THE CEO'S HIDDEN GEM 34 Mobile Phone

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Henrietta was extremely embarra.s.sed,she had acknowledged her mistake and she knew Jeremy was making things, difficult for her.Jeremy noticed her, changing facial expressions,he said harshly. "Get out, you have wasted enough time,simple tasks are making you sweat." Henrietta left the room promptly.

Jeremy stripped off the remaining clothes,stepped under the shower head,turned the tap on,and the water started pouring down like a waterfall,from the shower head,first it was ice cold then gradually the temperature increased,he scrubbed himself repeatedly almost reaping of his skin.After several minutes he was finally out of the bathroom.Subconsciously Henrietta could not help,she stared at Jeremy with her lips parted as she inhaled deeply,the site was a turn on for her.The water dripped down his hair softly and the drops slowly made their way to his body and the perfect abs he had.The water defined his well organized and obviously worked out body.

Needless to say, Jeremy was able to see Henrietta admiring his body.With a grave voice he asked. "Do you want me that badly?" In a flash of a second Henrietta was back to her senses,she feebly answered. "Who wants you? You are over thinking." Jeremy knew the girl could not admit even the obvious,he told her to go and bath since she some how was also caught in the sewage mess.As she left for the bathroom Jeremy dialled Sozzy to buy a set of clothes for Henrietta.After ward both of them walked out of the hotel and they went to the nearby mall.

They went to the phone store,Jeremy turned and asked her. "Which phone do you prefer?" She thought for a second and answered honestly. "I do not know much about phones,if you won't mind, you can choose for me a good and affordable phone,for now I do not have money to purchase it, buy and I will refund you soonest possible." He turned to the sales lady and told her to pack Falcon super nova I phone 6.Then he took out his black premium card and gave it out for swiping.The phone cost was $ 48.5 millions ,Henrietta's eyes popped out when she saw the price figure.She wanted to decline but the phone was already purchased.Jeremy triumphantly said. "My wife deserves the very best,let me not hear you again saying you will refund me the money."

They walked around the mall and bought variety of house necessities,it was already past lunch hour,they went to a restaurant,took one of the private s.p.a.ce Sozzy had booked earlier and they ate together in silence.After lunch, while they were existing the restaurant,Jeremy felt his mobile phone vibrating in the pocket,he took it out and saw it was his father calling ,he received the phone. " h.e.l.lo dad?" he was wondering why his dad gave him a call,it was rare for him to call any call from him meant he had important matters to discuss.He did not want to step a side to receive the call and at the same time, he was afraid the call was to discuss matters concerning Henrietta.

"Can we talk later dad ,I'm on a date with my wife." He said while glacing at Henrietta sideways with raised eyebrows.

"You rascal,when did you turn into a sweet talking person,oh...I see you are trying to impress my daughter in law,I know she is not a pushover,work harder and win her heart ,otherwise ,you will cease to be my son if such trivial matter will be beyond you.Come for dinner,we have to introduce Henrietta properly to your mother." Thomson ended the call and informed his wife to prepare Dinner of Four.

THE CEO'S HIDDEN GEM 34 Mobile Phone

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