A Different Kind Of Journey 25 Arc 2: Illusions

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Author's note: Hey there Readers!, I'm back with a new chapter! I Hope you guys enjoy! I would also like to thank you guys for the Reviews, Favorites, and Follows :) Thank you for also sharing your tips and thoughts for the story.

Take note: Recently, The beta reader for this story will be very busy for awhile. So that means I will be alone on writing story. I'm just a beginner writer so please go easy on me whenever there is a mistake in the story.

Now, to answer some questions:

1. Why would Tsunade send them this in rescue mission.

-Probably, the fifth knew that there were many suspicious watchful eyes inside the system so in order to protect the trio. She would be giving them new ident.i.ties to blend in well and that includes a.s.signing them into their first mission which coincidentally revealed to be Gaara rescue mission.

2. Sarada not loosing Chakra when he fought Kisame?

-Don't worry about that, she is just unaware of it. The effects of the fight with Kisame will take a toll in future chapters.

3. Why would Itachi tell some of the truth to Sarada?

-Of course He is just a normal human being. He has emotions and sometimes He had to let it go in secret to someone who can be trusted to not spill no beans to others, He felt that Sarada is somehow the one and he felt comfortable by telling her some truth.

Thank you for understanding :)


Arc 2:

Chapter 12: Illusions

There was no time to be wasted. Even though, the paper seals were just nearby, the trio would still need to act fast and hurry to their respective destinations to finish their goals. As for a certain Uzumaki girl, Himawari was focused and concentrated on her goal, she was all alone now. It turns out that the trio decided to split up and headed to the certain spots where the paper seals were placed.

Himawari found herself traversing through the forest. She held two explosive tags which she requested from her big brother. She had also wanted more challenge and so her current goal now was to tackle two locations where the paper seals were located. She then examined the explosive tags that her big brother had given. It seemed that these tags had some kind of timer in it and whenever it was placed on something, the timer will automatically start the countdown once it was placed on the seals.

The journey throughout the forest towards her destination somehow was short-lived. In fact, the lavender haired girl herself had used her Byakugan to track down the paper seals before she found herself being alone. So far not a single person was in those locations, so she had to continue on keeping eye on them.

She had to admit that the seals were just nearby, but it was not that easy. She had to be also careful and alert for any possible dangers ahead but so far all seemed to be in one piece.

"I think I'm almost there." Himawari muttered aloud. She could finally see the location of the first paper seal from a few distances away and no one was there.

The Uzumaki teen grinned confidently.

" Nice," she muttered yet again.

It had not taken too long for her to finally reach her destination. The first paper seal was located on a tree. The seal itself had white-based design and some red symbols that were on it. Himawari first examined the seal, She had to really make sure on which right spot should she put the explosive tag. In no time, the girl finally figured it out and she placed the explosive tag beneath the seal.


"I have to admit, planting this seal bombs is quite the fun to be honest. Nii-san really had the craziest ideas.


"Alright, one down, one more to go," she commented. She then drew out a pen from her pocket and marked the explosive tag with a number five, she also had checked the time via her small digital watch on her wrist.

"5 minutes sounds fair," she told herself. She then left the premises immediately to go to the second location.

Unknown to her, by the time she left, was a certain Bushy Brow teen who was on his way towards the same area where the latter had left the explosive tag and he had really no idea on what's in store for him once he would get there.


"This forest is very tricky."

Hanabi wondered as the forest they are traversing now can be very tricky as if it was trying to confuse them. She then turned her eyes to her big cousin who had kept silent throughout the journey. She wondered on what the latter was going through in his mind. He always kept things just between himself and nothing more.

On the other hand, Neji was just focused about his goal right now.

Although there were thoughts circling in his mind, he was wondering if Himawari and others were really here on this mission. He had come up with a lot theories but he still can't find a possible explanation whether they are here or not.


"It just bothers me that somehow they could be here. I just a feeling but it seemed to real for me.


Hanabi gave a worried looked at the latter." Neji, Are you alright? Is there something bothering you?" She asked which caught the attention of the other.

"No, I'm just fine." Neji simply replied. He then noticeably sighed which was giveaway that he was bothered about something.

His cousin could only give him a worried and confused look. Hanabi thought about her cousin. Since this mission started, he had been very busy with his thoughts lately. Was He still thinking about Himawari and the guys?

As they both continued on with their journey. They could really feel that they were not the only ones that were going to their destination. Things were just about to get started.


It didn't take long enough for Himawari to reach her second location. The lavender haired teen finally found herself observing the very place where the second seal was located.

"Found you!" Himawari exclaimed when she arrived at the second location, which was revealed to be an open-field.

The Uzumaki teen widened her eyes. She was really surprised. She had never thought that seal would be located and placed in a rock formation in the middle of this gra.s.sy field...maybe it was just her imagination. Although, no matter happens, even the seal is placed on a rock or whatsoever; she was still going to plant that explosive tag and blow the seal up.

Himawari then examined the paper seal yet again. It obviously had the same symbols on it. She sighed as she then placed her back pack on the gra.s.sy ground and opened it. She then drew the last explosive tag and carefully placed it near the seal.
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The teenage Uzumaki sighed yet again. She then drew the walkie talkie from her pocket.

"Guys, do you copy?" Himawari asked the other two through the walkie talkie.

"Yeah, I'm here Hima, What's your status? the voice of her big brother asked through the walkie talkie.

"I've finally planted the explosive tags on the seals; I guess we will have to wait for two minutes then." Himawari explained. She finally finished her goal.

"Same here!"The voice of Sarada also spoke through the walkie talkie.

"Great job, girls! Now check your timers, it should be about two minutes before the explosive tags will detonate." The voice of the blonde teen replied through the walkie talkie.

"Roger that! Boro-Nii!" Himawari simply said.

She then sighed as the she sat herself on the ground. She really felt a bit tired recently, of course this was her first mission and she really needed to get used to this. But it will take time.

The wind grew stronger as the lavender haired girl waited for the countdown. Along the way, she felt that her consciousness was fading away. This was a sign of her slowly falling asleep. A few moments later she finally closed her eyes and drifted away to the dreamscape never knowing that the seal beside her started to glow brighter.

During her trip to the dream world, the girl found herself in some kind of wide open field. It was just not any field but it was a field of tombstones. She was caught by surprised when she found herself standing on a familiar grave which was none other than from her Uncle Neji. As she observed the gravestone of her Uncle, she noticed that there was a small candle that stood above the gravestone and the fire was quickly burning in the candle at a faster rate.

Himawari was confused; she tried to figure out what this scene meant. The candle began to burn faster and a few moments later a strong wind that blew past her. It was so strong that she had to cover her eyes and then her world begun to spin until further darkness quickly engulfed her.

Himawari consciousness suddenly returned. She opened her eyes to see a blurry image of a person standing in front of her. The Uzumaki girl then slowly stood up and once she got off from the ground, her vision became clearer. She widened her eyes surprised to see her Uncle Neji in standing in front of her, and he was giving her a eerily cold stare.

"Uncle Neji!? I never thought I would see you here!" Himawari surprisingly exclaimed. She never expected her uncle to be here or maybe he was also in the mission too!

The latter just kept silent and kept staring at the lavender haired girl. Himawari on the other hand felt goose b.u.mps all over her. There was something strange and suspicious about this person standing in front of her. Was this really her Uncle Neji? Why he was acting so strange? This was really giving her the creeps.

There was an eerie silence that took over. The wind grew stronger to further intensify the atmosphere around the area. Himawari's mind was on overdrive, she didn't know what to do but somehow she felt that this was not her Uncle Neji. Sensing that danger was just around her, she then decided to escape but when she about to scram away from the area, the imposter Neji then suddenly grabbed her tightly on the arm.

Himawari eyes widened in shocked. So her suspicions were true. This was not her Uncle Neji. She tried to escape but the imposter Neji just won't let her go. The struggle continued for a few moments until the imposter then attempted to strike the girl in the face. She saw this and immediately dodged the strike coming towards her by moving her head and neck on the right side.

The imposter Neji wasted no time by unleas.h.i.+ng another strike at her which turned into a series of combos which surprised the latter. On the other hand, Himawari managed to antic.i.p.ate this move and she just evaded every strike that was meant for her.

Soon enough, the Imposter Neji begun to use some of the clan's moves which the girl noticed. Himawari, who was trained by the Hyuuga clan as well, was able to predict the moves. It was the clan's famous Gentle Fist that was mainly used against her.

Noticing that the Imposter Neji wasn't using the Byakugan, Himawari quickly activated found out that the imposter was some kind of physical illusion but it also had the chakra system inside of it. Knowing that this was really not the real one, the lavender haired girl finally realized that she was free to do whatever she wanted with this emotionless imposter.

Himawari waited for the right moment and when it came, he was able to execute her move to finally end this conflict. When the imposter made the first strike, the girl immediately blocked it. She then swiftly executed her next move by unleas.h.i.+ng her own style of the gentle fist, a silent yet lethal jutsu by using a combination of strikes in which her fingers were used instead of her palms. The enemy was then startled by the attack which it never recovered.

Not too later, Himawari realized that the countdown was almost over and she also noticed that two familiar people that she knew unexpectedly arrived at the scene.

"Oh no," Himawari muttered. The countdown had reached the 5 second mark. It was only a matter of time before the explosive tag explodes.


"I knew that I didn't have much time, so I hurried myself as fast as I can, not knowing that Uncle Neji and Aunt Hanabi are also approaching the area.



Hanabi and Neji arrived at the scene only to be greeted with a surprising fight between the lavender haired girl and the imposter enemy. The two were really shocked and confused. First off, how did Himawari get here? And why she was fighting a clone of the brown haired Hyuuga?

"What in the world?" were the only words Hanabi could say right now, but where did the clone came from?

She then turned her eyes towards her cousin

." Neji, what's the meaning of this?" Hanabi asked much to the surprised of the other.

"How would I know? We just got here Hanabi!" Neji denied. In truth, He really didn't know what was going on except that his future niece was fighting some sort of clone of him which he never even summoned.

Hanabi just sighed," Never mind, let's just help her!" She exclaimed as she beckoned the latter to follow her and help their future niece.

They were also amazed on how well the girl fought. The fighting style and stance really belong to the Hyuuga clan. She had the toughness and gracefulness of a fighter. This was actually the first time that the two had seen her fought. The only awkward thing is that she was pummeling the imposter clone to death to which Neji found it as really strange to be in the imposter's place.


"This was actually the first time that I saw Himawari in a real fight. I must say she is very impressive even though, she wasn't a s.h.i.+n.o.bi back at her home."



Himawari grabbed the imposter Neji by the arm, pulled him and then slammed him on the rock where the explosive tag was located. She dashed towards the two as an attempt to escape the area before it exploded.

"Aunt Hanabi, Uncle Neji! Run while you still can!"she exclaimed while on her way towards them.


Meanwhile, the two Hyuugas were very confused now. Why was she yelling at them to run? Was there any reason for them to run?

Although, Neji quickly noticed an explosive tag was placed on the rock and he immediately realized that they have to get out of here before it blows up.

"Hanabi stop!" Neji warned as he tried to stop his cousin from going there.

A few moments later, there was a small beeping sound that could be heard. The countdown has finally ended. Not too long, the explosive tag finally detonated followed by a loud explosion which engulfed the rock and the imposter enemy.

Himawari was almost caught by the explosion and she found herself being sent flying away along with Hanabi by the shockwave. Luckily, Her Uncle Neji was prepared and had antic.i.p.ated this.

Neji had prepared himself as he braced himself to catch the two girls who were on their way towards him. Not too long, the two girls finally hit the young man like darts that were thrown at him.

The older Hyuuga caught the two girls just in a nick of time and he found himself sliding on the ground because of the impact.

At the same time, similar explosions would also be heard from nearby areas. Neji wondered if those explosions were connected to this one. He then turned his eyes towards the two girls who were still covering themselves believing that it was not over yet.

Neji could only sigh but smiled. The girls were in one piece and they were really heavy to be honest.


The apprentice of Youth didn't expect on what would happened next. The poor young man had just arrived at his destination and was ready to remove the seal from the tree when he suddenly noticed the explosive tag which was placed on tree too.

Rock Lee was taken by surprised and was able to get away from the area when the explosive tag suddenly detonated without warning. The young man found himself crashed into a nearby tree and was just shocked about the explosion.

He was now wondering who planted the explosive tag there. This was just so unexpected or maybe even random. He found himself just staring at the blank s.p.a.ce in shocked and at a loss for words.


By the time she finally arrived at her destination, she was greeted with the same treatment as her Bushy Brow teammate got. It was when she had arrived at the place where the paper seal was located then, which was a tree in a small cliff.

The weapons expert herself wondered about a mysterious explosive tag that was placed beside the seal. She decided to examined it and was about to go near the area when the explosive tag suddenly glowed brightly which really startled her.

A few seconds later, the area surrounding her was engulfed in a loud explosion. Tenten found herself falling to the watery ground because of the shockwave of the explosion.

"What the Heck?" Those were her last words before getting herself in a nice splash of water into her face.


The worst one that could possibly happen is with the Original Youth himself. Might Gai was really an energetic person. He would show up with charm and flair every time.

The only difference is that when he arrived at the place where the other seal was located. He just went there in style and he didn't even pay attention to the explosive tag that was beside the seal.

"Alright guys I just reached the location where the seal located and by my signal, we're going to release them together!" Mighty Gai said enthusiastically as he contacted the rest via Bluetooth but he was not getting proper replies from his students, only groans and whining about on how their b.u.t.ts hurt.

"Hmmm, that's strange?" He wondered why each of them was either groaning in pain or whining about getting almost caught up in an explosion.

A few moments later, the man himself finally realized what was really going on. He took another looked at the seal and there was an explosive tag just right beside it.

"Oh c.r.a.p," Gai muttered aloud before the explosive tag detonated and the area around the latter exploded. The main instructor of Team 8 found himself flying in air and screaming as if he was on the most dangerous ride in the world.

His screaming voice can also be heard via the Bluetooth device.


When the screaming of his friend was heard across the communication device, Kakas.h.i.+ took it as a sign that they finally removed the seals.

"Alright, Sakura Go ahead!" Kakas.h.i.+ exclaimed as he finally removed the main seal on the huge boulder. He instructed his pink haired student to finally go for the punch to destroy the huge boulder.

Not in more than second, Sakura finally carried out her move as she charged towards the huge boulder with only one goal. By the time her fist made contact with rock, the boulder was instantly destroyed into pieces.

The team had finally achieved their primary goal and as the giant pieces of rocks collapsed to the ground, the cave finally opened to reveal the two Akatsuki members who were expecting them. The enemy had a special gift for them

The team was greeted by the sudden shocked of seeing the motionless body of the Kazekage lying on the ground as if he was already dead.

The most affected was Naruto himself, he could feel his blood boiling and his mind was feeling with infinite rage."What you've done to him you Akatsuki b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!" Naruto yelled out in anger.

The two Akatsuki members, Deidara and Sasori just kept quiet. They were in fact delighted to see the s.h.i.+n.o.bi from the leaf in the current state especially the blonde jinchuriki who was filled with rage and despair.

"It's great to see you again s.h.i.+n.o.bi of the leaf!"


The mission to blow up the seals was a complete success. Boruto had finally met up with his Uchiha teammate in a certain location and the two found themselves traversing their way along the woods towards the main hideout of the Akatsuki.

"You think will be there just in time?" Sarada asked.

"I'm not sure Saradchan, but we will be there in no time." Boruto explained. They already knew the location of the main hideout because of his little sister who managed to locate it via Byakugan.

"What about Himawari?" Sarada asked. She was a bit worried on what happened to the younger Uzumaki. She had not been speaking up through the walkie talkie since the seals were blown up.

At the same time, the walkie talkie began to act up and the voice of the Uzumaki girl could now be heard through the device.

"Sorry for the late reply guys but I'm fine." The voice of Himawari spoke through the walkie talkie. She then started to explain that she was with both of her Uncle Neji and Aunt Hanabi who was surprisingly in this mission.

Boruto and Sarada took surprising glances at each other. They were in fact surprised to hear that Team 8 was also here to a.s.sist in the rescue mission.

At their journey continued to towards their destination, thoughts were now going around their minds. Both were thinking if the situation was there was alright. Could the rest be now fighting the Akatsuki members? What happened to their Uncle Gaara by the way? Was he even alright?

As they finally got near their destination, they could easily feel an immense power somewhere. They were at the side of the small cliff overlooking a small river. They were trying to look for that source of immense energy which was very familiar to them and in a little while a large white bird made of clay flew pa.s.sed by them and what seemed to be an Akatsuki member was riding that bird.

"What the..." Boruto trailed off as he stopped his tracks to watch the giant bird made of clay.

Sarada on the other hand, observed the person riding the bird. It was none other than the s.h.i.+n.o.bi bomb expert, Deidara. The giant clay bird that he was riding on carried another person which seemed to be the body of the Kazekage.

A little while later, a familiar blonde teenager and white haired masked s.h.i.+n.o.bi also pa.s.sed by them. They were on pursuit to capture the man.

"Boruto, It's Lord seventh and Uncle Kakas.h.i.+!" Sarada exclaimed.

Boruto simply nodded.

" Alright, Sarada here's the plan, We're going to split up! I'm going to help the Dad catch that guy while you go to the main hideout and helped Aunt Sakura out!" The blonde clearly explained. He then instructed his teammate as if he was a commander of the army.

Sarada simply nodded.

" Got it!" she said.

"Alright let's go!" Boruto exclaimed as the two finally split up. The blonde headed to give a helping hand to rescue the Kazekage while the raven haired Uchiha headed towards the main cave to a.s.sist her mom and Lady Chiyo.

Apparently, the two teenagers were suddenly thrown into the main game. They knew that this was a time to prove themselves and showcase how the s.h.i.+n.o.bi from the future get things done right away.

The Main Event had just begun...


"Well, all I could say is that these Akatsuki should be hiding under their beds right now.



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A Different Kind Of Journey 25 Arc 2: Illusions

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