Infinite Hate And Undying Love 29 Confusion

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As Atsit opened her eyes her body ached. Slowly she regained her consciousness and her rough memories. She now was faniliar with the pain emanating between her legs.

He had been very rough. No not rough but cruel. Yesternight she heard the wolves cry, and then she heard them come nearer and nearer and nearer. Fear had gripped her then. 'Would this be the way she would die', she had thought. Bur then these uniform clad people arrived out of nowhere. Then she realised that they were his army. Did he send them to end her forever? One of them held her hand and then everything went black.

Now that she realised the gravity of the situation, she looked around her. This looked like a cabin. There were curtains around two large wooden windows. She slowly stood up and turned aside the curtains to find the sunlight glistening amid the large trees and bushes. This was a forest.

She turned towards the door and unlocked it. It was open. The room led to a hall furnished well like her bedroom. Adjoining the hall was a large kitchen. She went inside to see all the necessary amenities there. There was a door inside the kitchen. She opened it to realise that this was a grand walk in freezer with various edibles. She promptly closed the door as it was very cold.
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She came out of the kitchen and went to unlock another door from the hall. This led to a grand verandah.

There were many bedrooms in this place. And each was stocked well with essentials.There were large walk in closets within each bedroom keeping many clothes, shoes, jewellery, bag, make up and what not. Also each bedroom had a grand bathroom also stocked with the essential things.

The cabin that she was there was rather small. Though it had large gla.s.s windows, it seemed to be unbreakable and not meant to be opened. There was bathroom attached and a cupboard that was empty. The only way to get out of this room was the door which was luckily open.

But this was another suspicious thing: Those people were clearly Lares' guards and they had surely brought her here. Then why was the door of the room kept open. And why was she kept alive and allowed to roam about.

She entered the verandah and stepped down the stairs. The forest was overlooking her. Should she run?

But where would she reach? If her past experiences were to count, each time she opened her eyes she was in a different world. Something akin to a different planet. And she surely felt that this place too was like on of those places.

Maybe there was no other human on this planet. Or maybe they were all his followers. Atsit was confused of the present situation.

Infinite Hate And Undying Love 29 Confusion

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