Abyss Of Silent Heroes 71 Exit And Entrance

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In pursuit of testing the telescope and thereafter, she have read something about the secret doors that says, " There's a big painting adjacent to the bathroom door and it will lead to a spiral granite stairs going down. There were two doors below, as mentioned. One goes to the tunnel heading to the smiling pirate Buccaneer and the other one to the wooden house at the center. The third door is going out of the mountain so its located at the bar counter. Moving the bar display racks beside the granite stools sideward means seeing the sideward stairs going down toward the rocky door heading out - facing to the mountains of Gabok. The way of opening it from the outside is to step on a pole protruding on the ground at the doorway; it has a small cap, removing it would reveal the pole. There's a small amount of noise inside as the connections are sliding then a round door enough as a pa.s.sage of a single person shall be opened, pulling the sliced circled rock inside. Closing it back still with a pole below and it manually closes. It is impossible to roll by itself outside because of the four stoppers. Two on the upward and same goes below.

Information overloaded. So she rested at the receiving area while holding the journal.

"Mag, wake up....you may now transfer on bed. I put some clean beddings from the cabinet, come." Then she aided her going to the bed.

" George, there's some food from my bag, take some for your late lunch. And here, read this part explaining the entrance and exit. All in all, there are three doors within.

"Good that you finally found the doors, which part here? Hmm, our Dads' savings were all poured down here, with this exquisite architectural design - there's nothing else I can say." He smiled and returned to the receiving area.

He'd read those parts till 1935 that Magee had read. In amazement, he first removed the painting beside the bathroom and opened the door. There's a pa.s.sage going down. He smirked and backed off and used the telescope described with a ten power balscope beside the spotting scope.

He drew nearer to all doors mentioned in the journal and unbelievably experienced how three were used.

" These methods aren't just from the U.S., its mixed with Egyptian ways, maybe one of the men who worked here suggested most of the styles. Albrecht knew all of these since this is his field of expertise, hope I could bring them both with Baldur today." Then he looked at his wrist.w.a.tch.

" What, its 7:20 pm?" He ran towards the bedroom but saw her in deep sleep.

" Baldur and Albrecht must be worried of us now, huh! I forgot...I'm the husband around." Then he grinned like a Ches.h.i.+re cat. He shook his head while slowly plump oneself beside her; lay down and looked at her tiny face and touched her nose and smiled.

" If you're just aware now you must have spanked me here, haha. But its not the case, I'm staring at you - alone, gazing at your immense beauty like fire. Hmm, but out of guilt, I've only touched your nose and nothing else." He thought as he beamed and resisted to stay long beside her and hurriedly stood up going out. But she caught his last footstep.

" What have you done..." She looked at him.

" Hmm, nothing. I just nudge your nose." He smiled.

" What else."

" Hmm, nothing." He grinned once more then he left.

" Opps! I almost receive a nag...haha." George thought when he reached at the receiving area.

She got out and motioned towards him.

"Oh my...is she going to nag me, no not." He screamingly thought.

Magee seated beside him with a worrisome face and draw nearer."

"What is she thinking?" He thought.

" Can I look at your watch. It seems its already evening, the holes are already dark and it seems the light comes from the candle alone."

"Ah yes, I already closed the overhead holes. By the way, its past 7 in the evening now.

" Hmm...George, I'd like to open up something."

"Yes, tell me."

" I don't like you and my brothers to be at risk anymore because of me. Can I just stay here and if you go and attack the j.a.panese barracks next days, I wanted to go with you. Have you seen the big stones on top of the mountain before the Mabolo tree? that water from the river above was bouldered by stony ground, right? let's push it all together so the stones to land on the barracks."

" Mag, I told the team we'll head on south, that's the exact opposite of where you're pointing at. But two among these men under me were traitors so I'm thinking of s.h.i.+fting the team members into two. I know whoever these doubled faced spies were, they'll always would want me to compromise in the battlefield. Beforehand, part of the plan takes me to them via south but on the actual date, minutes before the dispersal, I'll declare to swap the team. You go with me." He said.

" George! thank you! I'll do my best. Then she wrapped her arms around him and lean on her head on his shoulder.

" Thanks again." She sheepishly whispered.

" Oh, this is so embarra.s.sing. Hmm...I could not move. I couldn't breath either nor not allowed to react. Hmm..." He smirked and she stood up laughing and went to the kitchen.

"Look! there are lux bar soaps and bottled shampoo, these are lady's wildroot with lanolin. Combs, curlers, Dr. West's toothbrush, Teel toothpaste, Binaca and pepsodent and....haha! Wow! I'll take a bath now. Thanks to our Dads."

George moved closer and found some canned goods too on the other side of the cabinet.

"Spam, Patterson's products, TreeSweet juices, Birds Eye Orange Juices, EverFresh Juices...Village b.u.t.ter, Top Food Salmon, Canned Potatoes, Black Beans in Pouches, etc. Mag, the Spam have 30 cans where expiration be a year from now. The rest are not yet expired and still safe for consumption here." George gleefully announced.

They both ended up opening the canned goods, using Magee's dagger.

" Hmm, my dagger you have to return that to me."

" Of course, I'm just borrowing this."

At the kitchen table they shared the food and left comments on each taste that saved their dinner along with laughter.

Abyss Of Silent Heroes 71 Exit And Entrance

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