WAR-Destiny Of Future 121 Chapter 113 - Underground Dungeon.

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Sky, Chris, and Seito walk into the secret entrance that leads them to a really huge underground maze dungeon.

"Wow, who would have imagined there would be such a place under this ordinary old folk home." said Seito who is amazed by the sight.

"Shhh... Be cautious, this place is more dangerous than you could think of." said Sky, with extra caution.

"Mmm... This is an old dungeon after all, no one knows what kind of traps were placed in here." said Chris.


"And so, you will be walking in front of us." said Chris while patting Sky's shoulders.

"Mhm... Wait what?! Are you telling me to test the trap?" said Sky.

"Nope, just that I believe in your judgment and perception at choosing the correct path. Most importantly, I have been standing out too much recently." said Chris, in a rather casual manner.

"If you say so..." said Sky, then he closed his eyes and feels the airflows around him.

"This dungeon is a big square consist of twenty-five different small parts which are all in two times two meters square, five parts of the twenty-five are solid walls, like the one right there, thus leaving twenty open areas. But two of those open areas are occupied by some unknown things. And another two leads to a door." said Sky.

"Hmm... Based on what Sky said, I can see one of that door is at there." said Chris while pointing straight in front of him. Yes, indeed, a door can be at the far end of that direction.

"But I have a feeling this door is actually a fake, so, we should be looking for the other door. Based on my a.n.a.lysis, I believe the other is at that other corner diagonally opposite from here." said Chris.

"So, we should take the other path, I see." said so Sky stepped to the other direction, however the moment he stepped on the boundary of the two parts, Chris pulled him back, then the ground at that part crumbled and falls apart.

"Seriously, I almost thought I could depend on you, be more cautious." said Chris, a bit irritated.

"Ahahaha... Don't mind about that." said Sky.

"Is there a way to pa.s.s through this big gap?" Seito ask.

"I don't think so. Did you bring your gun with you?" said Chris.

"Yes, I did." said Seito.

"Try to shoot to the opposite side." said Chris.

And so, Seito followed Chris's instruction and shoot the area across the fallen ground, the bullets repelled as they touched an invisible wall at the boundary of those two connected parts.

"There, you have your answer." said Chris.

"Then, let's take the other path." said Sky while ruthlessly walking towards the other path but getting pulled back by Chris again.

"I have a feeling that my words did not get you." said Chris.

"Haha! Don't worry, I know what I'm doing." said Sky before stepping across the boundary of the two parts, nothing happens.

"Safe!" said Sky, rather proud of himself. Then the two followed him.

The part they are currently stepping on is in between the main wall and that two times two meters square solid part. That two meters long of the walled path gives a tense feeling to whoever is pa.s.sing through it, as they can't see what is at the turning point.

"You two stay here, I will go test out the next part in front of us." said Sky.

Then he walks toward the next part, nothing happens until he reached the center of that part. As soon as he stepped on the center, about hundreds of spears pierced out from the ground, however before they could hurt Sky, he pulled a sword from the air and slashed the spear into small pieces.

"Finally gets into the mood huh?" said Chris while walking towards Sky. Sky did not respond to Chris, he is staring straight to his left, which is the turning point.

"Hmm?... Ah... This is unexpected..." said Chris as he saw what is on the left side.

What they saw is a big swarm of goblins that are trapped in between two solid walls with two tall steel gates in a two times two meters square s.p.a.ce. As soon as they saw the intruders, they start getting violent and cras.h.i.+ng themselves to the steel gate.

"Hmm... I actually wonder how they survived trapping in here for years without any food and water." said Sky.

"Perhaps there is someone who actually feeds them." said Chris while staring hard at the goblin.

"But that's not quite possible, right? After all, this place was supposed to be abandoned for years."

"Well... I guess the rumors are real after all." said Chris.

"You mean... Ah... I see." said Sky.

"So, what should we do? Change the path?" said Chris while pointing at the other direction that leads to a locked door which was denied by Chris just now.

"Nope. We will break through these goblins. It's quite boring to just pa.s.s through this dungeon without any clash." said Sky, a bit fired up.

"Ah... Whatever, as you like." said Chris. Then he casually pulled a silver rod out of thin air, while Seito took out a gofu and transform into his gladiator form.

Sky slashed open the tall gate and released all the bewildered goblins, then all the goblins rushed out their imprisonment only to be sliced into pieces like fruits.


*Something out of the story

Sky: "Dear readers."

Chris: "Hmm?"

Sky: "This chapter is meant to be released for webnovel.com."

Chris: "Oh! This matter. Yes, if you're reading this chapter on another platform than webnovel.com, know that it's an illegal copy diffused without the Writer's authorization."

Sky: "As what Chris said. Right now, this story is free on the authorized platform, so please read it from authorized platforms as mental support for the writer."

Chris: "Mhm... There are two authorized platforms. One is webnovel.com. And another one is that messy and half-dead Weebly site that she uses for draft and backup... But not recommended."

Sky: "Ah... Haha. Yes, as Chris said."


WAR-Destiny Of Future 121 Chapter 113 - Underground Dungeon.

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