When She Finds Love 9 The Meeting 2

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Amy is flabbergasted to hear Ryan's opinion. "To..day!!" She literally screamed cause of her shock.

"I don't like to procrastinate things. Moreover, I've to answer my dad soon."

Calming down, Amy understood that what he said is right. In addition, he has fulfilled his promise without any delay.

"Fine, let's do it your way. But how'll you convince my parents? What if they don't believe us?"

"I'll take care of it. Just trust me."

His promise removed the nervousness from her heart.

After chatting for a while, both of them started walking towards Amy's house. Her father will start working at his new job on Monday, therefore at present both her parents are at home.

When they saw Amy accompanied by a handsome young man, both of them are surprised. This is the first time that their daughter has brought a man to home.

Sensing their glare, Amy hesitated a bit but has managed to announce: "Mom! Dad! This is Ryan, my boyfriend."

Both her parents eyes are wide opened at this sudden announcement. Their daughter who had always indulged in studies has brought a boyfriend home! Is this some kind of joke! But looking at Amy's serious face, it doesn't seem like a prank.

Managing to get back on their sense, both of them started to scrutinize the young man before. "Well..he is handsome. Nothing to comment on that. But his dress.. Is this the way to meet his girlfriend's parents? At least he should have dressed up. But if their daughter likes him.. then it's ok."

After a long gap, her father Ronald asked, "So how long do you know each other?"

Amy pitifully glanced at Ryan. Taking the cue, he replied: "We know each other for about six months. I've planned to meet you before, but Amy doesn't want cause of her not getting a job. I'm really sorry for this sudden meeting. I would've waited, but...."

With this Ryan stumbled a bit and peeped at Amy's face. Amy is confused of this sudden change yet managed to show a gesture to continue.

As if he is relaxed to see this Ryan continued: "But...My parents...they suddenly want me to get married.. and if I... don't show the marriage certificate to them within one week.. they'll choose someone else for me. I really don't want to marry anyone else other than Amy so I decided to meet you today."

Then his tensed visage loosened up a bit, as though he is relieved after explaining everything. On the other hand, Amy is marvelling at Ryan's ability to forge a fake story without batting his eyelids. In her mind she even made a salute to him. "Man..you should seriously consider a career in acting." She exclaimed in her mind.

When She Finds Love 9 The Meeting 2

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