Travel Back In Time With Super Intelligence System 7 Chapter 7: Changing Destiny

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till all of between kaito and Myl has been decided, its already been 2 am. So he has gone to sleep.




Next Morning

alarm clock was ringing beside kaito's bed

kaito "what time it is ? what? it's already 7 pm "

sitting and yawning on bed, kaito thinking "what a wired dream, i died and travel back in future".

then go to washroom and saw his face in mirror, it was face of middle school kaito "h-----"

kaito "So it was not a dream"

Myl "No, it was not a dream. Now get ready, there are many things to be done."

showing lazy att.i.tude kaito said " yes yes, i know"

And start getting ready for school

after 15-20 minutes later go down to have breakfast with his family.

there was table with 6 chair, kaito take a chair and sat there, on his left his sister was having her breakfast.

On further chair a man of age around 35 years old is sitting there, he has eyes which hasn't sleep for very long time, face is gloomy, thin physique than normal people, but had good feature on face. He non other than kaito's father ken is.h.i.+kawa.

ken "good morning kaito, you came on time today, ha "

previously kaito used to always came late for breakfast and his sister has to always go to his room to wake him after breakfast.

ken "So, how is your studies are going ? don't forget, you have final year exam after 3 months"

listening to his father's words trigger a grim expression on his face, because that is the time when Ms. Aoi get murdered.

ken "it's okay if you're not prepared, you don't have to make that face, you still has 3 months for preparation"

kaito "it's okay dad, i just had a bad sleep"

and with determination in his eyes he said " And I'm completely ready for my final year exam".

ken "Good, and what about you Mio ? kaito is not giving you hard time again, is he?"

without saying anything mio get up from the chair and starts to get out of that room, but just before going out she said "No" in frustrated voice.

kaito is thinking "she might be embarra.s.sed because of yesterday" and then someone from the behind hit him on the head.

??? "what have you done this time ? Making your sister angry again"

it was kaito's mother Mrs. Hina is.h.i.+kawa

kaito "Mom, i haven't done anything, ask sis if want to"

Mom "stop lying, eat your breakfast and go to school, your sister is waiting for you and ken stop spoiling him".

dad in very low voice says "but i haven't done anything"

kaito "okay"

after eating his breakfast, he grab his bag and get out of the room

kaito "bye Mom, bye Dad"

ken "Hey Hina, don't you think kaito behaving different than normal today"

Hina "No, i don't think so. And you eat your breakfast, we both are getting late"

kaito has gone to entrance, where Mio is waiting for him.

Mio "what are you doing, we are getting late. i don't want to get late for school, lets go"

kaito "ok"

after a minute later

kaito "Sis, are those boys always annoy you"

Mio "yes, but don't you try to be hero again, your luck will not be always gook, got it"

kaito "don't worry sis, i will not create problems for you from now on, didn't i tell you yesterday?"

Mio is still embarra.s.sed because of yesterday, she knows that kaito is the one who saved her from those boys, she is embarra.s.sed to accept it.

Mio " yesterday, you are only acting like hero, you are lucky to not get hurt, don't try to stunts like this again".

kaito "okay, i understand, but aren't you just embarra.s.sed, because i saved you yesterday".

Mio "shut up, go to your school alone from here, i am taking this route to my school"

without waiting Mio just walk toward another street.

kaito "well, its seems she doesn't hate him that much now. Myl there is something, i want to discuss with you"

Myl "yes, what is it?"

kaito "i Want to change my destiny this time, i don't repeat mistakes from my previous life. Means we have to get rich and create higher status in this world for us, it also eliminate many unknown threats for us and also i have to get stronger and have a plan to save Ms. Aoi from getting killed. Will you help me in this?"

Myl "you already accepted me as partners in crime, so ofcourse i am going to help you and you are right, we have to create higher social status for us and for that we have to get rich. i already seen you how are crying over that Aoi girl. even if i reject you still going to try to help her. Right?"

kaito "yes, you are right, hahaha" doing fake laugh

just when he is discussing with Myl, boys from yesterday waiting for him on his way with 5 some older college boys to beat.

kaito "so you didn't get the message yesterday. Well, i am happy to give you lesson again".

older boy who look like a leader "you are the one one who pull trick on my brother yesterday. you shouldn't have done this. you are not going anywhere without getting paying debt from yesterday".

kaito "Myl, we are getting late for school, So lets get over with them little fast"

saying that kaito activate his power on 50 % and beat them all within seconds, then kaito grab there leader by collar "don't ever try to mess with me and my sister again, do you understand, answer me"

Leader trembling painful voice "yes i understand, but how did you do this?"

Kaito "what else, i am martial artist"

saying that kaito activated his power and ran away toward his school, getting completely vanishes before their eyes"

Leader "Neil(younger brother), try to never mess with him again and also tell your friends"

thinking in his mind martial artists are strong and dangerous people

Travel Back In Time With Super Intelligence System 7 Chapter 7: Changing Destiny

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