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Back to the Spiral Dome.

Before the explosion; Kyros and the thirty plus people inside the Sphere of Carapace previously safeguard themselves inside this defensive sphere.

While waiting inside, suddenly a voice rang behind his back. "... Umm, Mister? Can you please tell me why are you doing this?" The person who spoke was no other than the silver wolf-kin freed from the cage.

Because of the turnout event, those captives were mentally unstable, for that reason when they already accepted their fate as a sacrifice they already lost their hope to survive in such a place. Nor can even trust a person who claimed to set them free after this event.

Staring at the wolf-kin, Kyros inwardly praised inside the wolf-kin who first recovered a fragment of his sanity.

"I have come to rescue you guys." He said while looking at them with a warm gaze. "You don't have to worry, if I honestly wanted to harm you guys, I wouldn't go into such a length using an expensive one time use magical array just to save all of you."

Listening to his words, the silver wolf-kin replied in caution. "... You wouldn't go back to your words, won't you?" He said while trying to recollect inside his chaotic the events after he was chained inside this gloomy chamber.

"... I don't know why you're doing this, but I guess we have no other choice but to put our trust in you." Saying that, the wolf-kin grabbed the hands of the two children who were trembling on his side.

"Gill, you have to stay strong to defend your younger sister; Meg, as his big brother, isn't your job to protect your sister?" The silver wolf said to the two young beast-kin who have the same origin as him.

Hearing the middle-aged man's voice, Gill nodded as he said. "Mm, I understood uncle Lori." Staring at her trembling sister, Gill held her tightly to his embrace.

After comforting his kin, Lori faced Kyros once more. "... Mister, can I know your name? If my action a while ago may seem to be rude, please accept my humble apology." Lori said whilst lowering his head beneath the shoulder level.

Kyros who was observing the scene unfolded nodded upon seeing that Lori gradually recover his rationality. "Mm, don't worry about it. You can call me Kyros."

Hearing his words, Lori who bowed his head, raised it to see the facial feature of their savior, up close. Then he saw an old fellow who had silvery-white long hair that reached upon his shoulder with his purple eyes, that illuminated inside this gloomy chamber.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Kyros, I am called Lori, a silver wolf-kin." Saying that, Lori extended his left hand in a form of greetings.

"Mm, Lori, what a nice name." Kyros moved his right hand in a grabbing motion and shook Lori's extended left hand.

Seeing the two greeted normally, the surrounding crowd started to ease up their mind; slowly, they began to believe that the person in front wouldn't harm them.

Then someone voiced out in surprise. "... Kyros, purple eyes, silvery-white hair that Kyros?" The person who shouted was a person from the human race.

However, before Kyros could respond. He suddenly felt an enormous energy that was approaching them with an unimaginable momentum.

Seeing his stern expression, the man who shouted in excitement abruptly halted his voice.

Then a moment later. Kyros said gravely. "If you want to live! Don't leave the defensive formation!" Saying that, Kyros gripped the spherical magical array tightly while supplying it with his mana.


A surge of a turbulent wave of energy erupted with a pillar of wicked aura, abruptly flooding the encompa.s.sing spiral dome as the vicious aura drilled its way to the surface.

Above the ground.

Gellis and his party member who decisively went inside the ruins. With the aid of the scent removal powder. He and his party members eventually reached their designated destination that they got from Komogoblin.

"It should be here, right?" Toa said in bewilderment while he scanned their surroundings.

"... Yes, if that Goblin word was true, we should have reached the right spot." Saying that, Gellis crossed his arm as he thought the last description of the Goblin said. "There should be a black tome with a weird characteristic around here somewhere."

"You guys scattered around and searched for that black tom—" But before he could finish his word. An enormous dark and vicious pillar erupted from the ground as it shrouded heaven with black and silvery light.

Gellis and his party who were staring at the pillar of darkness couldn't hide the shock from their face.

"Wa—what is that thing?" Poko who subconsciously drew his s.h.i.+eld in a defensive motion uttered in disbelief.

While Theeste, who is a colored magician, couldn't withstand the burden of this ma.s.sive darkness attribute, cast a spell. "I call upon the element of water... Here and now I evoke the spiritual water to summon the barrier of the sea... [Aqua Wall!]"

After she finished her chant, a three-meter towering aqua wall suddenly appeared 4 ft away from Theeste.

After enveloping herself to the wall of water, only then Theeste sigh in relief. "... Such a thick demonic aura." She said in astonishment.

"... Hey stupid leader, I think we will die here." The frank words of Hilde awakened the others.

"..." Gellis didn't respond to her question, he too regretted the decision he made a while ago. He knew with this destructive power, they are only ants to the eyes of their foe.

A few breaths later, the towering pillar of darkness eventually dissipated. Slowly, a fifty meters wide hole appeared on the ground.

Gellis gulped his dry saliva after noticing that if they advanced a few more meters. They would die from that pillar of darkness.

However, the surprise from the ground wasn't done yet, as a luminous greenish light flew in a breakneck speed up above the sky as it gradually descended from the ground.

Seeing there was a group of people below the ground, Kyros furrowed his brows in a brief moment before returning his tranquil expression. "Hoo~ I guess Rosie didn't make it in time, there's already a search party inside this forest." Kyros murmured after seeing the person below the ground was an adventurer he knew well.

"It's the Nimrod party." Kyros thought for a while before he added. "Well, them being here helped me to get rid of this upcoming mess."

Eventually, the Sphere of Carapace landed to the ground.

"Yo, Gellis, it's been a while," Kyros said as he stared at the Gellis who couldn't hide his shock.

"... Si—sir Kyros?" Gellis uttered in disbelief as if asking for confirmation. He looked around to his party members. However, all of them were wearing the same astounded expression as him.

The one who promptly recovered from the shock was Theeste. "Yes, it's been a while, Sir Kyros."

s.h.i.+fting his gaze to the woman who was wearing a blue mantle. Kyros nodded. "Mm, it's been a while Theeste. How's your magic progress nowadays?" He said with a faint smile.

"My magic improved a lot since the last time we met Sir Kyros." Gently smiling at him, Theeste added. "How about you, Sir Kyros, why are you here?"

As she said that. Theeste darted her gaze to the 30 plus people inside the greenish tortoise scale.

Noticing her gaze, Kyros responded. "I came here to observe my disciple's growth, but to think that there was a demon's nest underneath this ground. Of course, I need to clean up this place."

Hearing his words. Suddenly Gellis remembered Instructor Ralph's request. "Sir Kyros, can you please tell me if you encountered a young male and female trainee adventurer here?" Gellis asked with his eyes flashed with hope.

"Hmm, if you're talking about the two newbie adventurers who were left behind by their companion. Yep, I encountered them." Kyros said with an amused tone.

With his question proven Kyros' theory that Rosaleen didn't make it in it.

"Then... Where are they? Are both of them safe?" Gellis said as he s.h.i.+fted his gaze toward the crowd.

However, when he saw multiple races behind Kyros' back, Gellis only became more confused.

"Mm, they're safe. You don't have to worry about them." Saying that, Kyros dispersed the defensive magic array.

"Gellis, can I ask you a small favor?" Kyros s.h.i.+fted his gaze behind his back as he added. "Can you take care of these peoples and bring them back to the Guild?"

When Gellis heard his voice. He thought for a moment before he nodded in agreement.

"If it is Sir Kyros' request. It would be my honor." After he said that Gellis s.h.i.+fted his gaze to his team member, seeing that n.o.body voiced out their rejection, only then he nodded in ease.

After giving Gellis a task, Kyros' figure abruptly disappeared into the thin air.

"... Haha, you never changed Sir Kyros." Gellis muttered. After that, he led the 30 plus people to the town of Elmore.

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