A Different Kind Of Journey 23 Arc 2: The Search

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Take note: I will be going with the Canon storyline with a few twist and a different perspective.

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Arc 2

Chapter 10: The Search Begins

The streams in the forest can be considered a place where you can calm your mind, as well as any thoughts or ideas that are running through your mind. By just hearing the sounds of the streams, it will take you to a place where there is no chaos, fights, just serenity and peace. Maybe that's why for one Itachi Uchiha, he came here all by himself and observed the following streams as he walked through the ever darkening forest.

It can now be considered to say that everything was over. The extraction was complete and another Jinchurikki can be now crossed on the list. He really had no choice but to just watched the whole thing unfold. The Akatsuki's goal was very simple, which was to acquire all the tailed beast's and once they achieved the main goal, world peace could now be achieved according to the main benefactor of the organization.

Itachi had seen enough craziness in his recent lifetime, but this one was the craziest of them all so far. Even the rest of the members can be now considered crazy but they have different goals altogether and he can't be that judgemental.

It was really quiet in this area. He could only hear the sound of the rustling of trees because of the strong wind. It was a peaceful, but empty atmosphere. He considered this being the closest to being alone. Itachi wondered the possibility of what if his family was still alive today and none of this ever happened. Would he be a sensei of a genin team or a captain of an ANBU team? Or would he still be sweeping the dust at the gates of the compound?

Itachi could only smile. He remembered the good old days when everything was still the way he wanted. Especially, a certain girl that he would considered the love of his life, Izumi. How he recalled the times where they would really spend time together and along with a infant Sasuke who would always cry whenever he is around the girl.

A small tear fell from the Uchiha's eyes. He really wanted to see her again. But that would be impossible right at this moment. He doesn't have the power to bring the dead back to life. From that moment on, he realized that he was all alone and there was no turning back. He could almost blamed himself for the ma.s.sacre but he then suddenly remembered the words from a certain raven haired girl back in the leaf village.

Itachi wondered about this girl, It really feels like he had met her before, even though he didn't.

When she laid his eyes on her, She reminded him of his little brother but he really doesn't know the reason why. Although, he suddenly felt very overprotective of her as if she was a member of the family. He coincidently commented about her being his niece in the future but somehow it was all coming together. He began to realized the girl will play an important role in the future. He just can't figured it out yet.

As time pa.s.sed by, Itachi a thought came to the latter that maybe he should really quit the organization and start a new life with a new ident.i.ty. He was really sick and tired of seeing chaos and death, but he had no choice but to stick around for awhile, even though there is lot of people that cannot be trusted within and outside the group. Sometimes he would feel that he was being watched by someone and when he turned around there was no one there.

He knew that only Zetsu would do such a thing but he knew that can easily tracked him down but that was a long time ago and recently he felt that this was much different.

He wasn't sure who or what kind of thing was watching him or maybe monitoring his moves. He feared that his secret was discovered but it was too early to a.s.sumed. He tried to remember the exact details when he had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of this person watching him from behind the scenes.

The area around him was eerily quiet and it was starting to get really suspicious as his paranoia crept up on him. Itachi suddenly felt a presence somewhere around his area, he then described the presence as a not malevolent or benevolent thing but somewhat neutral. Then a thought came into Itachi, this was his chance to see who that person was by using his sharingan.

As he was about to make his move, a mysterious female voice then suddenly interrupted the eerie silence and he instantly felt a chill run down through his body. The source of the voice was behind him.

"Do you really want to see her again?" The mysterious voice said.

Itachi widened his eyes in shocked as he then immediately drew his Kunai, he then turned around to face a certain blue skinned man and it was none other than his partner, Kisame.

"Kisame!?" Itachi exclaimed. He didn't expect the latter would be here and the female voice definitely did not belong to him.

Kisame widened his eyes shocked. He was just going to asked his partner whether they will proceed with the mission and now he found himself being almost struck in the throat by his friend. "Hey, it's me Itachi! What the heck has gotten into you!?" He asked.

Itachi, realizing that it was only his partner, released the kunai from his throat. He thought that he was really the one that was following him around. "I apologized Kisame-san." He apologized to his partner.

Kisame then gave him a weird look. "Itachi, if this about not visiting your village then you can go there and have tea as many times as you want." He said as if his life depended on it. Seriously, what has gotten to him lately?

On the other hand, Itachi just sighed. "So what's the mission details again?" He asked. He seemed to forgot all about it because of him hanging around with too many thoughts.

Kisame sighed. This was the third time that he was gonna explained the mission details to him yet again. He wondered if there was really something bothering his friend. He really did look gloomy, probably even more than normal recently or maybe it was just his imagination?

As for Itachi himself, he darted his eyes around the surroundings behind his friend, and then suddenly caught a glimpse of a human figure that quickly disappeared in just a blink of an eye.

Just who was that person?


"These strange voices had been bothering me recently. It seemed that they are telling me something and I can't even detect them.



It was really a great time for a certain Hanabi Hyuuga. This mission that she intentionally joined was very much worth it show off her skills but the main reason that she joined was to look after her big cousin, who was also the member of the famous Team 8. She had to admit that it was not an easy task of joining this mission.

She had to really get the approval of the Lady Hokage herself. In fact when it comes to the Fifth Hokage, they already knew the secret regarding the trio who came from the future and she explained to her that she needed to join this mission because a certain lavender-haired girl inspired her to be closer to her family and of course looked after her big cousin, who could potentially do something idiotic.

Now, the Hyuuga girl found herself with the rest of the guys in this mission and this was actually her first major mission as a s.h.i.+n.o.bi herself. Who would've thought that they were gonna rescue the Kazekage and kick some Akatsuki b.u.t.t.

The only problem right now is his big cousin who obviously seemed to be bothered and annoyed that she was here in this mission. She then found herself in a peaceful area in the forest and was staring at the latter, who was just sitting by a tree and appeared to be in deep thought.

Apparently, they were only ones in the area while, the rest of the team were busy talking to the village's scout which was a talking cute pug known as "Pakkun."

Hanabi gave the latter a frown and a sighed. "Hey, big cousin if I were you, I would be listening to mission details with the rest of the team." She explained. She was just trying to motivate her big cousin to be more attentive in this mission.

On the other hand, Neji was just silent. He just really just didn't want to talk to his little cousin right now. In truth, he was really disappointed with himself that he didn't manage to convince her to stay in the village because it was safe there.

On the other hand, Hanabi was getting annoyed. She was talking to the air and not to her big cousin. It reached to a point where she really had to do something to bring her big cousin back to reality. There was silence in the area so she really was responsible for breaking the silence by smacking her big cousin on the head thus bringing him back to earth.

"Hey what was that for?" Neji asked. He was automatically brought back to reality as he rubbed his head to make the pain go away.

Hanabi gave a stern looked." That's for bringing you back to your senses." She explained as she put her hands on her hips.


"Whenever Neji is feeling down or depressed, I always give him a proper smack on the head or else he'll won't talk to anyone.


"Now tell me, what seems to be problem?" Hanabi asked. She just wanted some real answers from her big cousin.

"Alright, you wanna know the answer?" Neji said. He then stood up from the gra.s.sy ground.

"The truth is that I'm disappointed with myself that I'm not that enough to protect you and Hinata. You should've stayed in the village" He blurted out the real reason why he was like that.

Hanabi gave him a surprised look. She did not really expect that he would answer her like that. She was shocked that her big cousin did not have faith in himself.

"I'm just afraid that I might fail to protect you since this is the first time you are in the mission with me," Neji added. He would go on to explain that he was really doubting himself and his ability to protect his little cousin in this mission. He was just afraid that something might happen to her.

Hanabi could only sigh. She was really at a loss for words right now. The only thing that she can do was to just engulf her big cousin in a warm embrace.

Neji was surprised about the sudden hug by the latter. Why would she have hugged him in the first place? All he did was complain and doubt himself up.

As for Hanabi, she just kept the hug for a little while." Neji please listen to me, You don't have to doubt yourself." She explained while the latter was a bit surprised of her answer.

"No matter what you do or whatsoever, I'm still proud of you and I'm very grateful that you are here to protect me and big sis." Hanabi added. She would go on to explained that, self-doubting can only lead you to your doomed. Instead, why not just moved on and proved yourself that you are a worth.

"Because I believed in you, and don't ever forget that." Hanabi said. She was sure that this was enough for the latter to realized that he was not useless.

With her cousin's motivational support, Neji felt like he was born again. He then made a promise to himself that starting from now he will not doubt himself anymore and will strive to protect his family and especially Hanabi in this mission.


"Hanabi is really at best talking someone out of their senses, especially for deep-thought people like me."


At the same time, a certain brown haired teen entered the scene was shocked to find the two cousins hugging each other. "Am I interrupting something?" Tenten asked which broke the silence.

The two quickly had let go of each other and turned to the latter. Neji was just quiet and looking down while Hanabi could only give a smile." Well, no actually, in fact, I just made my cousin feel like he was born again, that's all." She explained.

Tenten just sighed. "Well, just to let you guys know that the Akatsuki hideout has been finally located, so we'll be leaving in a few minutes time." She explained.

The two cousins then glanced back at each other. The hideout has been just discovered and this meant that they were only a few steps away from engaging in a possible battle.


"Man, You've got to be kidding me."

Boruto scratched his head in frustration. He surveyed his surroundings and only to be greeted by the neverending trees that stood in his way. He also wondered if he was going to the right direction or maybe they needed to take the other route? It was just really confusing at the moment.

"Uhmm, Nii-chan are we lost?" The voice of his little sister asked.

"Boruto do you really know where are we going?" The voice of his Uchiha teammate then asked.

The blonde teen sighed. He turned back to face the two girls who were visibly waiting for an answer. Himawari was a bit concerned while Sarada was giving him the looks that he considered a knife in the heart.

"I'm not really sure about this guys but I think we're kind lost somewhere around the forest." The blonde teen explained. He just gave up and told the truth much to the disappointed looks of the two girls.

Apparently, when the team left the Sand Village to begin the search, they were then again met by the vast forest and along the way, the time travelling trio found themselves somehow separated from the main group and it was complete b.u.mmer right now. Since Boruto took up the mantle of leading the two girls to the right way, they instead found themselves in the middle of nowhere.

Boruto felt a little bit guilty for being taking up the responsibility but of course, he was just a human, he was not a perfect person, he too has flaws. But he promised to himself and the two girls that he will find a way out of this forest.

As for the two girls, they just chose to looked at the brighter side. With Himawari just believing in her big brother's ability to find a way out while Sarada choosing to help the blonde to find a way out instead of complaining.

It took them about less than 20 minutes to find a way out and in fact, they did really found themselves heading in the right, but different direction. When they were only a small distance away from the sounds and slight light, they could finally see an opening, and there was this wide-open field.

"Finally! Dattebasa!" Boruto exclaimed. He just thanked himself, his Uchiha teammate and his little sister for teaming up right now and this was their reward for their hard work.

Although, all that excitement and celebration immediately turned into caution. There was an eerie silence that took over at the moment. The trio then quickly felt two powerful presence in that wide open field. As they finally took the steps towards their destination, they could also feel the atmosphere changing.

Boruto instructed, the two girls to get behind him and get ready in any case of a possible danger and by the time, they finally reached the area, their eyes widened in shock as they soon discovered that two Akatsuki members were on that open field and they were sitting on some rock formation as if they were in some kind of meditation and trance.

"What in the world!?" Boruto almost exclaimed loudly but he managed to calmed himself down. He then turned to the girls who were pretty much shocked just like him.

"Nii-chan, what are we gonna do?" Himawari asked her big brother.

"Don't worry Himchan, We're gonna find a way." Boruto replied back. His mind was now thinking of a way to handle this current situation.

As for Sarada, she immediately recognized that one Akatsuki member sitting in the rock. She was so sure that was her Uncle who now donned the infamous Akatsuki outfit.

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"I thought it was Uncle Itachi, and as I got a closer look, It was definitely him with his partner. The question is... What they were doing there?"


Not too far from where the time travelling trio, there was now an ongoing battle between the forces of Team 7 and Itachi himself. The only the problem is that they were all unaware that they were only fighting an illusion.

The team also found themselves having a very difficult time facing the latter because he was indeed an S rank nin. Kakas.h.i.+ secretly showered his frustration as he and his team clashed in a mental battle with him.

He was the trickiest person that he ever fought. He could only hope that they could get through him and defeat him. He had full confidence and belief in his students that they could hold their own against him.

Although, he wondered on what has become with the three rookies, they were separated from the main team along the way. So he sent a clone to search for the trio.

"I hope that they're alright."


"I'm really a terrible captain to be honest, How could I lost three rookies while hurrying through the forest? It was a simple task given by Lady Hokage and I failed it. (Sighs)


As for the two Hyuuga cousins, they also found themselves in a similar situation. Apparently, The team had b.u.mped into the former member of the Seven Swordsmen of the mist and currently an Akatsuki member, Kisame Hos.h.i.+gaki.

The battle started for not too long as the team clashed with the blue skinned man. Hanabi observed her surroundings as there was water splas.h.i.+ng everywhere. She found herself witnessing a tight battle between the team and the man.

Hanabi then decided to hid behind a rock. She had planned inside her head and she knew what she was gonna do next. She then drew her kunai, and with her Byakugan now activated, she waited for the right time to execute her sneak attack.

She then surveyed her surroundings yet again and she soon found out that she was just right behind the enemy. She also saw her big cousin, who was still fighting the man.

"Hang on there Neji."


Sarada took a deep breath to calm herself down on what's going to happen next. She observed her surroundings again and saw that the two Akatsuki members were just sitting there. She then turned her eyes back to Uzumaki siblings who nodded at her.

Apparently, the trio had a planned, since they can't really contact the rest of the team to alert them that the real members were here, they then took upon themselves to set up a conversation with the two and if the conversation was successful, they might find the exact location of the hideout.

"You can do this Sarada." The Uchiha girl muttered under her breath. She kept motivating herself non-stop as she slowly took step by step carefully to reached the area.

As for Boruto, He watched closely from behind the scenes, He was considered to be the backup for his raven-haired teammate in case something goes wrong. On the other hand, Himawari just kept quiet and observed the whole scene unfold.

By the time Sarada had reached her final destination. She found herself staring at the two Akatsuki members were seemed to be meditating in a trance. The teenage girl was a bit puzzled but somehow she managed to figure things out. The two members were apparently projecting some illusion somewhere.

Sarada tried to wave her hand on their faces and they seemed to be not aware that she was here. She then turned around to where the Uzumaki siblings were and gave them a thumbs up.

Meanwhile back at the forest, Boruto had finally activated his Jougan to see if there are further more disturbance in the area. As he was surveying the area, he then suddenly noticed something standing on the other side of the forest, the figure was human-shaped and it appeared to be a human who donned a white hooded cloak and was just standing there and observing.


(I'm not sure what I just saw from that background but something told me that it wasn't part of the good side.


"What in the world!?" Boruto exclaimed.

"What is it Nii-chan?" Himawari asked. She was startled by her big brother.

Boruto was just very confused and puzzled at the moment. He wondered about the mysterious figure in white. By then, he widened his eyes in shocked as the other Akatsuki member, the blue-skinned one noticed his teammate and stood up.

"Saradchan! Behind you!" He tried to yelled out to the latter and warned her that she was about to get attack.

Meanwhile, Sarada raised her eyebrows in confusion. She did not quite understand her blonde teammate who was yelling at her. After a few moments later, She heard something move from behind.

"Look what we have here." A husky voice sarcastically said followed by a sound of large blade being swished around towards the girl.

Sarada immediately avoided the attacked by jumping from her former position and thus evading the blade that stroke the ground. The raven-haired girl quickly drew her kunai and went on a defensive stance. Not more than one second later, the man quickly charged at her and began to swing his large blade to strike her.

On the other hand, Sarada quickly avoided the attacks and managed to held her own by striking the man with her kunai in his knee.

"You can't escape me brat!" The blue-skinned man taunted as he then began to use his water jutsu aggressively to enveloped the whole place with water in an attempt to drown the surprised girl.

Kisame evilly grinned as he thought his plan had worked and as silence took over yet again. He then observed his surroundings and there was no sign of the girl. He thought he finally was victorious.

Meanwhile, back in the forest Himawari was pleading her big brother to help the latter but the blonde just chose to wait as he knew that it was not over yet.

Kisame gave an arrogant smile as he then turned his eyes to his partner who was still meditating. "Looks like you owe me one Itachi." He chuckled as he let his guard down. Although it was a big mistake.

"You shouldn't have done that."

Kisame eyes widened in shocked, by the moment, He turned his eyes back in front, He was then greeted by the girl who somehow survived his attack, and he found himself being hit by a powerful electric punch in the face and the man then noticed something shocking in the girl's eyes.

"Sharingan!?" He exclaimed before being fully hit in the face which sent him flying towards a distance.

Sarada landed on the ground safely, she was really into it right now and was ready for some more. She gripped her kunai tightly.

Kisame gritted his teeth in annoyance. He immediately recovered as he prepared to teach this girl a lesson on who's the strongest.

"You're gonna pay for that brat!" He yelled out to the girl.

Sarada then smirked. "Oh yeah? How much is the price for punching you in the face?" She taunted which really made him furious.

The Uchiha girl then prepared herself for an oncoming onslaught by the the man. She was not scared right now but in fact she was waiting for this moment to execute her skills once again in a long time.

"Shannaro! Bring it on Shark boy!


"Well, I guess it was the moment that fired me up, I really wanted to make sure that I would teach him a lesson. Forgetting the fact that I was the one responsible for bringing myself into this situation.



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