Celestial Of The Void 57 Demon's Pawn

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Fen Diao slammed down onto the earth after being wacked by the back hand from a small pale child with b.l.o.o.d.y red-eyes. His anger was close to exploding from never felt before humiliation as he glared at the pale child lazily hovering over him .

Before he could begin his retaliation by chucking his vial at Silver, that same b.l.o.o.d.y red-eyed child was tossed at his face. Just this surprising action gave him an unwanted b.l.o.o.d.y nose. However, the child jumped back onto him and began smacking him in the face before he could do anything else. Fen Diao laid there stunned while the pale child repeatingly spewed obscene words that have never been said to him in his life.

Most of them were to his so-called master, ancestor, family and dog as they held him down with one hand and smacked with the other in fervent rage.

"Is that all from you, ugly monkey!?" scoffed Che Myoga as he tossed Fen Diao into a nearby tree.

"Your daddy's going to teach you a nice lesson. Hope you like spankings. AHAHAHA!"

Fen Diao quickly swallowed a batch of pills as Che Myoga charged up at him, ready to back hand him to the face. A gust of dark qi swirled around Fen Diao, his body grew ma.s.sive and transformed into an ugly demonic being. He quickly thrusted his palm forward, smacking Che Myoga away.

His overly muscular and bulky body towered at the height of three meters as his empty left eye socket began regenerating. Three horns grew out his forehead while his emerald eyes shone in sinister light glaring at Che Myoga with ferocity. Taking a step forward, almost as quick as lightning, he slammed his huge fist down.

Fen Diao smiled as the dust flew up into the air, slowly settling down. However, the image of a squashed child wasn't there but only broken earth underneath his fist. With his new demonic instinct, Fen Diao immediately looked above him to see Che Myoga lazily hovering in the air.


Che Myoga stared at the transformed Fen Diao with a frown on his face, gathering his qi to his five fingers and palm.

Suddenly, Fen Diao stopped mid-air before Che Myoga could even strike. His body began changing again, rupturing everything within. Strong miasma poured out of his pores, wrapping him into a fog-like coc.o.o.n, instantly transforming his body again.

"Demon Transformation Pills," uttered Che Myoga, suddenly realising the true nature of the pills that Fen Diao swallowed.

"Hmph. A donkey of a master who left me here to handle this ignorant pest and finding out this pest is a p.a.w.n of the demon clan. I wished I never escaped from that dumb prison. Seems these pills are from that demon clan too."

"Hehehe. This is true power," exclaimed Fen Diao walking out of the dispersing miasma coc.o.o.n.

His physique had become well defined and toned, standing at 3 meters wearing his now ragged pants. No longer hideous but his face had become charming, beautiful and chiseled, complimenting his glowing emerald-green irises and his sword tailed eyebrows. His grey-skinned glistened under the moonlight. Three menacing horns protruded from his forehead that added to his creepy yet charming smile revealing a set of razor sharp white teeth.

'Rank 8 Demon Transformation Pills? Argh… this is truly more annoying than being a slave,' thought Che Myoga staring at the transformed Fen Diao.

"It's impossible to win now," chuckled Fen Diao smiling at Che Myoga with a triumphant look.

"I'll make you swallow those words you threw at me!"

"PURGING FIST," roared Fen Diao thrusting his fist at Che Myoga, who was constantly dodging his attempts to land a hit.

Che Myoga quickly smacked Fen Diao's hardened face every chance he got, laughing sinisterly while his opponent became angrier by the minute. He really never treated a p.a.w.n of the demon clan seriously, they were barely enough to let him use a percent of his skills. Albeit that demon clan was annoying to deal with, he wanted to have fun and some fresh air before getting back to Silver.

Each time Fen Diao got closer, Che Myoga would back hand his cheeks extremely hard to the point Fen Diao almost looked like an iron-tail chipmunk.


The two King ranked and an early-stage Emperor beast slammed against an invisible barrier, letting out a light whimper before attempting to shatter it again.

At this moment, w.a.n.g Qiang's face turned slightly pale watching the destruction play out as he continued to block more incoming attacks. Turning his head to check on his grandfather, w.a.n.g Bo, his face became paler.

His grandfather had blood dripping from the corner of his mouth, plus a few others, in an attempt to keep the barrier going. This year beast tide was definitely the worst out of them all, a true calamity for the city.

Every alchemist, including the grandmasters, travelled throughout the city to help those in need, healing those that needed healing using their Alchemy Division reserves.



**Shatter (sound of the barrier shattering)

w.a.n.g Bo and the others heavily fell onto the ground. w.a.n.g Qiang ran up to his grandfather, checking his health, inserting a rank 9 healing pill into their mouth. w.a.n.g Bo couldn't help letting out a groan from the momentary pain he felt when the barrier shattered. Although his cultivation had already reached late-stage Exalted Emperor, he couldn't contend against an early-stage Emperor Ranked beast physical prowess.

"w.a.n.g Qiang, gather the clan and leave first!" exclaimed w.a.n.g Bo in an anxious voice as he flew out to meet the emperor beast.


"Grandfather, you…" muttered w.a.n.g Qiang looking up at his grandfather, feeling a slight pain in his heart.


No matter how many years have pa.s.sed, he still remembers the time when he was very young. Always indecisive and wimpy during his teens. His grandfather always doted on him as time pa.s.sed, encouraging him to become the man he was today. He wanted to stay and fight but he understood that the clan needed him to lead more than ever, he couldn't put the burden on his son.

He fled the scene without noticing the tears his grandfather had shed.

"You've become a splendid man, my grandson," mumbled w.a.n.g Bo tightening his fist and staring at the Emperor beast.

"Emperor Blue Feather! Why have you broken our treaty!?"

"It cannot be helped. I no longer am the Emperor Blue Feather but an underling of that insidious demon clan!" informed Blue Feather avoiding eye contact.

"I can only do what my master has tasked me to do. I apologize."

"I see . . . well old friend, let us find out who truly is the strongest!"

"Yes, I'm better off fighting against a worthy adversary to the death!"


Silver continued to keep his back at the fight between Fen Diao and Che Myoga. Watching afar, using his divine sense, he saw the situation within the city. Without much thought, he caught Che Myoga after they got punched from the demonized Fen Diao.

"You play around too much," scolded Silver, tossing Che Myoga back at the demon Fen Diao.

"Finish it up."

"Imputenance!" shouted Fen Diao curling his right hand into a fist, ready to punch out at Che Myoga who was being tossed at him again.

"Hmph. Fine." snorted Che Myoga, turning his head to Fen Diao, curling his fist too.



The air between the two fists exploded as they touched, causing only a slight pause in the movements of the two opponents. Fen Diao furiously roared, and punched towards Che Myoga again. Dodging the straight punch, Che Myoga threw an uppercut at Fen Diao's chin, twirling him into the air.

He then jumped up into the air above Fen Diao, lifting his right leg and slammed his heel against Fen Diao's scalp plummeting him into the ground.


A bright red fist slammed into where Fen Diao laid, smas.h.i.+ng him further into the already shattered earth.

"He escaped. d.a.m.n that coward," grumbled Che Myoga peering into the empty hole. His face scrunched up in disgust, narrowing his eyes.

'We'll see each other again, demon clan's p.a.w.n.'

" What do you want me to do 'Master'," asked Che Myoga appearing beside Silver.

"I need you to a.s.sist those three," commanded Silver, scanning outside of the city with his divine sense. He immediately narrowed his eyes after finding the culprit of the beast tide. Even though he didn't intend to intervene, he also didn't want his sworn brother to lose his hometown either.

"I have important matters to attend to."

Che Myoga's eyes twitched slightly in anger, cursing Silver inside his heart. He had to babysit a bunch of ants without any ability to deny the order of his master's command. Fuming inside, he left quickly in case his 'master' wanted to torment him again.

Silver shook his head after Che Myoga left the vicinity, he too vanished in a single step to the edge of the forest outside of the city.

Celestial Of The Void 57 Demon's Pawn

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