Trinity: Omniverse Traveling Cat 53 Sweeping Hogwarts' Clean

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After another rapid apparition during the dinner, he bolts to the seven floors once again after having thought of something.

'Salazar had makes his own room in the castle, who says the three others didn't?'

Pacing in front of the blank wall three times while thinking of all the hidden and forgotten rooms the castle had, a heavy-looking steel door appears out of the wall. When he pushes it rather than leading to amother room like the other time, it was a long corridor with multiple doors lining the two sides. Alex couldn't help the giddy feeling rising from his guts at this. Starting by the right side, he pushes the first door.

As night was starting to fall on the castle, the room was plunged in semi darkness by the windows on the left side but not enough to hinder him. Looking in the room, he saw nothing out of any other cla.s.sroom, climbing the seven steps leading to the professor quarters at the front of the cla.s.s, he enters the private room. Inside was the vestige of an occupied room. A trunk was still open, letting anyone see its content, few books were on the desk along with a stationary. When he sees the book, he understands that it must have been a previous DADA professor, who hadn't the time to gather its things.

"Shouldn't his personal things been put in the room by the castle elf?"

"No master, elves don't want to touch think of cursed wizard."

"Are you speaking about the curse Voldie had left on the position?"

"Yes, master."

"Would something happens if I take something?"

"No, it just elf who don't want touch nasty wizard stuff."

"Oh? Well then."

A minute later, the room was clean of any stranger objects. Opening the next door, he sees that it was a similar case, so for the next sixty-seven room, he clean left behind personal objects, stacking them in one of the still empty expanded room of his storage. After those rooms, he sometimes opens forgotten cupboard that Finch didn't know the existence of and containing nothing more than actual broom and bucket who soon became wooden block or metal one. He also stumbles on students' experimental room, founding melted cauldrons, gunk of rotten undescriptive matters, everything was recycled, given some frightening poison, extracted off centuries olds rotten blob of failed potion attempts.

Thankfully, he also found lost small library of a time where that castle was housing more than it's messy three hundred plus inhabitants. He actually found subsidiaries' commons room that still exists and must be linked to the actual ones. While the one of Gryffindor gives mothing more than a few weapons, mostly dagger, knives, and four or five swords, the three others were treasure troves.

He obtains a few dozen secure boxes clinging money when shaken from the Badger den, and if he could trust the thing written on them, those were used by past students to pool their money for the older years smuggling business. As years past, those where forgotten, make them open new ones who in their turn became lost, feeding the circle.

From the Snake pit, he gains quite the collection of old, now banned artifacts, some books, and supplies.

But his biggest hit was the libraries of the raven nest. Old and now rare book on a plethora of magic arts. If he was to count them, he would have known that he earns them in hundreds. Along with his clan, those ones form the chamber, those and the ever-increasing among from the mundane greatest libraries across the world, he s about to get the most complete collection of work of the past millenary.

At this point, he was completely mind-numbed by his holding of the day. When he looks at the corridor, he saw that he had nearly cleaned it but at the end of it, few feet far, the last doors were the largest and bear three easily recognizable crest, a roaring lion, a soaring eagle, and a digging badger.

His hand badly shaking, he pushes his house crest bearing door. What was revealed, was a large bedroom sporting a huge four posters bed and gold and red bedding. On the walls, s.h.i.+ning battle-ready weapons. For their intense and smooth glittering, the blade must have been made of silver, engraved with a central runic line, not dissimilar with the blade he obtain the previous day. After wrapping each of them in clean clothes, and storing them in a unique wooden case imprinted with a lion crest on the surface, Alex proceeds to the door.

Like for Salazar quarters, a small library with its desk was present, looking around before storing them, he sees that those books deal with only one subject, wars spell. Those special spells created to bring an immense amount of destruction at the cost of great magical consumption. He shudders at the idea of what Tom would have made of such spells during the war. Like the previous weapons and the books on Pa.r.s.el magic, he carefully organizes the books in st.u.r.dy crates lined with padded interior.

In the last room was a mindblowing amount of s.h.i.+ning gold coins. Not Galleon, but actual gold coins coming from what seems different now European countries along with gems and not a small collection of says countries weapons.

-It seems that this G.o.dric fellow was either a warmongering man or a conqueror, perhaps both.-

"Hmm." Nodding at this more crates appear, swallowing the treasure of past between their wooden walls. Once sure he cleans the entires room, he stops for a moment before taking the bed too.

Once outside, he chooses the badger den next. Seeing the similar disposition of the room, the three surely have spoken among them before creating them. But unlike G.o.dric one, the bedroom was only housing a large bed with a warm yellow, black stripped bedding. Going for the study first, he falls with a room full of preserved potions and books on healing art, and for his greater joy, different books than that of Salazar. Storing like the previous, he calls for the same elves to take the potions to the territory reserve.

Going to the other room, rather than golden coins, he sees different and ancient artifacts that were taken out of the room by Alex.

As he faces the last room, he enters the raven nest, collect the bed and go for what happens to be a staggering amount of books on Wards, runes, arithmancy, and ritual. Regretfully, a majority of them were already in his hand, via the clan. Still, he gathers them and stores them away. In the next room, even larger stacks of golden coins were surrounded by the largest wards stones he ever sees, some even reaching his midsection. The stones were priceless as they were completely blank. Too large to enter his crates, he just stores them as they were while coins rains in those wooden boxes.

Before he returns to his room, he exits the room of requirement and attempts his last idea. When the room responds to his wish he barely holds himself for madly cackling.

-What did you ask?-

'I have swept the castle but not Hogwarts!'

-What are you saying, that the same thing.-

'No, they are not! While the castle is Hogwarts, so is the ground around it! The lake is connected to the sea, otherwise, Dumstrang s.h.i.+p wouldn't be able to make it way in, that signifies that it's perhaps no the sole s.h.i.+p to have made is way in!'

When they enter, Sunny, who until now, has stayed quiet, drop his board at the sight, while Alex nearly faint and Cs was busy cursing the later luck. The room that the castle had used was ginormous, but again, why it wouldn't be at least that size to House what could be easily cla.s.sified as a s.h.i.+p's cemetery.

s.h.i.+ps and boat of all size from all ages but sharing a common trait, they where all wars.h.i.+ps. Roman, Viking, German, Spanish, Venitian, and greeks s.h.i.+ps were present here, all from the magical communities of the past. Looking at those battle scars covering the s.h.i.+ps, gooseb.u.mps grasped Alex. Unwilling to destroy those glorious mementos of the past, he turns toward Sunny.

"Do we have a place to keep them?" Ask him a clear expectant feeling present in his voice.

"Yes, the clan have a s.h.i.+pyard on the bank of the lac, but there is too much of them, we can't take them all.

Hearing this, he was fr from being dejected that he couldn't take all off them, even he hadn't planned to do so.

"Would it be enough to keep at least one of each?"

Rather than responding, the elf pops in all the room, looking at each of them before returning. Sadly shaking his head as it was impossible for him to realize his master wish. When he sees him, Alex thinks for a moment before making a choice.

"If we can't now, then, we will only have to wait until we can. For now, let just take everything inside them. They would not move from where they are, so in the following months we will build another closed s.h.i.+pyard to keep them all, I wanted to start creating ... That it! Why didn't I think of it earlier, I don't need to create runic circle myself, I can just craft them! Spells can wait, I have already my elemental magic, I time I start to look in runic schemes! Alright, it already late, let wrap this tonight!"

In the following hours, Alex and co became a blur, hopping from s.h.i.+p to boat, cleaning them like a swarm of locusts, leaving only the damaged s.h.i.+p behind. At first, he didn't expect much from them, seeing that they where wars.h.i.+p, but, oh boy he was wrong.

Inside the roman s.h.i.+p, other than mountains of bones in full armors, he found that they where wizard too, and each of them has a wand. Because of their immersion until then, they hadn't rotten, so Alex calls for reinforcement, it was the entire army of Evans elves that fall on the s.h.i.+ps, taking away their precious cargo, to make sure that they wouldn't be damaged by being exposed to the air.

From the Spanish, german, greek, and Venitian s.h.i.+p, he could only salvage weapons and armors alongside very little of information inscribed in beast skin and preserved in sealed containers. While the preservation spells have long since fade, the unsealed containers that weren't damaged have successfully achieved their missions.

It was the Viking s.h.i.+p that gives him the most gains out of this, like their warrior's side, the wizards Vikings have h.o.a.rded their wars gains on their s.h.i.+p, taking their treasures down with them. It was literal mountains of gold, silver, and other precious ores and gems that were collected out of them. Completely exhausted from the day, Alex was poped in his bedroom at five A.M in the morning by Sunny, after a hot shower and wearing his mew onesie reserved for the night of great victory, he immediately falls asleep the instant his head touch his pillow, sporting a loon wide smile on his face.

Trinity: Omniverse Traveling Cat 53 Sweeping Hogwarts' Clean

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