WAR-Destiny Of Future 135 Chapter 127 - Some Genetic Theories.

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"Hold on! Does that also mean that he is the one that helped the angels in this hybrid thing?" said Sky.

"Darling..." Maria tried to stop Sky from bringing up the hybrid issues again.

"Don't worry, I'm alright." said Chris.

"But what darling said actually makes sense. I don't think it's possible for the angels to do that thing without been noticed if there is no outside help." said Maria, who gets a bit awkward when he thought about what those angels might have done... I mean... How does one usually get a hybrid... Yes, that's what I mean.

"... *cough*... I don't want to imagine what you are thinking, but I have to remind you that if that hybrid monster is really the chief's son, whatever in your mind would not be valid." said Chris, rather annoyed by Maria's statements.

"But how is it possible for two normal humans to produce a hybrid of werewolf and angel? Does that mean it's not actually the son of Grandpa White, or his son is adopted?" said Maria, rather confused.

"Well, actually it is possible if refer to some genetic theories." said Sky after a short thought.

"Ah... So you had get rid of your idiot attribute, huh?" said Chris, a bit intrigued.

"Still remember what you said the hidden werewolf gene? Although that family has a heretic werewolf's gene, but it is unnoticeable since the gene is a recessive gene, so it's hidden, no one would realize that they have the werewolf's gene, however, when both of the parents are having werewolf's gene, it is possible that their children will show the traits of a werewolf. The angel's gene is more or less the same. So, it is possible when the other side has a hidden angel's gene to produce a werewolf - angel hybrid with two normal humans." said Sky.

"However the chance is quite slim as it is almost impossible in terms of genetics theory. But it is possible for magical creatures, and the Holy Crest is supposed to strengthen the hybrid effect." Chris added on.

"Although I don't quite understand, but I see." said Maria.

"Ah... It's okay, even I don't know what the h.e.l.l am I talking about just now." said Sky, which Chris responded with a cold leer.


The next morning, after having their breakfast, Ai and Yuki planning to watch Itsuki's training again, however, they noticed one of the training halls is unoccupied.

"Is Seito not having any training today?" said Yuki.

"Hmm... Probably." said Ai. Then they headed to Itsuki's training room and found that Seito is in there as well.

"Hey, Seito! You are not doing any training today?" Yuki asked.

"Jason is out for some confidential matters early in the morning, I don't think he would be back before afternoon, so I might join Itsuki in his training later." said Seito.

"Ah... I see." said Yuki.


Meanwhile, Grandpa White's Farmhouse.

"If possible, keep that creature alive, don't kill it." said Grandpa White while serving tea for the trio.

"So, you know what it is?" Sky asked.

"Actually I know nothing about that creature but every time I saw it, I feel like it is actually my son." said Grandpa White.

"Rest a.s.sured, we never plan to kill it since the beginning, we have the same thoughts as you." said Sky.

"That aside, can you answer us some questions?" said Chris. "

Yes, please ask." said Grandpa White.

"Before your son went missing and that creature appeared, is there any suspicious party found in the village? For example some cult groups?" Chris asked.

"Let me try to recall... Ah! I remember Bob told me about a person in white robe preaching near our ancestor's temple and getting chased away by my son." said the old man.

"A person in white robe huh... I see. Is Bob really close with your son?" Chris ask.

"Yes, they are best friends like brothers, they had been playing together since their childhood." said the old man.

"I see... Thanks for your information... Oh! And one last question. Is the rumor on the hidden werewolf gene in this village real? If it is real, then... Who is the one that with the gene?" Chris asked again. Grandpa White look at him, frowned...


That night. The trio, Bob and Grandpa White are waiting at the same place as the previous night.

"Tonight is different from last night, it can be quite dangerous for you two to stay here, are you sure you don't want to leave?" Sky asked. Bob and Grandpa White insisted to stay.

Sky looks at Chris waiting for his opinion.

"Plan A2." said Chris.

"Understand." said Sky and Maria.

After a while, the hybrid werewolf appeared as expected, Sky activated a shadow trap, keeping himself, Chris and the hybrid werewolf in the shadow trap, while Maria, Bob, and Grandpa White are left outside.

"They have gone, what just happened?" said Bob. Maria did not answer his question, he took out a pair of fireproof gloves and wear it while staring at a direction. Bob and Grandpa White looked into that direction, they saw a portal slowly appeared in the air.

Maria put on a barrier around Bob and Grandpa White.

"Stay in this circle, do not come out before everything is cleared." said Maria.

Then a big swarm of giant bats flies out of the portal, followed by three humanoid creatures, which are supposed to be low demons.

"Although I did not experience that by myself, but why is this awfully similar to what reported by Chris chan months ago? Anyway, time for some barbecue." said Maria while both of his arms engulfed in fire.


*Something out of the story

Sky: "Dear readers."

Chris: "Hmm?"

Sky: "This chapter is meant to be released for webnovel.com."

Chris: "Oh! This matter. Yes, if you're reading this chapter on another platform than webnovel.com, know that it's an illegal copy diffused without the Writer's authorization."

Sky: "As what Chris said. Right now, this story is free on the authorized platform, so please read it from authorized platforms as mental support for the writer."

Chris: "Mhm... There are two authorized platforms. One is webnovel.com. And another one is that messy and half-dead Weebly site that she uses for draft and backup... But not recommended."

Sky: "Ah... Haha. Yes, as Chris said."

Chris: "But look out, those sc.u.ms might change this note to their own website link. So, be cautious.

Sky : "By the way, if the cover page is the old cover page that shows two stickmen, stop reading it, it's cursed and might caused the writer to stop writing."


WAR-Destiny Of Future 135 Chapter 127 - Some Genetic Theories.

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