Falling In Love With The Devil 63 Just Sit Back And Watch

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' Should I wear a mask or not? ' Ying Yue pondered in the bathroom.

' Pretty sure that the girl will come to the exams with printed pictures of my face...'

' Sigh whatever... I only have to bear with them for three more days. ' Ying Yue resigned herself and took out her phone to call the princ.i.p.al of the school.

The other side quickly picked up, " h.e.l.lo Miss Moon! How may I help you? Did someone else bother you again?! "

" h.e.l.lo, I will be brief and basically I need you to inform your staff that whatever commotion surrounding me there is, they should quickly wrap it up. Don't want questions, don't want problems and don't want gossips. Your school is very bothersome so please handle it or you can say goodbye to this school. "

Ying Yue's tone was very nonchalant as she threatened but the warning was effective enough to make the director panic.

" Understood, I shall take care of everything right now. " the director quickly agreed and went to call the workers.

As for Ying Yue, she decided to go with a black cloth mask and sungla.s.ses. She wasn't going to wear her face mask but before they entered the exam hall, students would be allowed to walk around with their cellphones, meaning that they could take pictures of her.

Ying Yue quickly said bye to her uncle and went out where Xiao Ye was already waiting for her.

" Good morning, did you sent your boyfriend off? " Xiao Ye laughed as he walked towards her.

" Good morning and yes I did. " Ying Yue radiantly smiled.

" Here you go. The doc.u.ments you asked for. " Xiao Ye handed her two big stashes of doc.u.ments.

" Good and you also put up the posters? " Ying Ying smirked.

" Also done. It was a piece of cake. I also booked your flight. Sunday morning at 4 am. " Xiao Ye continued, " You can't stay more than 3 weeks. "

" Thank you! I shall make sure to come back within three weeks, don't worry. " Ying Yue laughed at his serious face.

" I am serious, Mina is going to kill you if you are not back on time. " Xiao Ye warned her, " Even though you can almost do everything at distance there are still many things you should be present for, especially the last week of preparation before we execute the plan. "

" Yeah, yeah, I know! Stop nagging me, you'll become another Mina! " Ying Yue casually teased.

Xiao Ye snorted before telling Ying Yue to hurry or she would be late to her exam. They got in his car and sped away to her school.

He dropped her off near the school so she wouldn't be caught with a luxurious car. Ying Yue happily stepped out of the car and made sure that her mask covered most of her face.

As she walked towards the school, she could feel even more scorching gazes on her as they tried to look through her mask.

' Was it her or not? '

' Did the ugly duckling really change? '

' Is she really beautiful? '

Over the weekend, the news that Ying Yue had a different face or hired someone else to do the exam for her had spread like wildfire and almost everyone in the school was informed.

However, this morning there was also another drama. On the billboards of the school and the forums, there was the same picture of the middle-aged man and the supposedly ' Ying Yue ' but this time it had Yu Yan's face instead of Ying Yue's one with a note at the corner that said, ' Even a seventh-grader can do it. '

Meaning that the photoshop was so bad that a child of 12 years old could do it.

Another picture followed and it revealed the true face of the lady in the man's arm, clearing out the rumours of Ying Yue being under his care.

Many people talked about it and were laughing.

' These kids really have a lot of free time on their hands if they can gossip so much before their exams. ' Ying Yue thought as she sneakily arrived at her locker, trying to attract less attention possible.

Ying Yue hurried to her cla.s.sroom when she was suddenly stopped by Chen Li. She tried to walk around him but he insisted.

" What the h.e.l.l do you want now? " Ying Yue frowned, " Didn't I tell you that I will beat you up the next time you show yourself to me? You were only saved last time cause my boyfriend was there. I just want to peacefully take my exam so I'll let you off this time too."

' Can't attract more attention... ' Ying Yue clicked her tongue.

Chen Li furrowed his brows, why is she so violent? She didn't even let me speak for a second.

" I heard your vice-president quit. " Chen Li said in a cold voice.

" So? How is this any of your business? " Ying Yue answered nonchalantly.

" Your company is going to crumble to dust. Everyone knows you are just a ghost president and he was actually the one that did everything. Your stock prices will go down. " Chen Li continued casually.

" Cool. Did you hear me ask for your opinion? Me neither. " Ying Yue answered with a smile, ' I really had enough with this CEO dude, who the h.e.l.l does he think he is? Just because he has a mouth, he can annoy me like this every time we meet? '

" It's not an opinion, it's a statement. I am just warning you. " Chen Li unhappily replied.

Ying Yue rolled her eyes, " I don't think we are so close that I need you to warn me. "

" It's not only for you. My company just signed a collaboration with you. If you go down, we will be affected too. Just rehire your vice-president. " Chen Li explained calmly.

Ying Yue looked at him like he was a fool, " If you think that the success of my company is only based on one person than I pity your lack of insight. Starlight will not crumble under my ruling. Just sit back and watch. Compared to you who can only look at the present, I can also look in the future. "

Ying Yue shoved him out of her way and walked in the exam hall, ' I am going to beat him up later. '

A/N: I'll try to make this as short as possible but I believe that is is very important for me to address this subject to you guys. I am so grateful that I have been given a platform where I can interact with more people and I want to put it to good use.

Many of you have probably already heard about the George Floyd accident and that it enraged the population. Violent protests have started all over America and people have been chanting blacklivesmatter at the top of their lungs. It has been all over social media and the news. The policeman, Derek Chauvin, is not only an uneducated man (because racism comes from ignorance) but he is also a disgusting, stupid, self-centred and incompetent person that has corrupt morals. I could go on for a long while insulting him but that wouldn't change anything.

I do understand that some of you may be discouraged as this situation is complete nonsense where a person of justice and law has abused his power and that again, we want to use the law to solve this problem but this is the world we live in. No matter how perfect a system can be, corrupt people will always appear to ruin it and taint it. However, this is the time for us, humanity, to move forward to prevent these things from ever happening again.

There will always be dumb people like Dereck but by acting right now, we can continue to protect our society from likes similar to him. I shall put a link down below to sign the pet.i.tion as well as other places where you can donate.

Unfortunately, I am underage and cannot pay using PayPal, I also can't go out to protest as my parents don't allow it but signing the pet.i.tion and spreading awareness is something I can do and that all of you can also do. I want to say thank you for acting but this is not something that should be rewarded for, these are the only right thing to do.

I would like to help clarify two aspects of this matter. One, when we say blacklivesmatter we bring attention to the racism against black people, in no way are we implying that all lives don't matter, we are just bringing light to an urgent issue. Two, the stance of neutrality is siding with the oppressors because who do you help when you keep your silence and don't s.h.i.+ne a light on it? The oppressors. You help the oppressors. You tell them that they can continue what they are doing.

If you do go out to protest, thank you for your bravery, especially during this pandemic. Cover yourself properly and wear your mask, your safety must come first. Please make sure to stay low-key and not carelessly reveal your ident.i.ty in case police... Once more, stay safe and thank you for doing what many of us can't do!

If you read till now, thank you. Bless your soul. I have faith in us.

Falling In Love With The Devil 63 Just Sit Back And Watch

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