Loving You Is Not An Accident: It's Destiny 256 A Promise To Trus

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Everything went smoothly after Clifford took over the Howards' business. His wife has been such a great help, since it is she who notices little mistakes that he or Gary mistakenly ignored. Aside from the family's business, he is also busy with the investigation of Ingrid's accident since he wanted to be involve.

His wife has no idea about this and he has no plans on telling her only until they've already caught the mastermind.

"Sir, it's time for the private meeting. Same place," he stood up and went directly to his private lift.

After fifteen minutes, they have reached their destination and after clearing the area, Clifford entered while Gary is following him. He greeted everyone in the room.

"Is there any development?" he asked.

"Ahh yes, there is… have you remembered the almost kidnapping incident at the young master's school?" Clifford nodded. "…we have already started to execute the first two plans… discreetly. His daughter is in our custody and he will do everything to get his daughter back." Griffith said.

"Good… what's the next step…?" his eyes glistened with excitement at the thought that anytime they will catch the mastermind in the very subtle plan.

Griffith and Vladimir looked at each other before Griffith answered.

"Ahh… sir, the next may be sensitive and I think we need to–" Clifford raises his hand to prevent Griffith to speak further.

"I know, I've already planned about it. Gary, make sure that you take care of that. I'll let you know when I've already done my part…"

All of them nodded in agreement. They continued to discuss the details of their plans and the back up plans in case that it won't work.

"Make sure, that you provide enough men for this and when everything is over, expect large sum of bonus to all of you…" then he stands up and left the place.


Ingrid was busy taking care of the twins when she heard a knock on the door.

"Come in!" she shouted.

"Good afternoon, madam…" Gary greeted.

"Oh, Gary, what brings you here? And what's that?" she is referring to a large rectangular box he is holding.

"Master Clifford asks me to bring it to you, madam and instructed me to wait for you to finish preparing for your surprise date for tonight…" he smiled fondly.

"A surprise date? My… that husband of mine… oh, how sweet of him… would you mind if I'll ask you to kindly place it in our bedroom? I'll just finish this…" she smiled in returned and instructed the maid to prepare the bath tub.

"I wouldn't mind at all… and it's a pleasure madam.. I shall take my leave and take your time. The master will be waiting for you…"

The smile on her face never left her until she went to their bedroom and excitedly opened the box. She gasp when she saw the dress. A Chanel black dress embellished with some Swarovski crystals, plunging neckline, bareback evening gown and a red Christian Louboutin pumps.

She squealed in delight. Hurriedly, she went to the bathroom to take an aromatic bath in the tub. The scent her husband really loved. An hour of preparation and she's ready to go.

"You look so lovely, madam…" Gary said admiringly.

"Oh you, flatter me… where are we going?"

"It's a surprise…"

It took them thirty minutes to reach the destination. They're in the dock and in front of her is the yacht given to them. Gary gently takes her hand to a.s.sist her while walking towards the entrance, until she reached the yacht safely.

"He's waiting for you inside, madam… enjoy your night."

Slowly, she walked on the pathway leading to the grand ballroom, while the waiters stood beside the path greeting her. Nearing the end of the red carpet, the lights suddenly dim and she stopped. A light focused on a man standing, his back facing her. She smiled.

At a snail's pace, the man faced her, with a red rose in his hands. He boyishly smiled and walked towards her. His gaze roams all over and her face goes red.

He stops in front of her and gives her the rose. It caught her breath away. She closes her eyes as she remembered the very scent she smelled before.

"You are so lovely, wife. Shall we dance?" he snaps and as if on cue, the violinists play. He guided her at the center, then placed his palm at her back while the other hand in clasps on her other hand.

"Do you remember the first time we dance together like this?"


"You slept in my arms…" and they both chuckled. "why did you sleep that time?"

"Ahh… I think it's your presence, it's calming at that time and well, uh… exhaustion overtaken my system.." she grins while he laughs heartily.

"Oh no… don't do that here, please?"

"Gos.h.!.+ No, I won't! I will enjoy every bit of this moment with you… I love you…"

"I love you more… and happy anniversary…" she gasps.

"Oh! I almost forgot… gosh… ugh! Effects of the anaesthesia, I think?" he chuckled again.

"I perfectly understand which makes this evening even more meaningful, love…" and they shared a pa.s.sionate and breathtaking kiss.

Ended their breathtaking kiss thinking that he may skip the dinner which is very important because they need energy for the whole night escapade. He leads her to the second part of the yacht where the candle light dinner of a five-course meal will be served.

The waiters started to serve the entrée and ate silently savouring the romantic ambience of the night. Since Ingrid loves wine, they served the best and it sparkles in the goblet. All the while, Clifford's gaze never left her. His eyes showed sincerity, pa.s.sion, possessiveness and at the same, what is it, sadness? Which he immediately dismissed and cloaks it with fondness.

"Is there something wrong, love?" inquired by his wife. He knew fully well, how sensitive his wife as to his emotions.

"None that I can think of…" he lied. He knew there is something that he needs to say, but it will only ruin everything. He sighed and then he stands up, leaving her all alone.

She was puzzled of his sudden change of mood. She feels it, he's hiding something and bit by bit pain crawls in her.

'Did he not trust me enough?' Preoccupied with so many thoughts that she almost jumps when she felt a warm hand on her shoulders.

"Come! I wanna show you a nice view." they went at the upper looking at the city lights, glistening. They silently stare at the view for a few moments when Clifford cleared his throat and spoke…

"There are two things I ask of you, wife…" she then looks at him expectantly.

"Hmmm… what is it…?" she heard him let out a deep sigh before he continued.

"That whatever happens, whatever you see or heard, choose to trust me and bear in your mind that it happens with a reason. The coming weeks will be so hectic that I will barely go home on time, but I will promise that I will come home every night or every dawn, even if it's late and it's my kisses that will always greet you in the morning. Because of that, I will fail to a.s.sist you with our children, I will fail to dine together with you and our children, but when everything's all over, we will live peacefully. I promise you that… and before I forget, I've something to give you." he takes something from his pocket.

"Close your eyes." Which she willingly obeyed. "Now, open your eyes," she saw a necklace hanging in front of her. "…if you choose to trust me despite everything that will take place in the future, then wear this…"

She stilled and contemplated. She feels anxious upon looking at the necklace that means a promise to her husband. A promise to trust. Five letters but it speaks of greater challenges that lie ahead of them. She lowered her head to think. After a while, she looks up.

They stared at each other as if by looking at each other, they could understand what each wanted to say. She saw the love in his eyes, pleading is well-shown in his eyes. Urging her to trust the very man she chose to marry. The man she ever loves.

"Yes, I will choose to trust you, no matter what… what's your second request?" she is already misty eyed. He then placed the necklace on her.

"No matter what happens, never, ever take this necklace away from you. It's a reminder, a symbol of our promise that we will trust each other until our last breath. And I thank you for everything, my love…" He then showed the same necklace he wore hidden on his tuxedo.

"It's me that needs to thank you, my love. You are the best blessing that I have received in my life and I will give my full trust and the confidence that you need from me. No matter what happens, you still have me… Oh! How did I deserve someone like you…" she cried out of an overwhelming emotion.

"I will tell you over and over again love, you will be more than enough to me… it is I, who will ask of that question, how did I ever deserve such a beautiful, brave and amorous woman like you for a wife?"

"Oh Clifford, my love, you leave me speechless…"

"I am? That's an honor! Knowing that you never run out of words…" he laughs then he took her by the hand and leads her the upper deck. He embraced her from behind, planting small kisses on her hair.

Loving You Is Not An Accident: It's Destiny 256 A Promise To Trus

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