With You, Without You 6 Chapter 0006 : The New "She"!

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Nisha - "Niren! And how did you came to know that, Rohan is coming just today? Did he tell you before , but you didn't tell us?" she said it politely, but Niren knows the actual tune if it. So he instantly speak up - "No no! I came to know, today, with you all only!"

- Nisha - "But you already celebrated with many of what's! Before his arrival! So tell me, are you practicing with the future predicting business Now-days?" she continued with the same tune..

- " Of course not! But, I wish, I could, - I could see the day, when she will be dating with me!!" Niren wants to feel the day really.

Nisha - " Ohho!" she has the intention to tease him!

Sumit - " Then you have to stop this celebrations, first, you know?" .. It can be merely a friend's concern, but, yet some can sense, a little amount of jealousy in it.

Ayush - "Even then it not gonna work." he wanted to discard it, even.

Niren - "Sure! Why not?" somehow, he wants to stick on that point.

Rohan - " Hey what's the matter going on?" Rohan spoke up again. Again, when he feels that, something 'mysterious' has happened, in his absence. "I was only for two weeks at Darjeeling, but now seems, I was actually out of you! Seriously, I am not getting how far progressing all you are, and by the way, who is this 'she'? "

Niren - " She is the real angel, on this earth! "

Now that's really look like very childish talks, or how can one be so over-expressive for just another human? - Rohan thinks. Anyway he only says - " Wow, that's really sounds good! So tell me, is she from your higher secondary school or anyone from this college? But don't tell me that, she is someone from nursery standards!" he jokes.

- "Absolutely no!" Niren seems d.a.m.n serious. "and she is very intelligent!"

Rohan - "Oh!"

Sumit - " Yup! And this time this 'she' is from our batch only."

- " Saved!" still he has no mood to give some importance, in that matter.

Ayush - " Yup! You don't know, how much you missed something" seems he mean it !

"Really?" - Rohan lifted his eyebrows with a joking smile.

Ayush continued – " Dude! Let me say na, you had gone for Darjeeling, but the beauty of Darjeeling only came here."

Rohan - "Hmm!" he has the same mood!

"Ahh! You don't believe us!"

Rohan took a long breath, then shook his head in disapproving, with releasing it .

Niren - "Okay !! well it's true, you don't have a good eyes on those . But ask Nisha. At least she will not lie about her." Niren is more enthusiastic.

" Oye, hold on! Why and what's so important, huh? Let's get another topic." Things goes annoying sometimes like this – Rohan thinks.

" Because, your unreasonable brain has not accepted to feed yet, what we want to feed you seriously." - Ayush said.

" Seriously!?" - Rohan look at them – the three nods their head.

Rohan – "OK!" he then turns to Nisha. "since it has gone to this point, Nisha, tell me, from when this idiots are hallucinating like crazy?"

With You, Without You 6 Chapter 0006 : The New "She"!

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