I Reincarnated As The Universe 35 Visit 9 Blackwood

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POV: Autumn (MC).

Now it's on to the last visit which is Autumn Blackwood, the witch.

Although it hasn't been long, it still feels like an eternity has gone by...in a blink of the eye.

After I visit Autumn The Witch, what should I do then?

That's probably what you're thinking.

I've already got a little plan ready to roll into action.

But, that'll probably only be after another "night" of sleep.

I don't know why, but I feel tired.

Probably because I've visited so many people...like 3.

Okay, maybe it's not because of that.

Either way, let's visit Autumn.

If she's still alive and well that is.

POV: Autumn Blackwood. (Not MC)

As I sit within the forest of life and absorb the magic surrounding me, I hear a rustle in a nearby bush.

「Incredibly Super Weak Magic Sense!」

Instantly my own Mana spreads out from my body, integrating with the landscape and giving me a 3d print of everything within 1000 miles inside my mind.

And yes, that's the weakest form of Magic Sense I've been able to make.

At the moment, I'm a 19-Star magic-user.

If I were to use my full power, my Magic Sense would probably be able to cover billions of miles.

That may sound over the top, but it actually isn't.

With only a couple to a dozen billion of miles covered, it still isn't even close to being able to cover everything outside of this world.

Or should I say galaxy?

Well, even this can't cover our entire galaxy.

It's only useful for fighting, but that's something I don't do anymore ever since I've gone into training.

Currently, the strongest "known" Magic-User is my apprentice, Elexar Brimstone.

He's a 14-Star magic-user.

Most people don't even know that he has a master like me from the "ancient" generation has long been made into legends and myths.

The Ancient generation is the first generation of Wizards and Witches.

In other words, the founders of modern magic.

Although people think of us as legends, we still exist, even to this day.

We've just cut our connection with the world.

Or, at least direct connection to the world.

We've still got our apprentices out there, doing our orders.

In other words, we control the society of Wizards and Witches from the dark.

It may sound shady, but it really isn't.

We only ever really get involved with the current era of magic when our apprentices can't control it.

And even then, we don't actually show up in person.

Most of the time we just take control of our apprentices body, and fix the problem swiftly, in order to go back into training. (A/N: It's like how G.o.ds take control of oracles or priests bodies during a descent.)

Alright, we're getting lost in thought.

Back to the present.

Huh...it's just a bunny.

That had me for a second.

I thought maybe someone had managed to sneak up on me.

That would've been impossible...right?

「Hi Autumn!」

I Reincarnated As The Universe 35 Visit 9 Blackwood

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