Mistake - A Naruto Fan-Fiction 28 Why?

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It's… odd… very… very odd.

Why is he even doing this? He doesn't know himself. All he knows is that he's doing the right thing. He can't let someone innocent die over something pointless again because… he himself had already dyed his hands in red countless of times, more than one could think.

Call this his repentance or whatever but, right now, he's risking his life just to get in contact with that little white-haired child he's supposed to have been killed countless of times already. He just can't bring himself to kill that child. Something about that child is rather special.

Xavier appeared in a bush, chakra and appearance completely concealed. He didn't hesitate to throw the card at the child sitting worriedly at the porch next to a high risk individual—also known as Itachi, before proceeding to escape in his rabbit henge and appear somewhere away at a considerable amount of distance, far enough to not sense the child's chakra.

This man in white could rest easy now, right? The child will escape, right? He can save one more life… right? Right?

Oh, how wrong he was—he didn't think he'd be found this quick. The air got knocked out of his lungs as he was lunged onto a boulder (the second time, actually—thanks to Kakas.h.i.+) with a hand wrapped around his neck. "O-Oh…! Hey…! Gee-sama…!" Xavier struggled to breathe, but he still kept a smile on his face under his mask.

"K̵̟͑ň̸̖̘̩̟̝͛͠ŏ̴̼̼͈̻͝ͅw̵̭̜̠̖͋̃̀͛ͅ ̷̮̖͔̌̒͘ͅy̸̰̼̹̿͋͛̓͝õ̴͈̱̻͌̏ͅũ̷̧̠͈̺̊͊̕r̶̯̻͌̿ ̵̖̩̱̓̐͋̉p̷͇͙̼̉l̶͌͆͜a̸͖͙̖̳͇̋͆ĉ̶̡̻͍͚̘ē̵̡̱̙̣͖̿̅,̵͉̓̈ ̸͇̝̻̼͙̑̾͊̓͒y̴̖̿̄̿́̔o̶̫̯͙͒u̶͙̅̓͠ ̴̜͘̕d̴̙̪̂̿̒̽̽e̸̹͇͔͊̄̌͘ṡ̴̪̪ͅp̵͕̬̟͗͝i̷̦̿͗c̵̨̩̗̤̳̃͋̒̄ȃ̴̱͕̟͍̥́̈́͗͗b̵̛͕͎̍̈́͗͜l̶̗̺̟̦͖͛̅̀̔̋e̴̗̲̒͆̀͋͝ ̴͚̜͚̽͗̿͆c̸̲̽͐̃h̸̪̔̈́͂i̷̞̫͔̜̤̍l̵̠͛͛̑͂͜d̴̻̳̟͚̖̅̂́̾͝.̷͇̣̄" This person just had to use that scary voice. How ironic, really—a figure no taller than a child is calling him, a young adult, a "child", but he's used to it. It has always been like this, ever since fate let them meet. Well, if fate could undo their meeting in the first place, it wouldn't be like this, would it? But they just had to meet.

And he finally showed his true colours, "I've been putting up with your idiot mind, and I know you're helping him." One golden eye stared at his brown ones, and he knew he wouldn't be able to keep himself sane anymore. "You'll be useful after this." The flaring golden eye showed sinister joy, and he knew what this meant.

He's caught.

It's game over.

He just had to meet this person.

Why him, of all people?

Tears started to flow down from Xavier's eyes. No one would be able to see his sorrowful eyes that are filled with regret and hatred. No one would be able to tell how he's feeling.

Why didn't he meet that child, Orion, instead? It's pleasant being with that child. Well, he did help the said child a few times behind "this" person's back, but he guessed that concealing himself wasn't enough. It didn't pay off. All of his hidden hope for that child instantly vanished as he knew that his memories are being erased one by one, becoming his puppet… again.

He can't help that something of a child anymore.

He'll be succ.u.mbed into this darkness from the figure in front of him.

No one would be able to save him from this h.e.l.l he's going through.


A teen stood in the midst of corpses, piles and piles on top of one another. His black hair covered his devastated features. He was trembling as his eyes trail on one particular corpse—it's not her, is it? Blood trailed from his steps as he took one step closer at the corpse, his body giving up as he finally identified the said body.

"O-Okasama…?" His voice cracked, tears are starting to stream down from his brown eyes. He fell down on his knees as he took the cold body closer, he gave a faltered smile, "Y-You're kidding me, r-right…? This is not true… right…?" He laughed, hugging his mother's cold body.

A heart-breaking scream echoed throughout the ruined village when reality finally sunk into him. His mother, his one and only mother… had already died. He's livid as he sensed a faint chakra not far from where he is—and it had to be him. Why didn't that a.s.shole die instead of his mother?!

Why her?

Why HER?

His a.s.shole of a father just had to live... and everyone else had to die. Well, sure, his father isn't really an a.s.shole, but he is now—for living, that is. He's probably just too mad to think straight, which led him to think this way. Then, soon enough, he cried himself until he fell unconscious.

His father, someone in his old years, stood up, clutching his stomach that has a gaping hole. He frantically searched for his whole family, mainly for his sons and wife, but he could only sense one person in the whole area. It's rather scary after witnessing… "that".

So it means that only one of his sons survived? Where's the other one? Well, he supposed that his adopted child wouldn't survive "that" rampage since that child is only a month old… but he's glad that one of them survived.

He then quickly used a swift technique to stop the bleeding from his stomach before proceeding to the direction to where he heard the scream came from earlier. He found his son, lying on the rubbles, holding his dear mother in his arms.

"I'm…" The father paused, holding back his tears, "It's… my fault… Xavier…" He was crying, placing a jutsu to his son with a single touch to let him sleep for a while longer, making sure to remove and replace every single thing his son's eyes had witnessed, only leaving one truth over the thousand lies.

After placing his son in a safe place, he gathered every single corpse from the once small village that is now in ruins before placing them in their graves, one by one. Of course, he couldn't name each and every markings, so he decided to leave every stone blank, except for his wife's—he carved a music note on the rock he placed on his wife's grave before casting a prayer for everyone… and before noticing that one particular body was missing.

He didn't have the time to find the body, so he simply created a small shrine for his adopted son, even though the child didn't deserve one. He then started gathering supplies from the ruins and placed them in a scroll before proceeding to carry his son on his back; to escape from 'the one who started this mess'. Before he could go across his village though, he saw the piano that he must absolutely keep.

He can't place it in his scroll since the scroll only has little s.p.a.ce left for the said thing so, what's better to do than pull the piano with him, right? Turns out it was a bad idea, but it's worth it. It's taxing, especially when going through forests and mountains. It paid off in the end when they finally arrived to Konoha. The Hokage there was really nice… and he provided them a house to live and he even sympathised with them for their loss. He even talked to him too.

Of course, the old man left out the part that he rewrote his son's memory for a much gruesome one to repent for his sin for not being able to protect him. He knew his son would hate him for it, but once he returns, he knew he'd be able to go peacefully by the hands of his son.

Sure enough, his son left without a notice, and then and then, he knew his time is coming. He considered his son dead, until the day he comes back arrives. He knew that his son, his supposedly successor, would do anything to get back to him.

When Xavier woke up, he knew he had to get away. It turns out that rewriting his memories didn't really work since… as a successor who's hungry for power, he's always stronger than his old man. He was able to repel the jutsu the moment it was casted upon him, and then and there, it was clear to him that his father was trying to make him hate him because of… hatred for himself, probably… and regrets, maybe.

Now that his mind is finally cleared though, he has lots to think about, to why he went on a rampage. He covered his face with his hands, ashamed of what he had done. He could still remember when… while in search for more ways to get more powerful in order to protect his future small village… he suddenly went nuts.


He's so mad to himself that his nails are starting to dig into his face. Blood was drawn but he still kept blaming himself… he couldn't stop crying. He could still remember… he could still remember that… when he wasn't in control of his body… he… he killed everyone.

Xavier could still remember the touch of her mother when she tried to stop him. She hugged him, even though he was struggling… and that single action brought him back to himself… but when he was back, he only saw his father's hand through his mother's chest.

His mother was smiling, telling him something… but he was already blinded by rage to hear her.

Right now, he just wanted to bash his head through a boulder… but he's too done with the world to do so. He's just gonna let himself die there.

Why must he experience all of this?

Why him?

It could've been anyone else other than him. He had such a perfect life… sure he was a jerk for being power-hungry, but all of that is for the sake of his future men.

His future family.

Speaking of family… where on earth is his younger brother? Going through his memories, he could clearly remember not seeing that adopted child in any part of his rampage. Well, maybe that child got crushed by the rubbles that flew… basically everywhere thanks to him.

He sighed, placing a hand over his eyes.

"What are you doing?" He heard a voice.

He didn't bother to look at whoever was talking, "I'm trying to die, go away."

"Why must you die when you can still live?" Judging from the voice, it's a child, but his words are rather mature than his age… so Xavier got a little too curious, making him take a look at the said person and, indeed, it's a child.

"Looks like you know about this world more than I do, lil' child." He said in absolute sarcasm.

"I actually do." The child blinked at him, "It just doesn't look like it right now. I'm still growing." Xavier thought the child was messing with him, but with the child's sinister look... who the h.e.l.l is this child? He just looks like a… what? 2-year old or something.

Wait… how can this child even talk? And… sensing the child's huge amount of chakra totally pushed out all of logic in his mind. What the heck? The child's as strong as him? What the f.u.c.k?

"Who the h.e.l.l are you?" Was all Xavier could say.

"Are names important? I don't really find them useful… even back then…" Xavier didn't really catch what the child said at the end because he was too baffled when he heard the child say that he doesn't understand the concept of names.

He immediately stood up from where he was lying down and looked at the child, "Seriously? Even if I'm actually half dead, I'm seriously concerned about you, what the heck?" He looked at the child straight in the eyes, "Let's call you Gerard. Gerard Rukas because you look like my missing brother. Actually, you look more feminine than that baby brother of mine."

Xavier took his time to look at the child in front of him. Silky and curly raven hair, brown eyes… and more soft features. The one that caught his eye the most is the child's mole under his left eye… which adds to the adorableness of the child.

"Gerard… interesting…" The child placed a hand under his chin, "Just like last time…"

Okay, this time, Xavier heard that. "Huh?"

"Going back here was really unexpected… but to have the same name as last time? Very intriguing." The child nodded.

"Anyways… I should probably get both of us out of here—"

"I could do that… I will do that." The child, Gerard, blinked and one of his eyes turned golden and, all of a sudden, they're in a blank s.p.a.ce—literally. "Oh, that still works, apparently…" The child tilted his head, as though this is completely normal for him.

"Okay, what the f.u.c.k?" Xavier breathed in, too shock to even move.

"Too vulgar." The child said, sitting on a couch that appeared out of nowhere.


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