My Sister 1 Chapter One

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I didn't know what I was looking for. No that's not it, it felt like I being pulled by an unknown power. It let me into the attic, but when I looked around I couldn't find what lurked me here but I turned to leave my eyes fell on a strange looking box and the box seem to glow. I couldn't think and I didn't control my body. I found myself kneeling and opening the box expecting to see something extraordinary but all I found was a book so old it seemed if I held it it will break and a rusted dagger and hair pin I think. Not knowing what I was doing I scooped everything a put in my bag. When I got down stairs and miss King greeted me a smile asking where I've been and that the cookies were ready I couldn't help but feel anxious and guilty. So u told her I was not feeling well and said my goodbyes and went home. Miss King is an elderly woman I met some few years ago when I just came into town she was nice enough to show me around and even help me get an apartment and settle in so taking these things without her permission makes me feel like I betrayed her
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My Sister 1 Chapter One

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My Sister 1 Chapter One summary

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