Bleeding Heart 132 A Dream Come True

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"What a beautiful bride you are." As she spoke, Vixen's mom was crying. She hugged her daughter as her emotions got the better of her.

Vixen wrapped her arms around her mother. She knew the tears were tears of joy and maybe some pride. So, she did not really mind all that much.

As her mother stepped back, wiping tears from her eyes, Tira calmly took Vixen and had her sit down as she finished up with the last of Vixen's braids. Her soon to be sister-in-law's face had a huge smile on it. When her hair was done, Tira stepped back, and in a very proud voice, declared, "You really are a beautiful bride. My brother is quite a lucky man. Especially with how you've started maturing more."

Vixen ignored the last sentence, deciding not to let it bother her. She wondered what Lowks would think when he saw her dressed like a bride. His bride. She could not stop herself from giggling a little at the thought. She was sure he would be quite happy with how she looked. What was not to like about this outfit?

Personally, she loved it. The traditional wedding gown of Jarenkul was one of its prettiest clothes. The gown's train was white, as was the upper half of its sleeves. The lower half of its sleeves was green. Its bodice was mostly green, though some of its sides and stomach area were white as well. And to finish the look there was green embroidery on the otherwise white skirt as well. Vixen was actually really excited that she was getting to wear it.

And getting to wear flowers on her head was rather fun as well. The white lilies had taken Tira almost a whole hour to weave into her hair. But the effect was rather pretty. Tira was actually rather good at arranging hair. Vixen had almost forgotten that.

She tilted her head back to look up at Tira, "How much do you think your brother will like this look on me?"

Tira just laughed, then shook her head, refusing to answer the question. It was her mother instead who answered, "He'll love it. I'm glad you're marrying him sweetie. You caught a good one."

"Don't I know it…" Vixen couldn't stop the smile that came over her face. She probably looked love struck at the moment but she didn't care. No one would say a word if a bride was acting head over heels for her groom. It was the time to show extreme feelings after all. Not that Vixen really cared too much about that, she would gladly act like lovebirds with Lowks any time. So, all the more now, she actually wanted to let her feelings show.

"I think my brother will be even more happy about that blissfully in love face you're making," Tira patted her shoulder, carefully avoiding her hair. "Now, put your shoes on and let's go. We do not want you late to your own wedding. If you're too late they might just start without you, and we wouldn't want to do that to Lowks, now would we?"

Vixen hurriedly slipped on the shoes that went with the gown, and quickly vacated the room – ignoring Tira's laughter. She definitely did not want that strange custom to be evoked. Lowks would probably kill her if she was late and forced that on him.

Not to mention, it would not sit well with her, anyhow. But there was still plenty of time, so she did not need to worry about it too much.

As they headed to the plaza, Vixen felt extremely happy. Being married to Lowks would be a dream come true.

Bleeding Heart 132 A Dream Come True

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