .

He himself most likely didn’t expect that this little pillow could have such a fatal attraction for himself .

He was attracted, unable to resist .

It just took a few seconds, and the choice was made .

He held her and walked to the second floor bedroom .

It’s impossible to resist .

She could only be eaten completely .

After some time, Su Yan was stripped clean of her clothes and the two were naked .

Xiaohua was still trembling with fright .

This moment… well, I’m shy .

Soon, ambiguous noises came from inside the room .

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The moon shyly his behind the clouds . The night was long .

When Su Yan woke up the next day, it was already noon .

Her hungry stomach growled, and she sat up . No one else was in the room .

She got off the bed, and when she made contact with the ground, her legs trembled and she almost fell .

There were traces all over her body, and blue and purple marks on her wrists and waist .

He was too strong last night, almost crazy . He didn’t control his strength and made the marks particularly obvious .

Su Yan sat beside the bed, chaotically wrapped in sheets .

Everything happened so fast that her brain was unable to keep up .

How did they roll in the sheets last night?

She even accepted him .

Xiaohua couldn’t help saying, “Host, wow . ”

Su Yan licked her lips .

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“Xiaohua . ”


“I’m feeling a little strange . ”

“What’s wrong?”

Su Yan looked at the red raindrop-shaped crystal bracelet on her wrist .

She reached out and touched it .

The tyrannical breath on Quan Ci’s body was very heavy, even though he was wearing such a beautiful skin and talking with a smile .

But when they first met, she felt it .

She doesn’t like negative things– paranoid killing and extreme tyranny .

It was most likely because she became to Lord G.o.d, and all these extreme and negative things stood opposite of her .

Either ignore it or kill it .

For such a person, her heart will have a sense of rejection and disgust .

But when it comes to Quan Ci, no .

She likes to be with him and sleep together . When he kisses her, she feels comfortable .

Why is it like this?

Is it because when they first met, she knew that they were the same person, so she believed than Quan Ci wouldn’t hurt her?

She looked at the bracelet on her wrist .

Xiaohua saw its host staring at the bracelet again and asked, “Host, you aren’t thinking of that child again, are you?”

It calculated it carefully . The kid should have grown up by now .

It’s host shouldn’t like that kid… right?

Xiaohua wanted to gossip, and it couldn’t help asking, “Host, do you prefer that child or the male lead?”

Su Yan fiddled with the ruby on her wrist and quietly murmured, “They have always been the same person . ”

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The Blackened Male God Always Wants To Set A Routine For Me Chapter 177

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