I Am The God Of Games Chapter 359

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Chapter 359 Read the Room, Please

Straightening out from Princess Leah's punch, Edward no longer hesitated as he led their group down the Elven Synchronized Intellect Nation (SIN) dungeon.

There were many Players who had entered the dungeon by now, obtaining stacks of exchangeable items which they used to redeem various wood elf items from the wood elf elders. The elders therefore had to transport those exchangeable items back to Trinia directly so that the items would not be lost because they were piling up over here.

That being said, it was not only the wood elf elders who were feeling pain as they watched as the Players carry a truckload of dungeon exchangeable items through the sp.a.w.n points back to Trinia—Xi Wei, who was watching from his divine kingdom felt the pain too.

After all, the Players were still not afforded convenient things such as item bars, parcels or backpacks.

While those things were a common thing to have for games back on Earth, the backpacks in most RPG games could hold a lot of things while keeping itself unconstrained by gravity. It was normal and not surprising for players to carry over up to hundreds of potions or up to three sets of equipment. It was fortunate that the natives of this world had not played those games and therefore knew nothing about backpack or item barsif this had been Earth, the developers would have resigned from the Players' toxic complaints. Even though it was not as if Xi Wei did not want to give that to the Players, he decided to give up after some research.

While the G.o.d of Games had more or less involve himself with the Authority of s.p.a.ce, it was regrettable that such a minor connection was not enough for him to create backpacks.

Even the Authority of Transmigration-Xi Wei's greatest gimmick was not useful this time around.

Of course, it was not as if there was no way to exploit loopholes. If Xi Wei could take control of someone else's divinity, he could naturally cut it into demiplanes to be used as the Players' backpacks to store their items.

However, not only did Xi Wei not have any divine kingdom fragments at the moment, but if he really had some that could be used for a new dungeon which the Players would slowly dismantle to absorb the divine power it held… was said divine power not useful to Xi Wei himself? Why would he invest it on the backpack system that provided no benefit?

At first, Xi Wei had lost all hope toward the idea of such a system and had no intention of involving himself with this Authority before ascending as a Greater G.o.d, but the Elven SIN had allowed him a glimpse of hope.

Since the Elven SIN itself applied profound spatial technology, as long as XI Wei could gain full control over it to study the spatiality within, Xi Wei could a.s.sign quests to the Players and have them prepare the necessary materials even if the did not embody the Authority of s.p.a.ce.

After that, he just had to work a little and earn even more divine energy…

And that was why Xi Wei was so keen on claiming the Elven SIN.

Unlike their first time in the Faint Crystal Stratum where they had to feel around as they moved forward, the Players who were entering the first stratum mostly knew the place thanks to shared minimaps. Edward's group could therefore run straight down to the entrance of the Deep Wall Stratum, blasting their way past the out-of-control automatons.

And since they were the once who cleared the Deep Wall first, Edward's group was untroubled, and they soon reached the Dark Sky Stratum once more!

Even now, that stratum had yet to be cleared even though many Players had now reached


Still, it was worth mentioning that Mufasa who was still down there had yet to be killed.

Be that as it may, even as he continued floating upwards, he had inadvertently startled a certain ‘flash'—in other words, a particular monster that shone quite brightly. And despite it being so far from Mufasa that he couldn't see its name, Mufasa could still sense the profound danger from it, prompting him to quickly float upwards, das.h.i.+ng away in the other direction.

Nonetheless, given that maps wouldn't work in Dark Sky, Xi Wei had specially granted the Players' System a minor function similar to a treasure detector. Once a Player activated their beacon, the System of other players in their party would show response when they were facing toward that Player's position.

And thanks to that function, Edward and the others managed to determine Mufasa's location and began to make their way toward him-even though there was no telling how far he was.

After Edward's group had been routed in their first attempt into the Dark Sky and thanks to Mufasa's information, the Players now abandoned their usual vocal communication, resorting to using the forums instead.

As such, the posts on the top page of the forums were all internal conversations of frontline parties.

Naturally, Edward and the others made an entirely new post as well.

(Edward: Although you would sink downwards slowly in Dark Sky, moving your limbs as if you are swimming would slow yourself from sinking or stop that altogether.] [Edward: That is how we will make our way to Mufasa while making minimal sound.] (Leah: What about formations? What if we run into an enemy on the way?]

(Edward: Joe will carve a path ahead. Have your spirit familiar run ahead, but remember to keep it in spirit form. Most living creatures won't sense it in that state, and we would have time to react even if we run into a monster.)

(Joe: No problem.]

[Edward: Doug Ag, you're taking the second position. Help Joe with damage output once we found a monster, and kill it before it could make noise. And don't enchant your arrows because that stuff s.h.i.+nes.]

(Doug Ag: This whole place is so dark. It's miserable for hunters like me who depend on their vision.)

(Edward: Get used to it. The experience we gain today would definitely be useful for future battles.]

[Edward: Princess Leah will be third, staying in the middle of our formation. Once Joe realize that we can quickly finish off our enemies ahead, we would have to trouble you with buffs.]

(Leah: Rawr.) [Edward: ???]

(Doug Ag: I think she meant to type ‘okay' but her fingers slipped.)

[Leah: Okay.)

(Edward: Jessica, you'll be fourth. The combat skills of Holy Lancers are not very subtle, so you should work mainly as a healer and bring back anyone who dies as soon as possible.)

(Jessica: Got it.]

(Edward: Leave the rear to me. I will warn everyone if something's wrong.]

(Edward: That's all I have to say. Let's do this! Clear the dungeon in one life!]

(Joe, Doug Ag, Jessica: Okay-]

[Leah: But didn't you guys all die once before except Jessica…]

[Edward, Joe, Doug Ag: …] Please read the room, Your Highness!

I Am The God Of Games Chapter 359

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