The Kings Power 17 Time To Control Some Emotions Part 3

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When the prince suggested that they could start now, Snow thought he was joking, but she was quickly proved wrong when he led her into the training room.

Is was s.p.a.cius with huge windows that light shone from, different from the rest of the palace. The floor was made out of wood, while the walls was a light colour brown.

On the far side was a weapon rack, with different kinds of weapons to choose from.

When Snow looked up, she saw a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, the lights looked like diamonds s.h.i.+mmering in the sun, even though the lights were off.

"Ok, first we are going to start with blocking out all emotions, nothing can come through to you. You can't feel anything, because that can cause to lose focus, got it?" Noctis said, letting Snow snap her gaze back to him.

"Uh, yeah, but I mean, if I came here just to let you tell me that, then I could just as well train on my own," Snow said dumbfounded to which a smile began to spread on the prince's face, "well we wouldn't want that now do we?" he replied.

"Ok, take your stance over there, and when you're ready, we can begin" He told her, she positioned her sword right and was ready to begin.

Ok, now, I need you to come at me, but be unpredictable" Noctis stood still infront of Snow, waiting for her to attack.

Snow thought of the moves in her head, eyes flickering briefly over the places that she plans to attack.

That's when she moved, quick and efficient, coming in from the side, and just as she went in for the strike, he caught her by surprise and jerked her arm backwards in a painful position.

She clenched her teeth together to stop herself from crying out, she was not going to let him know she is in pain!

"You were too predictable, I could see the move coming from a mile away," the prince said before letting her go, only then did she release the breath she was holding.

She gave him a look for bending her arm that way, but she still wondered what she did wrong.

After seeing the look change from pain to angry and then from angry to confused he couldn't help but laugh a little before explaining, "Your eyes gave you away, even when they flickered to the places for seconds, I caught it, and I saw the pain in your eyes just now" he said, with a small smile on his lips, almost unnoticeable.

"No kidding" Snow mumbled, Noctis somehow caught it and burst out laughing, when Snow saw this, she was at first startled but then she too started laughing.

After a few seconds of laughter, they took their stances again across each other, "now, if you don't want me to figure out how you're going to come at me, I suggest you don't show me, so what you're going to do, focus on me, try to find where my weak point is, when you did that, come at me with lightning speed, but don't reveal anything on your face." Noctis explained again.

Snow gave a short nod, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, when she opened them, she focused on Noctis, just like he said, she didn't hear anything, only her breathing, she tried to find his weak spot, revealing nothing, not moving her eyes even the slightest.

When she found what she was looking for, she closed her eyes, took another deep breath, and without opening them, she moved with lightning speed, leaving nothing but dust behind.

When she opened them, she found herself standing before a smirking prince, holding her sword in one of her hands to his throat, and a dagger in her other hand to the back of his neck.

She smirked, it worked according to her plan, she sheathed her weapons and took a step back.

"Well done, you learn quick" he complimented Snow to which she smiled shyly, "thanks, I have a great teacher" and then it was Noctis' turn to smiled, not a small smile, or a fake one, a real, genuine smile.

"We're going to go again, but this time, I'm going to be blocking your attacks, so be ready" Noctis told Snow to which she gave a short nod.

They both took their places across from each other, and Snow repeated what she did last time, but instead she attacked him directly.

Noctis saw her coming but before he could register what was happening, they were rolling a few times, ending up with Noctis on top, both swords were drawn at each others throats, just like last time they were in this position.

Noctis then started figuring out what happend. When Snow came directly at him, she gave him the illusion that she was coming head on, but instead, she moved to the side and tripped him to give her the upper hand.

Unfortunately, her plan didn't work out perfectly, because when she tripped him, Noctis grabbed Snow and took her down with him, causing them to roll a few times, but he got lucky landing on top, otherwise she would have beaten him again.

"Nice move, except it backfired" Prince Noctis said jokingly, "well, if you didn't have such good reflexes, it wouldn't have backfired" Snow fired back with equal tease in her voice.

He smirked at her and just when she thought he was going to stand up, he leaned in.

"Oh, so you think I have good reflexes?" He whispered in her ear which made her s.h.i.+ver when she felt his breath so nearby.

"I-I-I didn't mean it like ththat" she stammered, trying to contain her emotions.

The prince liked teasing her, especialy when he could see her blush, she always looks so cute when she's fl.u.s.tered.

Noctis got up, and they started training again, every day Snow would come and they would train the whole day, taking a few breaks in between. Sometimes Snow would win, other times Noctis would win. Of course they weren't serious all the time, they would make jokes here and there, tease each other and sometimes just make each other laugh.

After a few months of training Snow mastered her ability to control her emotions and learning a few tricks or two, and in that time, she and the prince became very close.

Someone of course saw this, but they made sure not to reveal anything of what their thinking, keeping their expression neutral.

The Kings Power 17 Time To Control Some Emotions Part 3

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