A Different Kind Of Journey 57 Arc 3: Phase 2: Tenchi Bridge Part 3

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Arc 3: Phase 2

Chapter 22: Tenchi Bridge Part 3

The world was slowing down for the Uzumaki teen, Boruto already expected on what was gonna happen next as he stared at the fourth tailed Kyuubi who was in the midst of charging towards him in full speed. He just stood there with a smile as he continued to slightly taunt the beast, through his eyes the Kyuubi was finally nearing him, not too long it reached its claws to him as a means to grab and crush him to death.

In the midst of all of this, the blonde took a deep breath, and immediately evaded the attack, his world began to speed up thus taking him back to reality. A loud crash was heard as the Kyuubi surprisingly lost tracked of the disappearing blonde and instead hit nothing but the air, causing him to slide on the ground.

The Kyuubi growled in anger as it then turned to see the its blonde opponent running around the area. The teen wasn't alone anymore and this time there were a number clones with him. It immediately jumped from its current position and continued to charge towards its target yet again.

"Kage Bus.h.i.+n No Jutsu!"

Boruto immediately formed the familiar handsign summoning several clones with him after he evaded the Kyuubi's first attack. As of now, he was still at the first stage of his plan to end the beast's chaos.

The idea was similar to his previous encounter with the Kyuubi, but this time in a higher level. He knew that he was going to need a lot of clones, a more bigger portion of chakra, strategies, and more importantly, the precious time that he had to carefully managed right now.

There were many conclusions and ways on how will this ordeal end, but for the blonde himself, there was only one way to end the ordeal very smoothly and he won't be doing it alone this time.

"Alright guys listen!" He exclaimed and announced to his clones." We're gonna spread out once The Kyuubi gets closer to us." He added, while the rest of the clones simply nodding at him like he was some captain.

It didn't took long enough when the Kyuubi drew nearer, its hands also grew bigger and longer as it attempted to stretch its hands to grab the blonde, who was in the middle of the pack.

"Now Datteba.s.sa!" He shouted as his team of clones immediately splitted up and headed to different directions.

The main goal was for the rest to roamed around the crater in an attempt to confused the wild Kyuubi, and that the plan would tamper its mind by giving it a hard time to distinguish on which of the blondes is the real one. It was a plan devised by Boruto earlier before, the first part was a not a huge problem for him, but the second and third part were going to be tricky.

As the first part of his plan was taking place, it soon turned into somekind of royal rumble adrenaline rush. Boruto felt as if he was placed into this huge open field arena with a huge monster that was mean't to kill him, although the blonde himself lived out in situations much like this.

The clones split and spread out to different areas of the crater, all of them began to run in different directions at a fast pace and they began to doing eveything that they can to distract the beast while the original blonde searched for a way to tamed kyuubified old man by using the paper seal that he secretly took from his brown haired sensei.

The original blonde stood, holding the lone piece of paper seal, in a blind spot as he observed the ongoing scene, so far his clones were doing well on the distraction part while the kyuubi was turning its head all over the place, it seemed that the beast was on its way to dizziness.

Boruto narrowed his eyes as he then dashed his way towards the four tailed beast in full lightning speed. His was not going to waste time and was eager to end this quickly as possible. He held the paper seal carefully in his hand as he neared the beast. He was a bit suprised that it was a bigger than its usual self now. Does that mean if it grew another tail, it will also grow bigger at the same time?


"At that point in time, I was pretty much determined to end the situation as soon as possible. Having been face Kyuubified dad before and knowing the consequences of facing an early entrance to heaven, I really made sure to myself that I'm not going to go on another long roller coaster ride again.

"At least that's what I wanted to do during that time, but I did expected it to be different from what was before."



As the teenage blonde neared his destination, he immediately jumped and headed straight towards the Kyuubi. He then raised up his hand holding that paper seal as he went for the beast's head. He secretly thanked his little sister for giving him that idea, which came from a movie where the protagonist failed to eliminated the villain by piercing the shoulder instead of going for the head.

Boruto felt the victory getting closer as his hand reached towards the Kyuubi's forehead, in a matter of moments, he was already closed to its crimson skin. By the time, he was about to make his final move, something unexpected happened right in front of him.

The four tailed Kyuubi broke from its confusion as it suddenly turned to face the blonde directly. It gave a sinister smile as it then immediately grabbed the blonde by the hand and at the same time with its tails.

Boruto widened his eyes in surprised as he quickly reacted and formed a handsign and disappeared in a puff smoke thus a wooden log replaced him thereafter. The wooden log would eventually get shattered into pieces by the powerful crimson tails of the Kyuubi, who then turned around to see a surprised blonde staring at him.

Boruto safely landed on the ground and was now full in thoughts." How's this even possible?" He asked himself. It was the most unexpected surprised that he ever seen so far. It was impossible for the beast to be aware on what was really happening, it was general knowledge that it was supposed to be acting very wild much like an animal.

The moment of thoughts suddenly ended as the Kyuubi charged in full speed towards the blonde, with another intent of killing him. Boruto immediately snapped back to reality as he quickly evaded a strike by the beast, who took the offensive side.

The Kyuubi began to attacked the blonde with a series of multiple of moves, it first gave a multiple strong strikes by using its sharp claws in hopes wounding the blonde in every part of his body. Boruto took the defensive side as he evaded the Kyuubi's sharp claws from scratching his skin. It was slowly turning into a Taijutsu match.

The next step for the Kyuubi's attacked was to spread all of its four tails to trap and grab the blonde at the same time. However, the teen was one step ahead as he was able to avoid the tails by taking a leap away from the deadly spot. He then summoned several clones once again in a means of decoys to avoid the tails from touching him again.

The Kyuubi was yet again furious as it immediately went to its next plan and charge at the blonde, smas.h.i.+ng every clone that stood in its way. It then headed straight towards the teen with a combination of both steps.

Boruto antic.i.p.ated this as he evaded the large crimson chakra in the form of a fist that smashed the ground instead, creating a small crater. It was followed by multiple attempts but the teen was just quick on his feet and was able to immediately prevent it from happening by one single move.

The Jougan was then activated it secretly created a small black hole which swallowed the giant crimson chakra hand, incapacitating the Kyuubi for a short period of time, which gave the Uzumaki teen the opportunity to make his turn.

Boruto narrowed his eyes as he felt that it was finally the time to make his move. So he did, as he charged at the incapacitated Kyuubi, he drew out the paper seal again as he quickly shoved it on the Kyuubi's forehead with force.


Everyone was pretty much amazed on how this rookie handled the ordeal. Reactions were released from the likely individuals who were acting as the witnesses.

Kabuto was shocked to see the arrival of a newcomer that he haven't met before. Questions were forming around his mind about this newcomer and he wondered if they were a part of this team. However, he soon thought about the snake sannin, who previously pummeled and throwned away by the Kyuubi. He eventually then decided to leave the scene with a goal of searching him throughout the forest.

He gave an arrogant smile as he slowly turned around and started walking away, however the smile on his face would soon disappear as he felt tapped on his shoulder.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Kabuto then turned around only to face a certain raven haired teen, who was giving him a smile, which he cannot figure if it was fake or genuine. Soon his pride took over him once again and he gave a smirked.

"And who are you supposed to be?" He sarcastically asked, which was really a rudely move and he wasn't aware that he was going to pay for what he did.

Sarada didn't respond and continued to smile, although inside, the girl was pretty much p.i.s.sed and wanted to sent the man a gift before he leaves them.

Kabuto gave a confused look before being iniated when the girl suddenly kicked him in the nuts." Oof!" He exclaimed as he held his nuts in pain, he tried to walk but really can't do it and it was already too late.

Sarada smirked as she then removed the man's gla.s.ses, drop it on the ground, and kicked it, sending it away to a certain distance.

Kabuto was helpless and irritated at the same time. he was humiliated by a girl and yet he can't do much anything about it, because he just got a taste of his own medicine. He then decided to fed the scene again but ended up tripping and falling to the ground.

"Serves Him right!" Showtaro spoke this time as he gave his own comment. So far he was enjoying the adventure. He might stick along for awhile.


It was during this time thoughts and doubts had entered the Pink haired girl's mind. Sakura wondered if these two were really rookies to begin with. She was witnessing a nearly impossible feat happening in front of her and all she can do was to watch.

She then turned her head towards her brown haired sensei, who pretty much had the same reaction as her.

Yamato was pretty much shocked in every way. His eyes were wide eye in disbelief to see a rookie barely in the ranks of a standard s.h.i.+n.o.bi, taking on a powerful being and emerging as the victor. It was impossible for any person like the rookie to be able to do that.

He was also surprised to find his paper seal at the hands of the rookie and wondered on how did the teen managed to take the thing away from him.

As he continued to observed the battle, he felt a sudden urged to help the rookie right away. From what was happening right now, it seemed that things were not over yet. The paper seal was the only the first part of the resealing process this time.

There was indeed a reason on why he should step up this time.


The Kyuubi screamed in pain as it started to become more wild and aggressive than ever. The paper seal did took its effect on the beast, but it didn't completely resealed him as there was one more step to do before the whole process ends.

Boruto was taken by surprised as the Kyuubi continued its ways by aggressively charging at him once more. It soon began to unleashed every form of attack against him, there was no chance of escaping this time around as the blonde could only braced himself for another round of its madness.

Although, in that moment in time, something unexpected interrupted the madness. The Kyuubi was suddenly caught by a surprised as a large wooden log emerged from the ground, hitting it directly in the face and sending it to several distances.

Boruto widened his eyes as he then turned his attention to a certain brown haired man, who finally arrived at the scene." Yamato-sensei!" He exclaimed in surprised.

Yamato, with seriousness and determination, formed a handsign as more wood emerged from the ground and immediately overwhelmed the crimson beast. The wood incapacitated the being to the point that it would never wrecked havoc again. Following that move, the brown haired man formed another handsign.

"Hokage s.h.i.+ki Jinjun Jutsu: Kakuan Nitten Shuishu!

The man exclaimed as he aimed his hand and palm towards the beast. He then quickly charged in full speed as he placed his hand on its chest and soon, it began to glow thus the jutsu taking immediate effect on the Kyuubi.


It was nothing but just pure darkness in front of his eyes. Naruto felt as if he had been stucked in this neverending limbo for a hundred years, it was just himself and his thoughts who were present at the moment. The blonde himself can't remember on how many times did fell victim to the Kyuubi's power.

He always knew from the beginning that it was a kind of an idiotic move for him to submit to its will and as a result, he was forced to watch the destruction and havoc in front of his very eyes as the Kyuubi gained control of him yet again. He also blamed his emotions for all of this, specifically his limited temper that would always get him into trouble.

Negativity was not too far away, since he was a little kid, he often found himself dwelling in the insults and backstabbing voices of the people, which till to this day, haunted him and even to the point that he would get taunts from the furball himself.

"Without me you're nothing boy!"

"You did a good thing allowing me to share my power to you."

"Accept my will and together we will crush them!"

Recent taunts like these still ran around his thoughts. The blonde felt a little guilt that it was somehow true, that he was still here and surviving because of that arrogant fox. He almost thought that his two and half year training trip with his ero-sensei didn't anything much to help him improve.

Naruto looked down as he stopped his endless walking for awhile for a rest. His thoughts directed him to the current situation happening in right now. Concerned soon entered and he thought about his teammates, on how were they handling the chaos that never mean't to happen. The two rookies, Bolt and Sarada, how were they? it was embara.s.sing for him to reveal too much of this, The destruction.

Were there ever wil be a way out of this?

The blonde closed his eyes for a moment as he attempted to calm himself from his desperation. He really needed to find a way out of here and get what was taken from him. He won't be staying here for longer.

At the same time, a small bright light suddenly appeared and shone from a few distances away. A few moments later, footsteps were then heard finally catching the teen's full attention.

Naruto immediately looked up towards the source of the light. He narrowed his eyes and saw a human figure standing near the light itself. There was a bit of confusion that took over for a little while, although, the teen felt an urged to head towards to the small light itself and he continued as he did.

He took the steps towards the light as his vision became clear getting a good look of the human figure, which was revealed to be a man, with spiky short hair, donning which was somekind of village leader outfit, the man also had a white cape on his back with mysterious characters in red written on it. He didn't get the complete catch but he was able to get an idea on what the characters written on the man's white cape says.

The Kanji: "Seventh" was written on the white cape.

Naruto widened his eyes as mixed emotions of confusion and surprised took charge. He began wonder about the man that he saw, it was impossible for the man to be that of the Seventh Hokage, because there was no such thing as a Seventh Hokage in the first place, it was only his Tsunade- Baachan, who is currently the reigning Fifth Hokage.

It was just to far fetched and unbelievable to begin with.

Although, Despite these thoughts overwhelming him, Naruto still continued and headed towards the light, he doesn't really know on why he was doing this but it felt as if he was doing the right thing and he didn't sense any hostile presence from the light and the mysterious man himself. As of now, his goal was to get out of here and return back to the real world.

The blonde immediately hurried and sped up as he noticed that the light was slowly getting farther. From walking to now running, the teen was on his way back. He dared to never looked back." Hey wait!" He exclaimed towards the man, who was seemed to be walking to the light.

The man didn't heed his call causing the teen to shout again, and this time he was able to send the message. From his point of view, the mysterious man stopped his tracks, causing the teenage blonde to also stop his hurrying.

Naruto stopped his tracks as he found himself staring at the mystery man from a few distances away. He was able to get a full good look of him and the details that he first noticed were the man's blonde hair and the presence that he projected. It was powerful yet familiar.

"Hey! is this the way out?" Naruto asked." I really need to get back to my teammates, they need me!" He added, although there was still no response from the mystery man.

Naruto was on the verge of being furious and emotional, He was indeed serious about this and will do anything that he can just to get back to the real world. He was so desperate right now, but the man's presence immediately calmed him down and a.s.sured him that everything was going to be alright.

As Naruto took a few steps closer to the light, the man suddenly but slowly turned his head towards him, but at the same time when the man turned, the small light suddenly grew bigger and brightened up overwhelming the teen and his whole surroundings.

The last thing that he knew was that there was a familiar voice that called his name.

"Hang on Naruto!"


The Kyuubi screamed in pain at the same time as it found itself and its power being resealed once again. It crimson skin slowly faded away as it receded back to human form.

It didn't took long as traces of the Kyuubi completely vanished and a certain blonde teen stood right before them, beaten, exhausted and was on the verge of collapsing.

Boruto reacted and quickly caught his young dad from fully falling to the ground. Sakura and Sarada also hurried to a.s.sist them.

"Are you guys alright?" Sarada and Sakura asked in unison by the time they arrived at their destination.

Boruto gave an a.s.suring smile." Yeah, a bit beaten up but I'm alright!" He replied with a slight chuckle.

Both girls sighed in relief as they finally let out the pressure that was building inside of them, especially Sakura who the most worried. She didn't knew on how many times she already apologized to Naruto and also to the two rookies.

Boruto and Sarada were quick to understand and instead gave the support towards the pink haired teen. Considering, what has happened, it was impossible for her to continue her job as a guide since she was almost traumatized. She needed a deserved rest.

As for Yamato, he was still in disbelief as he observed the two rookies, especially the blonde himself. That speed he just witnessed, it was somehow familiar to him, like a memory from the past.

It was not too long that Naruto finally regained his consciousness, he was still weak and cringing because of the pain he is feeling right now. The resealing process was indeed a heavy one for him.

Boruto sighed in relief." Welcome Back Naruto!" He said, while giving a small smile.

A still exhausted Naruto gave a little chuckle before raising his right hand to do a thumbs up.

On the other hand, Yamato took a deep breath before clearing his throat." I think we should move on from here as soon as possible." He explained." Orochimaru might be still around in this area." He added.

"Sai is also missing."

There was silence that took over for a brief moment, when everybody realized about the teen's recent disappearance, they immediately get their heads straight as they quickly prepared to leave the area.

Sakura and Sarada a.s.sisted the still recovering Naruto, helping him back up on his feet and followed their brown haired sensei while Showtaro and Boruto took the position as a look out for any suspecting enemies nearby. So far, there weren't any.

"Looks like we're okay." Showtaro commented. He hasn't sense any presence nearby or in this whole area.

Boruto simply nodded but kept his guard up, there was something telling him that he should be ready for what's ahead in this mission. During his battle against his Kyuubified dad, his jougan reacted and directed him to a familiar white cloaked figure standing and observing from one of the spots near the forest.


"There was something telling me that those cloaked persons were the ones behind this mess. I just got that feeling since then. I am not really sure on how will I locate or find them but when I get the opportunity, I'm gonna make sure that I'll get every real information possible."



Sai couldn't believed on what he had seen just awhile ago. It was something that he has deemed a feat difficult to achieved. He had witnessed the indestructible power of the Kyuubi No Youko that battled the Snake sannin and created a big mess in the form of a huge crater.

Since the beginning of the Tenchi bridge incident, the young member of root decided to secretly leave and stay low from the main group. He chose a certain spot where he can't been seen but have a good view of what was happening.

From that then on he began to watched and observed throughout the event. He knew from the start that things were going to get down because of the failures of the team's plan. It almost risked the life of Sakura, who almost got hit by the deadly crimson tails, and Naruto, who had been blinded by anger, thus letting the power of the Kyuubi taking over him.

To be honest, he really didn't care or bother about them. He cared for the mission that he was a.s.signed to do so by his superior.

The biggest surprised of the event was that of the two rookies, who suddenly arrived and appeares as if they were the ones to save the day, and they really did it.

He took note of the rookie Bolt Kazaki, who was the one that suddenly appeared in the moment where the pink haired teen was on tge verge of being smash by the crimson tails. He took note of that incredible speed, a speed that was difficult for any s.h.i.+n.o.bi to achieve and the way he handled the situation as if he had been in this things before. Was He really a rookie?

The second one was the raven haired rookie, Sarada Inoue, who seemed to have that freakish strength that really reminded him of the pink haired teen. Where they related somehow? Or Was it just a coincidence?

There were so many questions still left in his mind, but in the middle of his thoughts, he noticed something strange happening on the middle of the crater itself. It was a snake that has slowly taken form of a human, who was none other than the Snake Sannin himself.

Sai's lips slowly formed into a smile." Looks like He's survived." He thought to himself aa he then stood up from his sitting position.

This was the moment that he had been antic.i.p.ating for. The only thing that he has to do now is to approach him in a non hostile manner or in a way for the snake sannin not to get suspicious with him.

It doesn't matter on what was gonna happened next, as long as he succeeds on getting the final way that will eventually lead him to one certain Sasuke Uchiha.

It's always been a part of his plan.


It was definitely something new to the game. When he had been informed of these new individuals that weren't supposed be in these events, he was surprised and disbelief took over immediately.

He learned that these individuals had been changing things since the start of the Kazekage mission and they may pose as a potential threat to his superior's plans. The previous mission was supposed to be manipulated as planned but, because of their interference and presence, a life that was supposed to be taken away had been saved.

The report and news really alerted everyone in the organization and changes in the plans were starting to take shape after that.

However, He still needed time to observed and if possible, know more information about the newcomers. They could really be useful people in the future.

As for now, He will continue to follow them in their journey for awhile.


Hours had already pa.s.sed since the incident took place. The team had been traversing through the forest in hopes finding the next stage of the mission. So far all of them were pretty much exhausted and had taken the chance to rest as they set up a temporary camp in the middle of the quiet forest.

Before that, Yamato had called out the team and announced to them that even though Sai had gone rogue, the mission will still continue no matter what. It wasn't a complete surprised for the rest, they were in the same page and they were gonna have to work together for this.

Naruto sat and rested under a tree, fully giving himself to relaxation as he let the pressure go. He could feel every muscle in his body aching, and could only cringed as a response. The blonde was currently being treated by none other than his pink haired teammate, who was healing the minor wounds that he sustained during the battle.

It was actually a quiet time for the both of them. The two were in their own thoughts, especially Sakura, who's mind kept repeating the image of Kyuubi. It was an event that she would described as "Frightening". The experience was honestly traumatic for her. Although, when she laid her eyes on the blonde, it was a whole different look.

Naruto's smile was the only one that was keeping her from going full crazy. She had known him for years and the Uzumaki positiveness was still there to a.s.sure her that everything was gonna be alright.


The pink haired teen snapped from her thoughts the moment her blonde teammate spoke." Yes Naruto?" She said, while slowly turning her eyes towards him.

"Are you okay?" Naruto asked, his voice filled with worry and concern.

Sakura gave a small smile." Yes, I'm fine." She said." It's just that you're really getting heavy nowadays, you really need to slow down the ramen." She also gave a little chuckle.

Naruto sighed in relief." I'm glad to that you're alright." He said as his face slowly turned into sadness." But listen, I'm really sorry for what happened just now, I guess I've done a lot of damage."

It was an ongoing thing since the beginning, Naruto considered himself as a type of person that would often apologized if he ever accidentally or unintentionally caused harm to anyone or anything. He was aware of the power deep inside him and he was helpless when it took over him.

"To be honest, I also really wanted to apologized to the two kids for my recent behaviour, although they're not here as of now." He added.

Sakura was a surprised to hear those words coming from the blonde's mouth. It was like a much more mature response that she ever heard from him and when her teammate spoke, she thought it was a mature or older person talking to her. What in the world is happening to her right now? or Was she just hearing things differently?

"Sakurchan are sure your're okay?"

Naruto asked again, it was the second time that his teammate was staring in the blank air. This did nothing but raised his concerns even more.

Sakura shook her head yet again." Yeah, I'm really fine." She replied." Maybe, I'm just really tired that's all." She gave a small grin.

Naruto raised his eyebrow in suspicion before sighing." Well, there's something that I would really like to tell you." He said." And please keep it as a secret." He added.

Sakura nodded in understanding." Sure I will, what's it all about?" She asked, while packing up her medical aid kit.

Naruto took deep breath before finally opening his mouth." Well, during the battle and when I was being brought back to normal, I found myself in this darkness." He said.

"Darkness?" Sakura raised both eyebrows as she asked.

Naruto simply nodded." It's like you got put into this place, which is nothing but black all over, and you wonder if you're gonna be staying there forever" He explained as he attempted to remember the memories from before.

After a few moments, He then continued." It was probably an entire eternity when I was there." He then looked down." Although, if it were not for this mysterious man in a white cape, I would probably never see the world again." He finished his sentence.

Sakura raised both eyebrows in surprised." A man wearing a white cape?" She said, she was a bit confused yet puzzled to know more." How did he exactly saved you?" She added.

"Well, I really can't remember all the details but, I think it was him that showed me the light, which I followed and then brought me back." Naruto replied. He would then go on to explained the little details that he noticed this man wore a white cape that has a red flame pattern around the hem, is held together by a red rope, and has the kanji that said "Seventh", although he had never seen his full appearance, but only just the back.

"That's all I can remember." Naruto finished his story as he took another deep breath again.

Sakura just stared at her blonde teammate with a mixed of surprised and disbelief. She knew that it was a testimony coming from him but it probably had to be the most wildest and strangest testimonies that she had ever heard.

When she thought about this person that saved the blonde, she immediately thought of the Kanji "Seventh" that was on the back of the cape. It could only mean't that it was some kind of guardian angel that took the form of blonde's dreams of being Hokage. But, who knows? It was hard to make conclusions as of now.

As Sakura was about to speak, her eyes caught something from one of nearby bushes. By the time she finished packing up, she immediately stood up and went to that particular spot.

Naruto blinked a couple of times as he observed the pink haired teen heading towards one of the bushes." Did you find something?" He asked, he a.s.sumed that the his teammate noticed something of an object that would be possibly deemed as important.

As for Sakura, she continued to investigate the spot and finally found the object that her eyes spotted. It was actually a brownish white small bag and it contained something from the inside.

She then continued to examine the bag until the moment she realize that the bag was somehow very familiar, which it really did, because it belong to a certain black haired teen in the form of Sai.

The question is how could he dropped something valuable so carelessly?


It was calm scene in a certain area in the forest. A small stream of flowing water in the area itself was present and acted as a line between the two sides. The trio consisting of Boruto, Sarada, and Showtaro took their time and rested on the gra.s.sy ground near the stream.

Boruto rested as he drank his water bottle in an attempt to replenished his energy, which almost took a toll during the battle against the Kyuubi not too long ago. He had to admit that it was one of the difficult things that he had to face in most recent times.

The blonde took a deep breath as he relaxed and took the time to enjoy the scene in front of him. It was perfect for any person, looking for a way to clear his or her mind. For awhile, cerulean eyes continued stare and observe the stream of water that flowed along the forest.

With the previous events finally away from his mind, the blonde directed his thoughts to the present situation at hand. Since the beginning, he had this feeling that everything was going down once the team reached the bridge and through the confirming of his fears, it did came true.

Since Sai had vanished into thin air, a.s.suming that he went rogue, the chances and opportunity for him and his raven haired teammate on being placed in the front lines again had skyrocketed up to the heavens. Truth to be told, this already happened before from the previous mission.

Along the way, his thoughts wondered around the presence of the cloaked person that he saw during his fight with the Kyuubi.

Boruto's expression turned serious once again as he thought about the important details that he can determined about the mysterious individual. For the blonde, it seemed that the cloaked person was only there for reason, to watch and observed. It seemed like that the bridge incident was mean't to happen or manipulated to happen.

Theories like this were very hard to confirm, but in a coincidental twist, a certain raven haired girl and a duck companion could be heard arguing about the same subject.

"I told you Saradsan, I still need further investigation on the matter and the purpose of those cloaked people, I'm telling you!"

"Please Showtaro-kun, if there is any more information that you have gathered about them, it would really give us the idea on how we could deal with them in the future."

A little argument had apparently commenced between the two individuals. Boruto could only shook his head and gave a small smile, he had concluded that there were still an empty tank left to fill for the chemistry to work.

It was also at the same time that blonde's jougan began to react once again as he then turned his attention to a certain spot towards the other side of the forest only to see the cloaked person standing and beckoning the teen to follow him.

Boruto widened his eyes as the blonde then turned towards Sarada and Showtaro, who were still in their little argument. After a few moments of checking that they were alright, the Uzumaki quietly stood up and headed towards the direction where the cloaked figure was currently located.

He didn't said a word or anything as he only readied himself for what's ahead. He kept his composure intact as he calmly walked his way towards his destination. After all, he really needed the answers from the main source.


It was something that Naruto and Sakura didn't expected to find in the middle of the woods. The mysterious picture book owned by none other than Sai himself.

The two main members of Team Seven both knew that they were in for another mystery ride since they open the picture book into its first page.

Naruto was even more confused and continued to asked questions about the book." These weird drawings are really creepy to be honest." He commented.

Sakura gave a sighed, she was really trying her best to decode what was on the book itself, and so far she was getting to the point that the book was telling them.

"Do you really think Yamato-sensei can decode it?" Naruto asked once again, resulting a thought entering his mind after.

"Speaking of Him, where the heck he had gone to?" He added, finally noticing about the brown haired man's whereabouts and not a single trace of him as of this time.

Where did the man went to?

What is he been up to for these past several hours?

The only thing that the blonde could remember is that his brown haired sensei headed somewhere in a nearby area to do something important. Maybe he was just surveying the places and planning out the next step of the mission.

As for Sakura herself, didn't bother as she continued to focus on decoding the book in hopes of finally getting more information about the black haired teen's past.

It was only Naruto who had sensed a familiar presence that was approaching nearby. A few moments later, a certain brown haired man emerged from a particular side of the forest.

"Yamato-sensei are you alright?" A bewildered Naruto asked, while his sensei just kept quiet and had this monotone or robotic look.

"Uhmm, Yamato-sensei?" The blonde asked once again, and still he didn't get no response from the man, who headed towards a certain direction. "Where's he going?"

As for the man himself, a dark aura was secretly enveloping him around as he headed towards the direction where a certain raven haired rookie was located. His hand, gripping a Kunai tightly from the back with the only intention of:

Eliminating the possible hindrances to the plan.


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