Trinity: Omniverse Traveling Cat 58 Fall From Grace 2

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-You're alright buddy? It was a rather nasty fall, you got me scared for a second there.- Says CS worried for Alex.

'It nothing, only some flesh wounds, compared to those times in the void and the tube, but he seems rather impatient, the next full moon is in four days and I have detention with Snape at that time.'

Stopping his faked limping and raise his head while straighten is back, he takes out some balm from his storage, applying some on his bleeding wounds. He didn't show up in cla.s.s this day, racking in some more detention and points loss. Being Tuesday, a seeming sick Remus gleefully gives him detention on the following

The day after this blatant attempts of murder leave the place to more and more brash and physical attacks. Purposefully or not, all of those partic.i.p.ating in this immoral act was of the lion house, seeming to take a sick pleasure to torment the boy, completely forgetting his abnormal meek behavior after tearing down more powerful people than him.

For those four days, Alex didn't raise his voice a single time, much less even speaking. Knowing what would happen, he makes sure to tell Sunny to not send his meal in the great hall knowing that they would be throw away and added with some unnamable things.

What more shocking was the fact that, other than James, it wasn't first or second years you actually aim for a physical wound but older ones, knowing full well what their act is. Even if the wizarding law doesn't recognize thirteen years old responsible for his actions, but fourteen years ones are, thus punishable to the full extent of the law. Among his own aggressors, the Weasley twin was the first to act against him. Unable to go for his personal effect has he didn't join the other first years, even after ordered to do so by his Head of House they move for the next level.

While physical, their action didn't take the form of external damage but an internal one. After sneaking in Snape potion supplies, they have actually poisoned him. It was the same day as James attack, striking in dinner's time. At first, Alex was completely unaware of the fact and eat normally, it only after taking the first bite that he sees the corrupted silver of his fork. His bracelet warning him too late.

Abandoning his meal, he darts straight to the first alcove present in the empty hall. After successfully called for Sunny and taken to his room, the elf has pa.s.sed the night at his bedside, curing him of what happened to be undiluted Acromantula venom. The poison says to be one of the most potent among those easily available on the market. Only the awful state of his master have made Sunny calm down to give it full attention, but not forgetting to send an elf to know who have dared to poison him.

It didn't take long for that elf to see who was the culprit as he successfully retrieves the half-empty vial out of their pocket. Since Alex always arrive before them, it could only mean one thing, a Hogwarts elf have to sneak it in. Knowing that the rest of his elves have been observing every single one of the castle, to know who was against their master.

Seeing that they where ready to go as far as murder, Alex could only harden at the choice he made. While everything was ongoing, he could see that this was eating Hermione on the inside to be nothing more than a pa.s.sive observer of this but it was a necessary lesson for her. If she can take it and rise rather than crumble under the pressure, he would be a little more confident for the following years to come.

If she couldn't take it, then what will soon follow would be the last blow that can destroy her. He was conflicted to let a twelve years old be submitted to this but he needs her ready to protect herself and see that not all your enemies are the oblivious ones.

He needs the entire night to purge and recuperate from the poison, thankfully, even undiluted, it didn't stay long in his system to do real damage, even then, it only thanks to his magic and superior body that it only take that long.

The twins were clearly displeased that they didn't put him down with this but didn't lose hope. In three days, he faces attempts after attempts on is life. each more blatant than the previous but still any actions were taken by the staff. He was known at the time that taking Dumbledore down would have a consequence but he didn't imagine that the sheep mentality has made them that blind.

When noting was published in the Daily Prophet on this, he knows that either someone was interfering or the entire of Hogwarts was at least accomplice to the crimes by not contacting the DMLE. With the help of a slip, Susan had made his know that she tried to speak about this to her aunt but she either didn't listen or never receive the letter.

It had no sway over Alex but he was glad that they were still with him, at least for the moment. When came, his entire day was planned from the morning to late the night with detention. He would be starting with Snape for three hours, then free to eat before serving his one with McGonagall, Lupin, and finally Hagrid.

Like any other time, he was told to scrubs the potions waist covered cauldrons, but unlike any other times, Snape was actually brewing a potion. The first thing that alert Alex was the evident bubble charms displayed by the fumes when they near his face. The second was the insidious creeping of a foreign origin against in s.h.i.+elds.

He was at first thinking that it was just a coincidence but when the feeling was ever-present even after changing of cauldrons and his position as of Snape, he knows that he was a part of today's plan.

Done with his task he immediately goes for a rapid meal, when his bracelet sends a strong warning to his mind as he was bringing his goblet to his lips, he didn't break his motion, faking to drink the content while it was sent in a vial in his storage as he gazes inconspicuously at the staff table seeing three pairs of eyes on him at the moment.

'So the snake, the cat, and the Were, I should know.'

-Do you think the oaf know?-

'No, he would have alerted me with bad acting, he must surely have been told that I'm dangerous and need eyes on, want to bet he will take me in the forest under the full moon?'

-I don' take sucker bets.- Deadpan CS. - Be careful tonight, I'm sure that lupin will take his potion but be in the wood tonight and attempts to bite you.-

'I know, I need Sunny to take the two girls to my room tonight, I won't let them being a target even when they are that far of me at the moment.'

His following detention with McGonagall, who turns out to be a boring and rather pitful attempt of the witch to bring in him in a false sense of security, under the pretense of a tea party. says tea laced with the same potion Snape had brewed the morning. Like his drink, he stores it in safety after the lightest sip to understand its aim.

Observing the effect of the potion and the words of the witch, he came to know that he potion was targeting the host mind, making it more pliable to suggestion. Had his mind clouded by the potion, he would have been under McGonagall's attempts to know about his magical guardian, the location of his Gringotts Key, the number of his vault, the address of his house, all his secret. When the question of him being a Were never rises, he understands that Lupin never says a word about this.

He was happy to have taken everything of importance in his storage when it came to his wand. Faking the success of the potion, he responds to her that his key was with his guardian, that says guardian was actually in America and named Chuck Norris, his wand has been broken during his fall in the stair and that his vault numbers were the same as the pa.s.sage between the mundane and wizard place in King Cross.

When it came time for the one with Remus, he was given a letter from McGonagall she had written during her interrogation, to give to the Were.

For this one, he didn't know what to expect has the man was clearly not in shape to a.s.sume cla.s.s, less a detention. When he was given another drink by the man, he refuses it, clearly stating that he wouldn't take anything coming from him. Seeing that his expression didn't change, he was surely knowing that he would refuse. Without any warning, a spell hit him in the chest, binding him in conjured ropes before the beverage was forced down his throat. He was only able to store two-third of it, the rest dropping in his stomach before acting. Before he could feel the effect of the potions, he bit as hard as possible on the offending hand that was locking his jaw painfully under the unrestrained grasp of the Werewolf, drawing blood. He could feel himself losing his control over his body, feeling as if they were in cotton.

Seeing the boy's body relax rapidly after the potion was ingested, Remus let a smirk appear in his pained face, nursing his hand and cursing the boy before he starts to search him. Seeing that he didn't have a wand, not wand holders hidden he sighs. Taking a wand on his desk, he put it on him, thanks for the information of Olivenders, they know what to look for, should he didn't have his wand at hand at the moments they need it. With a stunner, he leaves him in the room, after taking the rope out and a 'obliviate' charms at his head.

Trinity: Omniverse Traveling Cat 58 Fall From Grace 2

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