My Body Can Level Up Infinitely 4 When There Is Blood In The Water 04

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I look her in the eye and say it without thinking twice.

"Only mine!"

"I said only mine!"

She hears my words and then responds.

"Even you still have a warrior spirit, little heart"

"Don't call me a little heart!"

"I will be a bear hunter just like my father, Even without magic I will be a great warrior!"


She starts to laugh as if what I said was just an impossible joke .....


"How bad it is not to have power!"

She hears me lament and says with a big crazy and obsessive smile on her face.

"Don't regret my little man, I promise you a lot of pleasure!

Suddenly I hear another female voice, but this time this voice is angry.


"How dare you, You petty b.i.t.c.h!"

That man is Mine!

I look in the direction of the voice, trying to find the source of the noise. However the moment I looked, Another sinister s.h.i.+ver came up my spine.

I notice a girl with long hair that is green in color, her skin is white as snow, her little sweet lips are red, her eyes are green, completely matching her long hair, in her little body we can see a small short dress, green in color, In her dresses we can see strange designs or magic circles, in her small and lovely feet we can see two heels made of crystal, something magical and beautiful.

The fox showing great surprises on its face, it raises its eyebrows and widens its eyes, however it quickly manages to remain calm. She smiles and says without thinking twice.

"You were late, d.a.m.n Elf!"


The elf hearing this she only responds, Casting a small elemental fire spirit.

She concentrates a great deal of magic in her right hand and says it out loud.




"(Elemental Level 3)"

After this elf uttered these words, Right in front of you a small portal that opens and closes, distorting and changing everything that touches, Tears reality by opening a small hole between two dimensions.

From inside this small pulsating and unstable portal, a small tornado of fire comes out with eyes, It must be at most 50cm high and at most 30cm wide.

Soon after, the elf looks into the fox's eyes and says, showing great anger in her voice. "Let go of that man or I will serve fox meat to everyone in this small village Today"

The fox hearing the threats coming from Elfa, She gets up and smiles showing great contempt in her little mouth, She also wastes no time and concentrates her magic around her body, thus creating a small white magic barrier or Be one " Absorb Instant "

(Absorb level 2)

-Absorb Instant 2% of all damage taken, This spell is useless against physical attacks! -

All are low level spells, but imagine these spells at an extremely high level! a gigantic fire elemental the size of worlds, or even worse an impenetrable magical barrier that Instantly Absorb 100% of all magical, poisonous, mental damage ... among thousands of other types of damage received, would be terrible! But these two girls in front of me have magic and talent for that.

The fox's name is (LETÍCIA) She is wearing a more aggressive outfit, a small leather vest and from her waist down, She is wearing a small colored pants with strange designs, that is, magic circles. on his feet we can see small red shoes, these shoes are certainly not normal.

Elfa's name is (LAVÍNIA) she is perfect, sweet affectionate beautiful .... s.h.i.+t What the f.u.c.k am I thinking ..


The elf seeing the magic wall made by the fox she smiles and says in her sweet and calm voice.

"Do you really think that only you can cast a magic barrier ??"

"Look and learn!"

The elf wastes no time and raises a magical barrier, However this magic is not a "absorb" much to the contrary, This magic is a reflection!

(Reflect level 2)

-Reflects 2% of all damage received) This spell is useless against physical attacks! -

The fox looks at the hated elf and says, almost losing his temper.

"Why do you want this man ??"

"Take another one this is mine!"

The elf hearing this she smiles and says.

"A human without magic ..."


"They are rare and extremely important. In other words, he has no power to betray me. He will be 100% faithful and will be able to serve me for all eternity"

The fox hearing the words of the elf, She realizes that the two reached the same conclusion, A weak man would not dare to betray them with other women.

s.h.i.+T "

"I WILL NOT LET YOU STEAL THAT MAN OF MIN" Says the fox almost losing his temper.

The elf smiles and says without thinking twice.

"Elemental! Use a blazing flame tornado and put an end to it!"

At the same time that Elfa gave this command, the little fire spirit, desperately runs towards the fox. However, before reaching a few meters from the fox, it starts to spin at a speed, indistinguishable in the eyes of a normal human and without magic. And in less than 3 seconds the little tornado flies in the direction of the fox, with the intention of hurting it.

However, the fox is a cunning and smart creature. She smiles and conjures a water pump, before the elemental jumps in her direction, the fox had already predicted that to defeat this d.a.m.n fire spirit, water magic is needed.

(Water pump level 5)

-Causes damage according to the amount of magic energy in your body. Against magic, barriers, spirits, traps made of fire the damage is tripled! -

The fox wastes no time and screams with all his might.


In a few seconds a water pump is conjured and launched in the direction of the fire spirit.


A small explosion happens.


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My Body Can Level Up Infinitely 4 When There Is Blood In The Water 04

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