Travel Back In Time With Super Intelligence System 19 Chapter 19: Vip And Arrogant Miss

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"okay, lets meets tomorrow".

saying good bye to his friends, he leave the cafe




On the way kaito ask

"So when should be right time to strike? Should we go now?"

"we should go in night, because he was seen at night in west part of the town near pub area".

"okay, but how are we going to get there? my speed and stamina has increase by 5 times than normal, but it will still take hours even and even if i use time energy it will take at least an hour"

"leave it to me, i have something i still need to show you so wait until the night".

after reaching home kaito had dinner and gone to his room and wait till everyone fall sleep.

"its already has been 11:00 pm, so everyone should have been fall asleep. let go out through window for safety".

kaito jump out to the back of the house through window, over the wall. He was wear a mask hiding his lower face and a hooded jacket.

"So now tell me how are we going to get their"

"wait for a minute, i am already working for hours on it".


then after a minute , a ripple of wave starts to form in front of him, its look like surface of river.

"WHAT? what is this?"

"you should have guessed by now, but maybe i overestimated you. Its a long distance teleportation portal, connected to west outer area of the town".

"So, this was your surprise. i have to say, its really a convenient skill".

"don't just stand there, its take lots of energy to open this portal and it about to close, so hurry up".

"you should have said it earlier?"

kaito then enter the portal, like going through the surface of water fall and exit behind a building in a alley.

"we really get there in a second, So where should we look for him ? do you any pictures of him?"

"No, i didn't have a real picture of him, but a image generated by collected data from sighting of people on the web and he seems to have superhuman strength. So just go to any public security camera, since all cameras are connected to each other, whole area can be easily monitored".

"okay, lets find a place with less crowd, that small resturent look less crowded, you can even use security cameras there".




???"What can i get you sir?"

"get me a coffee and use this card"

"Okay si... WHAT? A VIP CARD. sir you can have a private table on upper floor, where no one will disturb you"

"Oh, okay, thank you"

i didn't expect that this card is very useful.

"since we get the private table no one will disturb us there. Would i have to find a wire connected to camera or something again?"

"No, just sit near the camera, leave every thing else to me"


then after finding a seat below a security camera, he wait for Myl to do his work

???"Sir, hear is your coffee, if you need any thing else just ring the bell".

"okay, i will call you if need anything else".




"Are you done Myl?"

"yes, here it is"

then On screen Myl display all the live footage of the area, there 100 of camera in front of him in grid like pattern

"wow, how did you get to access to all those cameras? you know whatever you are doing is pretty illegal?"

"i am transcendent being, your society rules doesn't apply to me".

"but its to me, so be careful"




"its already been an hour, did you find anything ?".

hmm, its already so late, but this crowd seems like endless.

???"Abe, look at that kid, from the way he dressed look like some poor b.a.s.t.a.r.d, but how is he in VIP area"

???"Miss, may be came to this floor without telling anyone"

a girl same almost same age Rin, has green curly hair growing past shoulder like veins growing from tree, dressed like some movie star and a man little bit older than wearing black, who look like her bodyguard came through stairs on upper floor.

Myl do you have any info about them.

Yes, this girl is ichika hase, daughter of local gang lord, Endo Hase who has many illegal businesses and that man is no important figure, just a bodyguard.

Hmm, this girl has very good looks, but all of that looks ugly because of her disdainful att.i.tude.

then girl with her guard following her came toward kaito table

"hey kid, do you know where are you ? even your family's whole month salary would not be enough to pay the bills here"

"Miss, you shouldn't be that rude to a child"

"yes, may be you're right, its not his fault that he born a insect in this life"

kaito! i found our target, lets go

Okay, then lets go, i have already started to loose my patients.

"hey, where are you going? you little piece of sheet. Abe?"

"wait right there you brat"

kaito already p.i.s.sed off by listening to them, he already had to deal with this kind of people who always try crush people beneath who are lower than them, but he didn't want to messed up his mission so he was avoiding any conflict which could reveal his disguise.

???"Sir, wait a minute, here is your card, you are our now our higher cla.s.s VIP person, please come again here soon"

may be after seeing than i am VIP person, they will stop messing with me.

"i am busy so stop wasting my time, get out of my way".

but that girl was so angry and embarra.s.sed cause the kid she think is an insect who can be crushed beneath het feet is an elephant who can crush her beneath his feet.

"do you think, just because you little bit richer than me, i will stop. Abe capture him and take away his VIP card"

"yes Miss. Kid do not struggle, do as my Miss says or it will be painful fre you"

saying that he try to capture kaito's hand but instead kaito grab guard's hand and using his full strength, injured his hand and slapped the girl on face so hard that this echo through whole floor, then he just walk pa.s.s by them.

but Ichika was so angry and screaming at him

"how dare you touch me, Now you are dead meat"

but kaito didn't listen just go down to ground floor and walk outside".

"Miss, i don't think, he's a child, he broke my hand just by grabbing it"

"Abe, call Reo and tell him to meet me, this kid is dead and i going to make sure of it".

"So , did you got the location where is he"

"yes, just follow my lead"




then kaito reach a alley behind a bar

"No one is here Myl, did get the right location"

"may be, he already moved away from previous location, but don't worry, now i had his name, face, ident.i.ty Information, So we can find him easily"

"okay then lets just look around nearby, mayb..."


but it was so fast that kaito didn't even able to see what hit him, which send him flying toward the building behind, like a bullet leave a gun and crack open the wall.

???"you shouldn't have make our miss angry, kid. now look what have you made me do to a kid".

Travel Back In Time With Super Intelligence System 19 Chapter 19: Vip And Arrogant Miss

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